Locked In

Believe it or not, in my native country in Ireland and later still in France, I never knew that it was possible while outdoors in the bitter winter weather not to suffer from the freezing cold, no matter how many layers I wore.

Sweating The Details

Package? No, I not in America and no package here. Maybe you vant Shulem Fastag? Ich bin Shlomi Fastag. Shulem he live cross street. I not go to America.

Hashem Has Wondrous Ways Of Helping Us

The time came for the case to be called up and there was Mr. Cohen, facing the judge alone (of course, he knew that he wasn't alone, but his lawyer wasn't there.)

A Winner

Like many good Brits, come what may, Anne's father would buy a weekly ticket in the football pools. He always used the same numbers; the birthdays of his two children.

From Annoyance to Acceptance, With Hashem’s Guidance

I had suddenly grasped that I would have to change my whole attitude to Yitzhak, see him in a different guise from the irritating boy I had defined him as.

Search Engine

My wonderful machateinista, hearing my tale of woe, took it upon herself to assist in the apartment quest, contacting every realtor she knew and requesting leads.

The Other Side Of The Coin

My husband was stalling before calling a professional. Ever since he lost his job, we were tight, financially speaking, and a house visit would be an extra burden on our faltering budget. As it was, I was finding it challenging to keep my spirits up.

Paying Back The Chesed

How would Liat and her husband cope with this double bris over Rosh Hashanah? Who would help them?

The Prayer That Was A Gift

I had no need for my prayer book because, amazingly, my sincere heartfelt prayer came out spontaneously and instantly; I did not have to even think about what to say.

Friendship Fix

When we finally yet inevitably bit the proverbial bullet and introduced ourselves to one another, we discovered that we had multiple connections in common, including mutual friends and close family members.

Closing The Circle

I didn’t realize it at the time, but living next door to your family turned out to be immensely significant to me.

Put Judaism First

I asked Rabbi Buchwald, "If I became observant, would I have to give up all of those things I love?" He answered right away. "No Alan, you don't have to give those things up. You just need to put Judaism first."


Naama realized how much she needed to see her baby brother. He was her little darling and she couldn’t bear the thought of him being alone for even a minute.

The Small Black Bag

If it ain't yours, you gotta give it to Lost and Found. Here, I'll take it fer you, he offered as he grabbed the bag. Tali jerked the bag away from him. I'll do it myself, thank you. Where is this Lost and Found office?

In The Merit Of A Tzaddik

After doing some research, Arieh discovered that his great-great-grandfather was in fact Rav Naftali Hertz HaLevi Videnboim from Bialystok, and he had been the first Chief Rabbi of Jaffa as well as a Mekubal himself.

Hashem Is My Light And My Salvation

She watched with mounting anxiety as it not only continued to burn brightly, but somehow reignited the used matches from the previous night, causing a mini bonfire on the tray!

The Minyan Miracle

I was overcome with gratitude to HaKodesh Boruch Hu for making it possible for Daddy to receive the honor that he provided for others, throughout his lifetime.

Bearing The Guilt

Miri has been carrying around guilt for the accident for over 60 years; for something she had zero responsibility for. She had misinterpreted the situation and blamed herself needlessly enduring enormous pain.

A Powerful Lesson

The ride had put her in a wonderful mood. The morning went well, and she looked forward to grabbing a quick lunch before returning to the main office.

Sweet Finale

On the one hand, I was genuinely rejoicing for her; on the other I was already experiencing some degree of anxiety regarding the less-than-ideal timing.

Entrance Exam

My sister and brother-in-law were among the would-be travelers, but their motivation was to visit our elderly mother, whose health had declined in virtually every respect over the prolonged period of isolation.

The Wedding Challenge

A wedding poses a worrisome challenge: how can all the expenses be covered?

Who Knows?

When we recall our deeds each year, there are many that we don’t remember, most whose ramifications we don’t know about and others that take on a life of their own after we have brought them into the world.

Clarity In The Fog

We had been living on the outskirts of the city, 30 miles from anything Jewish, and finally my dream of living in the heart of the community was being realized.

Wedding Planner

Ten years ago, when a good friend got married, she and another friend put together a book of lists and tips to help her organize her wedding. Since she enjoyed the project, Roni continued on her own to make these books for couples about to be married.

Raising The Dough

I told him that the check was not for us, but for Malka's group. I glanced quickly at the check and I read $1,100. Not bad.

Sealed With Hope

Without the funds at my disposal, I kept procrastinating the inevitable. My to-do list grew longer and hardly anything got crossed off.

Made To Order

Shira had done this several times for her neighbors when they needed it so she didn’t feel too bad calling her friend Dina and asking her if she would mind picking up their order and bringing it home.

Even This Is For The Good

Very often when we hear stories about hashgacha pratis, Divine supervision and intervention – the end of the story shows how all the preceding...

Appreciating A Gam Zu L’Tovah Day

I thought you were a different patient when you called. I can’t fit you in today.


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