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Prosecuting Saddam: Which Paths To Justice?

5 Shevat 5764 – January 28, 2004
Under international law, Saddam Hussein is the quintessential Hostes Humani Generis, a "Common Enemy of Mankind." Prosecuting the former Iraqi dictator, therefore, would now appear to be a decidedly simple judicial matter.

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Kerry

23 Tammuz 5763 – July 23, 2003
On the campaign trail last week, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry accused President Bush of breaking his promise to put together an international coalition to wage war against Saddam Hussein.

Letters To The Editor

11 Tammuz 5763 – July 11, 2003
Hatred's RootsLeon Wieseltier's commentary on anti-Semitism ('The Village Is Not Burning,' June 6) is erudite and elegant. Simpler, I suggest anti-Semitism's bared roots are...

The New State Terrorism

23 Iyyar 5763 – May 25, 2003
Following the first Gulf War, which left Saddam Hussein in power, most everyone outside of Hussein and his fellow travelers in the Arab world acknowledged the necessity of imposing sanctions against a Hussein-led Iraq to force him to disarm. Unfortunately, although the sanctions were aimed at Hussein, it was undeniable that the sanctions would also visit great suffering on the Iraqi population, especially since Hussein could be expected to - and did - divert whatever resources were available to himself and the effort to maintain his power.

Letters To The Editor

19 Iyyar 5763 – May 21, 2003
Put Weasels To WorkI loath the French as much as a person lawfully can, but I think we should let them have a part...

No Time To Blink

7 Iyyar 5763 – May 9, 2003
Ever since 9/11, President Bush's constant refrain has been an uncompromising effort at eliminating terror and its infrastructure around the world. Plainly, this has not been the product of a Pollyannish notion of refashioning the world in the American image, but rather of a hard-nosed evaluation of what it will take to minimize the threat from fundamentalists around the world bent on America's destruction.

The President Speaks To The Nation

7 Nisan 5763 – April 9, 2003
A presidential address to the nation that has come into the Monitor's hands:

Bush, Jews And Democrats (Part XIII)

12 Shevat 5763 – January 15, 2003
Before concluding our series on Jewish voting habits in next week's Monitor, we devote this week's installment to some of the more colorful responses we've received from die-hard Democrats. Wear your helmets.

Phase II Coming Up?

6 Tevet 5762 – December 21, 2001
There is growing evidence that now that success in Afghanistan is within reach, the President is serious about pursuing the war against terrorism to other venues. One senses an almost palpable effort to prepare the world community for the so-called Phase II. It will be recalled that Mr. Bush declared soon after September 11th that targeting Osama bin Laden and his Taliban protectors would be Phase I, and that neutralizing the terror network around the world would constitute Phase II. And it is fast emerging that Iraq will be the first step.

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