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Report: US Jewish Donors Mostly Avoid Trump, Favor Clinton

Jews made up 18% of Obama’s donors and 7% of Romney’s donors in 2012. In 2016, 20% of Clinton’s donors are Jewish, only 3% of Trump’s donors have stood at Mount Sinai.

The Search for Objective Journalism

Running a country according to the God-given laws of the Torah would result in something very great indeed.

Talmudic Journalism

Since Torah is the great equalizer, the great reconciler of divergent but valid opinions, this is also the place where common ground is reached.

Predictive Journalism, Nate Silver, and the Talmudic Mind

Nate Silver adapted the theorem into his "Bayesian convergence," the method of dispelling myths and opposing opinions as evidence.

Nate Silver: Quinn the Most Likely Democrat

Her support has dropped 39% percent, but she still manages to keep her lead over her opponents, including Mr. Weiner.

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