Wedding Planner

Ten years ago, when a good friend got married, she and another friend put together a book of lists and tips to help her organize her wedding. Since she enjoyed the project, Roni continued on her own to make these books for couples about to be married.

Raising The Dough

I told him that the check was not for us, but for Malka's group. I glanced quickly at the check and I read $1,100. Not bad.

Sealed With Hope

Without the funds at my disposal, I kept procrastinating the inevitable. My to-do list grew longer and hardly anything got crossed off.

Made To Order

Shira had done this several times for her neighbors when they needed it so she didn’t feel too bad calling her friend Dina and asking her if she would mind picking up their order and bringing it home.

Even This Is For The Good

Very often when we hear stories about hashgacha pratis, Divine supervision and intervention – the end of the story shows how all the preceding...

Appreciating A Gam Zu L’Tovah Day

I thought you were a different patient when you called. I can’t fit you in today.

My Childhood Gift

The doctor was too casual for a report as startling as the one he gave over.

Drawing Closer

There are many kiruv agencies... but I’m not sure any of their methods is more effective than that restaurant owner with the big white beard who made secular children believe that there was nothing sweeter than bringing Mashiach.

In Practice

The Rav, who had enjoyed the clear Torah reading expressed his wonder at the beautiful job. He also asked what brought the boy to the hospital over Shabbos.

A Change of Name

Four times every Shabbos, while they were growing up, each child (and now grandchildren as well) are referred to by their full name. This turned out to be an especially good idea for several of our grandchildren who were known only by their second name.

A Worthy Exchange

What could David do? He wanted to help out a fellow Jew but he had waited for this opportunity all year, had scrimped and saved.

She Tried To Find Me A Husband But She Found Me A Job

About two months later, she called to inquire if I want to work for her daughter. My heart danced at her thoughtfulness. Even though the job was not my line of work I enthusiastically accepted.

Unlocking Our Fortune

I turned to the safe and placed my hand on the lock. With one robust yank, the old safe opened wide. It hadn’t even been locked!

Corona and Surrendering

That evening, while her husband was out, in the private recesses of their bedroom, Esther sobbed, “Hashem, I am not asking You why You put us in this trying economic situation. I am asking You what You want me to do.”

Caregiver David

My inability to lift myself from lying on the grass with his children happened before I began phone calls for him to put feet on a stepladder and change a ceiling light bulb.

Thank You, Jabber Achmadi

And so it was that the rabbi thanked the bestial terrorist for his sick act of atrocity, for it was precisely that act which became the extraordinary link to the doctors' saving the rabbi's life.

Lessons in Law of Attraction

I was in a place of bittul – of nothingness. I woke up each morning in a daze, not knowing what to do with myself. Life seemed eerily silent except for some annoying noise I heard every morning that I couldn’t place.

A V’nahafoch Hu Pesach

Did I mention that my daughter-in-law has seemingly unlimited excess energy, and is one of the best cooks and bakers I know?

Nachat For Hashem

It took approximately two weeks, but finally a doctor checked him out. He was given permission to sit down for guard duty, and he didn’t take part in various physical exercises and marches. There was no way that he could train other soldiers with this medical issue.

Against All Odds

Against all odds, again – since my husband was not religious – I got my wish. Miracle number one.

A Check On Her Resume

Chava shook her head as if to show she understood, while wondering where this monologue would lead. Was this woman also here for a job interview?!

Silver Linings

Our lives have effectively been upended for many long and fearful months, and the toll in lives lost and disrupted is staggering indeed... And it is sadly not yet over.

Learning To Let Go

I finally got it ( I think). It wasn’t enough to know that Hashem runs the world. I have to let go and leave it up to Him.

Pink Geraniums

After my last visit, I was heading back home when I noticed a shiny object on the sidewalk. It looked like a hearing aid. My aunt wore hearing aids, and I knew they could be pretty expensive. I picked it up, wondering how I'd be able to find the owner.

My Partner

I learned to tone down my expectations. All too often, we’ve fallen in with poor buys, bad tenants (or no tenants), unpaid rent and financial losses. Over the years, there have been more complications than I could enumerate.

The Good Deed

I ask only one thing from you. When you have the opportunity to help another person, don't hesitate to do it.

When We Have A Test

So here he was – a devout rabbi who had traveled far on a mission to save the life of a fellow Jew, and the wife of the only person who could change the accused man's sentence wanted to shake his hand.

The Gift Of My Daughter’s Wedding

In the grand room where the chuppah would be held, chairs were spaced apart. In spite of this needed distance, we felt only closeness from our guests.

The Healer

As the number of infected and deceased leaped up dramatically at the summer's end – together with a commensurate increase of protests, strikes and Covid-deniers – our government decreed the Tishrei lockdown.

A Test In The Desert

Yehuda then tells me that it is perfect timing that he called. He says that it is from Heaven. He tells me to stop everything and try thinking why this happened to me.


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