What The Bookseller Taught Me

She called the woman over and asked her to wait. Mrs. H. went into a room and returned with a large bag, which she handed to the customer, telling her that she had already paid for it.

The Cycle Of Life Continues

Although it’s been more than 40 years since we last met, how could my husband and I forget Steve...

With Gratitude

So along with my gratitude sessions, I decided to be more aware of saying thank you to people who deserve acknowledgment along the way – service providers, bus drivers, and the like – which I’m not always good at doing.

A “Coincidence” From The Daf Yomi

He reread it time and time again, but finally decided he’d just have to accept that he didn’t understand it and move on.

Opening The Doors

Logically, it isn’t possible for you to make it to work on time. But there is a Creator. And nothing stands in His way.

The Waiver

When he first found out that his bar mitzvah parsha was Yisro, which contains the Ten Commandments, Yedidya felt that Hashem had been particularly generous with him.

A Culture of Chesed

Our wonderful founding bochurim were now by and large married with children of their own. So it was a magnificent ever-expanding yeshiva family that now populated the alumni gatherings.

A Most Wonderful Remedy

They rushed her downstairs to be X-rayed and were stunned to discover that their patient no longer had pneumonia; her lungs were clear. They could not explain or understand her sudden recovery.

Hashem’s Got My Back

He went with a measuring tape and a good friend, who always agrees to lug furniture home for me, and brought it home.

Mirror Image

We were surrounded by honking cars and looks that could kill. I was guilty of gridlocking! I was the inconsiderate idiot, insanely selfish and stupid.

Mitzvos And Miracles

She would give them Chanukah gelt and donuts, maybe even latkes, and would try to make the festival as happy as possible. But it wouldn’t be the same without Abba.

On Target

There was one man in a wheelchair, and some of the assembled were uneasy about leaving him behind. If they would begin pushing the chair, they would surely not make it to shelter quickly enough.

Tefillin On Time

We were heartbroken. Beyond the cost, who could deny the holiness and sentimentality of a boy’s tefillin?

Doctors Are Important, But…

When it comes to our health, hishtadlut often means going to and listening to a doctor.

A Zos Chanukah Adventure

The bus driver signaled to the hordes of frustrated people at the various bus stops that he could not stop for them, but some brave/foolhardy souls literally stood in front of the bus trying to block its path in their frenzied determination to get on their way.

The Torah-Style Casino

Abe started taking out the money from all of his pockets and passed it onto the two Russian-accented guards, who were wearing pouches. The two men looked bewildered and incredulous.


If a person relies on human beings, Hashem will remove His hashgachah and leave the person in the hands of those whom he is depending on…

Best Thing To Do

The next day, there was knock on their door. "Who is it?" asked Mrs. Levi, but no one answered. She asked again, and again no answer, so she looked through the peephole, but saw no one.

A Simple Transaction

He had deposited Shlomo’s real, original check into his account, and when it had cleared he had made up this weird story to get an additional 3,600 shekels out of Shlomo!

Brushstrokes Of Kindness

With hope and a prayer, and the longing of a daughter to save her mother from the abyss of sadness, Laura drove straight to Minnie’s home and knocked on the door, her arms filled with unexpected packages.

Fine Tuning

Every so often I would sit down at the baby grand piano in my childhood home and play a few songs. I had learned enough to play piano on an intermediate level.

A Wedding With The Spirit Of Geulah

It was one of the few weddings, maybe the only one I’ve been to, where people weren’t talking to each other or on their cell phones during the chupah.

Kol Hane’arim

The thunderous, urgently repeated “Ya’amod” precipitated a virtual kibbutz galuyos that made my heart skip a beat and my breath catch in my throat.

Far And Near

To my shock, you see, after 21 years of living and working in the U.K., Rivkie, Yossi, and family announced that they were returning to live in the U.S.

Saved By A Cop Stop

It was already nearly a year, and I nearly despaired of ever seeing the money. I kept trying to recover it, calling him periodically.

Stepping Up To The Bimah

Because of his strong kesher to my husband, he and his family had opted to join our shul for Rosh Hashanah. So, serendipitously, he was available – not to mention ready, willing, and able – to don all the hats that had suddenly been vacated.

The New Rav In Town

When she proffered a 20-shekel note to the bus driver, she couldn’t fathom why he wouldn’t accept it.

Spreading The Light

I then handed her the Shabbos candles and she froze right there. She said, “Now I will light. Thank you very much,” and then proceeded to kiss my wife on both cheeks .

Yesh Din

Wanting to help with the maintenance of the building, Chava agreed to be in charge of collecting funds once a year for the upkeep of the roof.

It’s All Hashgacha

My children in Cleveland set out to invite the P. family for Shabbos and, after a few weeks of scheduling conflicts, they finally enjoyed a Shabbos together and got to know these new cousins.


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