Pain At The Pump

My son-in-law reluctantly agreed to accept twenty shekel, but this perfect stranger insisted that he take fifty. And when my son-in-law asked for his address so that he could send him the money, the man waved him off, instructing him to pay it forward when the opportunity arose.

Striking Gold

Although he felt the town was receptive to greater spiritual influence, Rabbi Gold says that aside from the physical and spiritual considerations, however, was the much greater problem of trying to find money to open a religious school, his first project.


They now sit together and intensely discuss what they are learning. They are both very proud to carry on the legacy of my father, their great-grandfather.

Orders From Above

Avi tried to appeal to the bus driver once more but to no avail. He was determined to leave on time. But oddly enough he still hadn’t moved even though it was already several minutes past the allotted time.

Every Dog Has His Day

Kelly regularly jumped up to greet me in her signature style, licking me exuberantly while rhythmically wagging her tail. Well, she certainly knew how to make a guest feel welcome (if not utterly terrified!).

A Harmonica At The Philharmonic

Out of this unobtrusive instrument, came the sounds of classical music, beautifully played.

A Visit To Mama

I was one very confused middle-aged woman with too many demands on her time and too few hours in her day. And it was not yet 9 a.m.!

United In Body And Spirit

As is the policy with kidney donations in Israel, if the two are not previously acquainted the donor and recipient don’t meet each other until after the procedure.

A Meaningful Sukkos

Like solders, they marched off! When the job was finished, I took out my wallet to pay the children. Irina stopped me.

The ‘Stolen’ Lulav

Shlomo rushed off to pay the seller and return home happily with his prize...only to find that the stall was empty. Obviously the lulav seller had packed up and gone home as yom tov was fast approaching.

So Much Is Beyond Our Understanding

There weren't many people out that night because of the weather but Rabbi Palach continued to approach whoever he saw and asked the same question, offering the same warm invitation to come hear a Torah class.

A Family Built On Ideals

Miriam married at 31, and she and Shlomo had seven kids, including a set of twins. But Miriam wanted more children – not hers, other people’s. She wanted a house full of unwanted children.

All In A Day’s Work

Since it was a fairly last-minute decision, (again my dear husband, being my dear husband), he was kind enough to do the shopping for that meal on his way home from work on Thursday.

Doing The Wash, Cleansing The Soul

To my utter amazement, he did have the required part with him! He gave me that astounding news as he re-entered my house with the box, and told me that that was the last one of those particular parts that he had with him!

A Watery Excursion

David told Yossi about his loss and the two of them began searching in the river. Talk about a needle in a haystack!

Saving Precious Jewish Children

The trip took a bit longer than they expected, which put them a bit off schedule because in addition to wanting to get back to the kids, it was a Monday and that was when Yaakov, at eight o'clock, gave his class to the neighborhood kids.

The Perfect Storm

With no choice, and a heavy heart, we forked over the three thousand shekel (There went my sheitel fund.) and remembered to thank the volunteer committee as well.

Passing The Baton

I slept in fits and starts that night. Thoughts were tumbling around in my mind like clothes in a washing machine, entangled together.

Jerusalem Of Rose

David Rousso can also trace his family back to the Spanish expulsion during the Inquisition. Although he’s not a hundred percent sure, he thinks his family hailed from Cordoba/Saragossa.

The Cycle Of Life Continues

A “small-world connection” to be sure but this knowledge is not the surprise that Hashem yisborach had awaiting me.

Is This My Reward For Doing Teshuva?

This was a real shock to Dave. He was an excellent worker and was doing fine in the firm, but he thought he could go much farther and succeed much more in Ronnie's new firm.

Hashem Sprinkles Blessings

In a big company with several branches throughout our metropolitan area, what are the odds that the same man who had installed the system 17 years before would be the person who arrived now to evaluate and repair it? But, of course, there are no “odds” or “coincidences” with Hashem.

Hashem Sprinkles Blessings

He told me that he recognized the system and the color-coding, because he had been the very man who had installed the system!

A Friend In Need

Shalom could barely believe the siyata dishmaya. He told her to return the following day and he would try and get some money to help her.

The Cycle Of Life

Like her husband, my daughter-in-law is extremely handy (although they are both Jewish!), and she has an incredible knack for home organizing as well as choosing inexpensive accents that pack a punch.

The Baby Saga

When Ayala arrived home that night, she wasn’t feeling well. On a whim, she decided to do a pregnancy test. She felt sort of silly. She had only just davened at Miriam’s kever, but something spurred her on.

The Final Challenge

Amnon lived in a kibbutz located halfway between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Yet he knew nothing about Judaism and had never spoken to a haredi Jew. Tali found herself not only in a new job, but in the position of Defender of Her Faith.

Please Take My Son

Rabbi Sha'air spoke to the mother and the child and was about to accept and register the boy when the mother said: I must tell you, Rabbi. I don't have any money to pay you. Not now, and it's not likely that I'll have any money to pay you later in the year either.

Hashem Truly Runs The World

When I think back, there were other amazing occurrences that happened that day!


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