Silver Linings

Our lives have effectively been upended for many long and fearful months, and the toll in lives lost and disrupted is staggering indeed... And it is sadly not yet over.

Learning To Let Go

I finally got it ( I think). It wasn’t enough to know that Hashem runs the world. I have to let go and leave it up to Him.

Pink Geraniums

After my last visit, I was heading back home when I noticed a shiny object on the sidewalk. It looked like a hearing aid. My aunt wore hearing aids, and I knew they could be pretty expensive. I picked it up, wondering how I'd be able to find the owner.

My Partner

I learned to tone down my expectations. All too often, we’ve fallen in with poor buys, bad tenants (or no tenants), unpaid rent and financial losses. Over the years, there have been more complications than I could enumerate.

The Good Deed

I ask only one thing from you. When you have the opportunity to help another person, don't hesitate to do it.

When We Have A Test

So here he was – a devout rabbi who had traveled far on a mission to save the life of a fellow Jew, and the wife of the only person who could change the accused man's sentence wanted to shake his hand.

The Gift Of My Daughter’s Wedding

In the grand room where the chuppah would be held, chairs were spaced apart. In spite of this needed distance, we felt only closeness from our guests.

The Healer

As the number of infected and deceased leaped up dramatically at the summer's end – together with a commensurate increase of protests, strikes and Covid-deniers – our government decreed the Tishrei lockdown.

A Test In The Desert

Yehuda then tells me that it is perfect timing that he called. He says that it is from Heaven. He tells me to stop everything and try thinking why this happened to me.

Who By Fire?

The unique camaraderie and family atmosphere in the yeshivah resulted in many former students remaining connected over the years, and engendered spirited talk and brainstorming of forming a ‘kehilah’ for the extended yeshivah ‘mishpacha’.

Stop That Bus!

“I’m not interested in long explanations!” the driver replied forcefully. “It’s not on my route and I will not stop!”

The King’s Emissary

My mother often recounted this story because of the incredible hashgacha pratit.

Who Shall Live…

A few more days went by and I became more and more concerned. The burning smell was unrelenting. I again asked for an inspection.

The Passenger

Enjoy? I loved every minute. Wish I could go back. I still remember the songs we sang, the stories he told.

Heavenly Accounting

Hi, I just received a delivery and I found quarter of a watermelon that I didn’t take. Can you check if I paid for it?

The Height Of Divine Providence

Nice story. But how the shidduch came about… that’s something incredible.

In The Middle Of The Night

One hot summer night Daniel woke up at about 4 o'clock in the morning and was terribly thirsty. Everyone else was sleeping and he knew he couldn't wake them up to say 'amein'.

It Was Written Down

We just need help in locating a nice place that meets the standards of the Health Ministry and is able to stretch to accommodate twice the size crowd if the rules lighten up.

Overcoming Obstacles B’Simcha!

Family members, Baruch Hashem, came through lending the hosts two portable generators, which at the very least, could keep the seudot meals safe.

But He’s Not A Doctor!

Time went by and one day Yaacov had pain in his abdomen, the same type of pain that he had before his operation. He thought and hoped that maybe it would pass, so he waited.

Doubly Blessed

My first day at the high school was an eye-opener. As I walked into the large entrance room, I suddenly heard a door open. I heard a teacher scream at a student and physically throw him out of the class. What a welcoming!

A Light In The Darkness

The entire time we were all on the rock, we were in darkness, since we were trying to conserve the cellphone lights. Besides, there was nothing to see except the night sky, which was easier to see in the dark.

Working For The Real Boss

The conditions at the school Devorah was employed at were great. Perhaps she too would be privileged to finally find her calling.

Why Such Anguish?!!

When Rabbi Margolin arrived home he sat down with his rebbetzin and they discussed what had transpired in the Rebbe's home. They talked, and thought and begged Hashem to give them the right thoughts so that they would make the right decision.

Shofar Blowing In India

We loved hearing from our son by phone, and sometimes there was good enough reception to see him on WhatsApp. He was really having a wonderful time. He would plan his hiking itinerary around the goal of being in a Chabad House for Shabbatot.

My Answer From The Lubavitcher Rebbe

I did not ask for parnassah or to find a new job. I asked The Rebbe that there should be a shul (synagogue) within 2 or 3 blocks from the place where I will eventually find work.

Mother Is Always Right!

Time has not lessened my longing for her however, comfort did come to me in a very unexpected manner.

When The Phone Rings

We called his phone, but there was no ring in the car. I knew Dovid had been fooling around with it in the car on the way over, so it wasn’t at home.

The Odessa File

Oren pleaded with the department head to allow him to take this final exam either on Friday or on Sunday. His laconic reply was that this had never been allowed before and therefore could not be allowed now.

An Extra Bris Outfit

But they didn’t return it. I didn’t even know who the parents of the baby were and in any case I wouldn’t have felt comfortable bothering a new mother.


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