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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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ISIS Confirms Leader Wounded — Not Dead — in US Air Strike

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization, is wounded.

The former head of the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Al Baghdadi and his terrorist cell instead broke away and formed their own group,which ultimately became what today is now called ISIS.

The group confirmed in a statement today (Sunday, Nov. 9) that its leader was injured last night in a U.S. attack on a site where the group’s leadership was meeting.

The U.S. military had received accurate intelligence information as to the time and place of the meeting, sources said, enabling pilots to target ISIS leadership.

The radical Islamist terror group has vowed to establish a caliphate (Islam-ruled state) in the Middle East, and then worldwide.

To help facilitate this process, ISIS has made a great effort to recruit numerous people from other countries and continents to join the terror organization, including Europe, Australia and North America.

These recruits are indoctrinated and trained. They are ultimately sent back to their countries of origin to recruit others. They also create their own sleeper cells, forming a comprehensive network of international radical Islamist terror, awaiting orders from Al-Baghdadi.

ISIS has been operating in Gaza for more than a year, and has established bases in the Sinai Peninsula as well. Evidence suggests the group has established a presence in Lebanon as well.

Hana Levi Julian

Perry Committee Haredi Recruitment Plan: Sanctions on Draft Dodgers

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The Jacob Perry Committee program, which includes financial rewards to yeshivas with a high percentage of recruits among its students, and sanctions against those who do not report to the recruitment offices, is triggering many different reactions in Israel today, Thursday.

The enlistment reform on which the committee has been working for the last two months, examining all the necessary balances between the value of military service versus the value of Torah study. The reform will replace the Tal Law, which lapsed following the Supreme Court’s decision last August. The reform determines a gradual process ending with all the Israeli citizens serving the state under the conditions prescribed by the law of security service.

The recommendations determine new rules for sharing the security burden equally, by including yeshiva students as part of the Security Service Act (and taking them off the “temporary” rules which have been in existence for ages), and thus the the duty of the civil service would apply to Haredim. At the same time, the law is also considering the value of Torah study in the mix.

In addition, the proposed law shortens the service of men in the army to 32—from 36—months, and extends the service of women in the IDF to 28—from 24—months.

The new law, should it be approved, will take effect in August, 2013.

But the actual recruitment of Haredim will begin only three years later, a fact that raised the ire of equal burden activists. Three years are an eternity in Israeli politics, which could mean that by the time the serious part of the law comes into effect, an entirely different government will be doing the enforcing.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Haredim, who until now have been limited in what they could do for a living, since going openly to find work could end up with them wearing a uniform, will now be free to pursue real jobs on the open market.

Torah Judaism MK Israel Eichler suggested a complete revamping of the IDF recruitment program, turning the army professional, with good salaries that would attract the very best from all parts of society.

Most Haredi leaders argued that the new law is a blatant attempt to destroy the Torah world in Israel. At the same time, many detractors of the new proposed law on the secular side argue that it needlessly exempt 28 thousand Haredim today, with vague promises about recruiting their younger brethren four years from now.

Still, no one so far has objected to the idea that yeshiva deans will have to account for their students, and decide whether they really belong behind a stander.

Yori Yanover

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