Helping My Brothers And Sisters

Let’s just say that I soon began covering the shortfall myself, and my group leader promptly stopped sending me the spreadsheets. And I countered by unearthing them anyway and continuing to fill the quota, most often without signing in.

Embracing Tradition

In this day and age, when there is so much intermarriage and assimilation, even in Israel, should we not be thankful that this young man married a Jewish girl. Their children will be Jewish, even if their chuppah wasn’t so much. There’s still hope for their future generations.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Shaindy tried to think logically. There must be some way to signal for help. She pulled out her cellphone and dialed her husband. No reception and no service. She tried dialing 911. That should work. No service again. No way to call anyone in this underground station.

Yes, It Really Happened Here

This is a true story that happened to me several years ago, but it is a story that I will never forget. Because of it, I now have a “thing” about locking front doors, though, truth to tell, I was always careful about making sure that they were locked before leaving my house.

Warm Hands

Had so much time already passed since I took him to an amusement park and he was tall enough to go on a virtual reality ride?

Passing The Torch

Yitzchak feels privileged to have been welcomed into Am Yisrael. Having been exposed extensively to the outside world, he understands that there is no other nation like ours.

A Comedy Of Errors

Unfortunately, aside from my apparent penchant for misadventure, and ‘Midas touch in reverse,’ there is also my abysmal sense of direction. Add to that the fact that I get carsick on the local bus routes and consequently rarely use public transportation, and the scene was set with perfect precision for what transpired next.

Business And Shlichus In Dallas, Texas

I am back at my showroom working my appointments, it is now 3.00 p.m. and I still have not met anyone whom I could give these publications to. I am now walking the halls for about 5 or 6 minutes and lo and behold I see two women walking towards me.

The Story Of A Synagogue And The Man Who Didn’t Believe In G-d, Who...

The shul was finally opened with air conditioning, furniture, and books, and has been serving Eshel for about 40 years. But that isn’t the end of Miller’s story.

Our Upstairs Neighbors And The Pesach Wine

His reply was quick in coming. I’ve heard of a segula if the Pesach wine used for the makkos is poured on the doorstep of irritating neighbors they might move out, he informed him. Of course, Asher and Malkie were very excited to hear about this unusual segula and couldn’t wait for the seder to end so they could implement it.


They tried to explain he had Alzheimer’s and they implored upon them to try one more time to check that David was safe. Reluctantly they finally agreed and told them to return in two days.

The True Judge

The fallen tree damaged the car’s roof and broke a window. My husband covered the window with plastic in the meantime. Accompanied by a car-knowledgeable friend, Menachem went to file his claim against the city a short time later.

The Four Ws And An H

My good friend knew all the above already, as a good friend does, but she listened anyway.

Nothing’s Gonna Change… 2024

We lived through those COVID-19 years in a state of flux. Things were changing all the time... The only thing that didn’t change was the necessity to change many facets of our daily life.

Happy Even Now?!

When the askan heard this, he was devastated. After more than two and a half years of waiting for a kidney, the rabbi missed this opportunity because his 'helper' decided to go to sleep and call later. How would he break this to Rabbi Kerelenstein?!

Of Laughter And Blessings

For the two-plus years that I headed our block’s Vaad HaBayit, I was responsible to collect dues from the residents of my street and pay Avraham his monthly salary. I also brought him a drink every week when he swept our block, and I regularly purchased a modest gift for him, at my own expense, in advance of each of the Jewish holidays.

‘Uncle’ Morris

‘Uncle’ Morris had told us that when he died he wanted our eldest daughter Rachel to have his wife’s candlesticks, but we brushed it off hoping he would use them for many more years as although not young, he was healthy and active.

Tissues Of Delusion

What chutzpah?! I thought to myself. I felt like a child being punished for taking a cookie out of the cookie jar.

Behind Schedule, But On Time

Thoughts surged through my head. What to do? No point in getting to the Institute without the essential documents. But to get home, rush in, grab the folder, wait for the bus and train and then arrive late, when they may refuse to see me? I decided to take that chance.

It’s Never To Late

I was in despair. I couldn't believe it, here was the exact job that I was looking for being presented to me under the condition of giving up my new principle. Could I just for the sake of money give in to my highest decisions.

The Eighth Day

On the morning of the day before the expected bris, he reluctantly cancelled the shul hall and catering when the baby's bilirubin count shot up to 18. The mohel tried to comfort him and suggested he take the baby again for a test in the afternoon to see if the numbers were going down. But they weren't.

A Matter Of Perspective

Having lived in rented apartments myself for years long ago, I could picture myself in her situation and imagine how upset I would be. But later on, I was able to reflect that Hashem had given me this opportunity, not just to do chesed for my friend, but to see my own unpleasant experience in a new light.

Refrigerators For Sale

And you can’t find a technician in your neighborhood to repair your fridge? Reb Moshe asked. Try to get someone else to come down. I tried! the man protested. I called a few, but no one was available. Look, he said, I need my refrigerator for Shabbos, or my food will go bad. Please! I’ll pay you double!

Seudas Mitzvah Times Three

This isn't just any party. It's a chanukas habayis plus seudas hodaya for your smooth recuperation. We can't just serve sponge cake.

Mikrah But Not Mikreh

Aside from the long hours spent in the classroom, there are many more hours devoted to preparing lessons and writing and later grading tests, among many other responsibilities. And, glutton for punishment that I suspect he is, my husband also writes curriculum and a variety of texts/workbooks for his students.

A Broken Stroller

Always ready to be ‘dan le’kav zechus’ she pinned a note on the stroller saying I’m sure you didn’t mean to destroy my stroller – if you’d like to apologize this is my phone number… For days she waited for the phone call that never came.

Fallen In Battle

My eyes tear up each morning when the name of another soldier fallen in battle is announced on the 6 a.m. news.

A Friend In Need

The volunteering spirit overcame his hesitations, and he left his unfinished job to answer the call for help. Danny was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the scene of the vehicle on the side of the road. It was a Hatzalah ambulance that had conked out!

Taking The Right Turn

We were so worried about those terrorists, but when we returned to the place that we had seen them, no one was in sight. That was miracle number one.

What A Time I Had

For quite a few years I have come to realize that when a day presents a lot of problems, it’s probably very good – because Hashem is involved and is offering a special opportunity.


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