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‘Why Do We Have To Leave?’

24 Nisan 5770 – April 8, 2010
Anyone who has been to Israel is familiar with the countless religious, spiritual, and aesthetic attributes the land holds. The country is rich in Jewish tradition and historical significance abounds. There are awe-inspiring sights that leave indelible marks in our minds and souls. Israel is a land that has a special place in all of our hearts.

Rachel Imeinu Cries For Her Children

9 Nisan 5770 – March 24, 2010
A young man and 12 of his friends went to Kever Rachel to daven for his very sick mother. She had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. The mother's family was tested to see if someone was a match. One relative's marrow matched with 9 out of 10 factors. This was good, but the optimum was 10 out of 10 factors.

Rabbi Porush’s Noble Legacy

10 Adar 5770 – February 24, 2010
The passing of Rabbi Menachem Porush in Jerusalem on Sunday night brought to mind many memories of my childhood. He was a close friend...

In The Embrace Of Mama Rachel

9 Heshvan 5769 – November 7, 2008
"Mama Rachel, I missed you!" I half-sob. "Mama Rachel . . . how could I have waited so long to visit you?!"

Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation Commemoration

3 Tevet 5768 – December 12, 2007
Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation hosted a yahrzeit commemoration at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center.

First Bat Mitzvah Held At Rachel’s Tomb Complex

7 Tishri 5768 – September 19, 2007
Nearly 100 people from Israel and the U.S. gathered at Kever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb) on the outskirts of Bethlehem earlier this month for what is being described as the first ever Bat Mitzvah celebration held in the kever and the recently acquired adjacent building.

Kever Rachel In Our Hands?

14 Nisan 5767 – April 2, 2007
Those of us who made it to Kever Rachel Imeinu in the last six months found it almost unrecognizable.

Israel Kaleidoscope Thoughts From A Solidarity Mission

12 Heshvan 5765 – October 27, 2004
Want to be awakened from the galut slumber? Want to be rejuvenated spiritually and emotionally?

Just Another Morning

9 Nisan 5764 – March 31, 2004
I have often read Lessons in Emunah. When several of my friends told me I ought to submit the following I decided to follow their advice.

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