Wrong Diagnosis

Eventually one of her daughters persuaded her to go to her doctor and after some tests he diagnosed early onset dementia. It was a tremendous shock to everyone, but the children realized that they would have to learn to help her and their father come to terms with this new reality.

In The Zechus of Moshe Rabbeinu

Later at night I got a phone call from my younger sister that lives up north in Israel. She wanted to talk to me about an incident that happened between us, which she felt she had never really asked forgiveness for. I couldn't remember anything and it took me some time till I understood what she was talking about.

Around The World In Three Hours

Sadly, I could not even properly enjoy that sumptuous finale to an incredible, opulent meal, because by then my watch registered less than an hour to go before licht bentching!

My Hidden Persian Cat

From the very beginning, I felt that our kitten was a gilgul, a Jewish soul sent back to earth to rectify his past.

Quantity And Quality

Boaz and Fradel had already been blessed with two children, a girl Shayna 9, and a boy Shneur 3, but it had been a difficult journey fraught with the kinds of difficulty that infertile couples face.

The Wig That Got Away

Long story short, another potential customer managed to jump the queue ahead of me, and she happily walked off with both wigs, after I had effectively negotiated them down to a fair price!

True Love

Yaakov stood there, hoping and praying that someone more positive would stop to help him soon, but no one appeared.

Mussar With A Haircut

We went into Shabbat in a state of not knowing, hoping and praying for the best. We went to shul, family came round to distract us, but I found myself surreptitiously glancing at my watch too many times, counting the hours...

Flowers In A Flurry

Immediately the cogs in my brain started spinning. Shabbos afternoon? Why did her friend bring something? Was the kallah celebrating her Shabbos Kallah this week?

A Mona Lisa Of My Very Own

We met some other young women and discussed how we would spend our short time there. They unanimously chose to go to the Eiffel Tower and see it lit up at night. I preferred another destination.

He Uncovers The Hidden

If I had used my electric oven the previous week, after the original test, that leak behind it could have blown up the house and caused me serious injury.

The Spider Web

In fact, one of my young daughters-in-law is a certified optometrist, so she likewise was able to weigh in, armed with professional clinical knowledge, instead of merely hearsay or anecdotal information.

New Calendar

The pandemic might mean these celebrations will be shared on Zoom, and hugs will be virtual, but we will pretend we are together for milestones. And, maybe, sometime during 2023, the pandemic will be history.

A Place to Sit

Suddenly I saw a woman arise from her chair just over to the side of me. I was about to sit when a woman approximately my age ran ahead and grabbed the chair and the one beside it for her teenage daughter. I made a small face but then let go.

Missing The Boat?

I don’t know what happened, but at some point a number of the people started walking away from the lobby. No one said anything to us. What did they know that we didn’t?

Neighborly Relations

Two sets of neighbors, joined by a wall and a hedge, but worlds apart.


Some of the inmates were observant upon entering the prison, or came from religious backgrounds.

Pain At The Pump

My son-in-law reluctantly agreed to accept twenty shekel, but this perfect stranger insisted that he take fifty. And when my son-in-law asked for his address so that he could send him the money, the man waved him off, instructing him to pay it forward when the opportunity arose.

Striking Gold

Although he felt the town was receptive to greater spiritual influence, Rabbi Gold says that aside from the physical and spiritual considerations, however, was the much greater problem of trying to find money to open a religious school, his first project.


They now sit together and intensely discuss what they are learning. They are both very proud to carry on the legacy of my father, their great-grandfather.

Orders From Above

Avi tried to appeal to the bus driver once more but to no avail. He was determined to leave on time. But oddly enough he still hadn’t moved even though it was already several minutes past the allotted time.

Every Dog Has His Day

Kelly regularly jumped up to greet me in her signature style, licking me exuberantly while rhythmically wagging her tail. Well, she certainly knew how to make a guest feel welcome (if not utterly terrified!).

A Harmonica At The Philharmonic

Out of this unobtrusive instrument, came the sounds of classical music, beautifully played.

A Visit To Mama

I was one very confused middle-aged woman with too many demands on her time and too few hours in her day. And it was not yet 9 a.m.!

United In Body And Spirit

As is the policy with kidney donations in Israel, if the two are not previously acquainted the donor and recipient don’t meet each other until after the procedure.

A Meaningful Sukkos

Like solders, they marched off! When the job was finished, I took out my wallet to pay the children. Irina stopped me.

The ‘Stolen’ Lulav

Shlomo rushed off to pay the seller and return home happily with his prize...only to find that the stall was empty. Obviously the lulav seller had packed up and gone home as yom tov was fast approaching.

So Much Is Beyond Our Understanding

There weren't many people out that night because of the weather but Rabbi Palach continued to approach whoever he saw and asked the same question, offering the same warm invitation to come hear a Torah class.

A Family Built On Ideals

Miriam married at 31, and she and Shlomo had seven kids, including a set of twins. But Miriam wanted more children – not hers, other people’s. She wanted a house full of unwanted children.

All In A Day’s Work

Since it was a fairly last-minute decision, (again my dear husband, being my dear husband), he was kind enough to do the shopping for that meal on his way home from work on Thursday.


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