The Baby Saga

When Ayala arrived home that night, she wasn’t feeling well. On a whim, she decided to do a pregnancy test. She felt sort of silly. She had only just davened at Miriam’s kever, but something spurred her on.

The Final Challenge

Amnon lived in a kibbutz located halfway between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Yet he knew nothing about Judaism and had never spoken to a haredi Jew. Tali found herself not only in a new job, but in the position of Defender of Her Faith.

Please Take My Son

Rabbi Sha'air spoke to the mother and the child and was about to accept and register the boy when the mother said: I must tell you, Rabbi. I don't have any money to pay you. Not now, and it's not likely that I'll have any money to pay you later in the year either.

Hashem Truly Runs The World

When I think back, there were other amazing occurrences that happened that day!

With Hashem’s Help

Once I found the correct hole, the pipe was easily snapped into place and I felt like a conquering hero (with Hashem’s help, of course). Throughout the whole procedure, I asked for His help and he led me to a positive outcome.

We See Only A Small Part Of The Picture

Yes, everything was quiet now, but who knew what the next day would bring. But with Rav Frank's promise, and knowing how well their son was doing in yeshiva and how much he wanted to stay and continue learning there, they agreed to let him stay.

When The Time Was Right

When Jewish genealogical records became available online, his wife found the gravestones of his paternal great-grandfather and of the great-grandfather’s brother. Both tombstones clearly said “ha-Levi” on them!

Torah Min HaShamayim

To make sure that everyone was equally involved in the writing of the sefer Torah, the writing of the first few verses took place at four separate venues, the homes of relatives of the fallen, where the sofer wrote the words of different parashot.

United On Egged

The passengers didn't take this antagonistic behavior sitting down. Literally. They were up in arms, and gave back what they got.

Achmad Ben Sara

His mother was taken aback as she had never told anyone that she was Jewish and had never said anything about Jews or Judaism, especially since her husband, his family and the whole village population hated Jews.

Receive Each Person With A Pleasant Countenance

After decades of being the ba’al ha-bayit at his own Shabbat table with his family and guests, singing Eshet Chayil, making kiddush and hamotzi for everyone, and leading the singing of zemirot, all that had ended. Now he was always the guest.

Another Passover Miracle

I scanned my room and saw that my dresser drawers were pulled open with clothes spilling out like rags. The door to my closet was ajar and my belongings lay on the floor. I had just been robbed!

A Pesach Seder Close To Egypt

To avoid being detected, the soldiers could not stand. They had to assume a slouching position – you might call it mesubin!

When Your Emunah Is Real

Jon was a very fine, smart boy with great potential. If he would stay on, he would grow tremendously in Torah and would most probably choose a religious way of life.

A Good Deed That Traveled 45 Years

One day, I was in the basement of a building and I had just finished collecting the change there and was about to leave when I saw money on the ground. I picked it up and it was two one-hundred-dollar bills in a rubber band. I wanted to find its owner and return it but I knew that would take time.

My Father’s Last Day

My next test was booked for Thursday, August 17, 1967. I couldn’t have known when I was given this date, and not one later in the month, what siyata dishmaya I had received.

Jerusalem Snow & Hot Water

Ok, I thought. No big deal. I know snow. But then the electricity went out. The house was cold. It was dark. I had a lot of food prepared in my freezer for post-birth. I started to get nervous.

Not Sorry To Miss This One

How shocking and unexpected was Mrs. Goodman's urgent phone call to her daughter! Normally an active and healthy woman, Mrs. Goodman's doctor had diagnosed her with terminal cancer and gave her less than a month to live.

When Down Seems Up

Rafi felt so strongly in all his senses that he was right – that what he thought was up was up, and what he thought was down was down. And yet as he checked the device again and again, it told him the opposite.

Good Friends Are Never Apart

We were there for each other. If help was needed, there was a shoulder to lean on, both for small, transient upsets such as a difference of opinion with our mothers, and for persistent worries, too.

On The Municipality’s Account

Within minutes, David the handyman was dressed and outside, walking with Yedidya toward their shack. When they arrived, the house was dark. It seems there had been an electrical short, too.

Unlocking Our Home And Hearts

My husband got out of the car and suddenly I see him turning the knob of the garage door and hey, presto, the handle turns and the door magically swings inward!

Locked In

Believe it or not, in my native country in Ireland and later still in France, I never knew that it was possible while outdoors in the bitter winter weather not to suffer from the freezing cold, no matter how many layers I wore.

Sweating The Details

Package? No, I not in America and no package here. Maybe you vant Shulem Fastag? Ich bin Shlomi Fastag. Shulem he live cross street. I not go to America.

Hashem Has Wondrous Ways Of Helping Us

The time came for the case to be called up and there was Mr. Cohen, facing the judge alone (of course, he knew that he wasn't alone, but his lawyer wasn't there.)

A Winner

Like many good Brits, come what may, Anne's father would buy a weekly ticket in the football pools. He always used the same numbers; the birthdays of his two children.

From Annoyance to Acceptance, With Hashem’s Guidance

I had suddenly grasped that I would have to change my whole attitude to Yitzhak, see him in a different guise from the irritating boy I had defined him as.

Search Engine

My wonderful machateinista, hearing my tale of woe, took it upon herself to assist in the apartment quest, contacting every realtor she knew and requesting leads.

The Other Side Of The Coin

My husband was stalling before calling a professional. Ever since he lost his job, we were tight, financially speaking, and a house visit would be an extra burden on our faltering budget. As it was, I was finding it challenging to keep my spirits up.

Paying Back The Chesed

How would Liat and her husband cope with this double bris over Rosh Hashanah? Who would help them?


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