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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Kibbutz Pool Cleaner ‘Dolphin’ Rakes in Rising Revenue

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

(JNi.media) On the same week Hamas claimed that their naval commandos have captured a a dolphin working in the service of the Mossad, equipped with a spying camera, Maytronics, a manufacturer of the Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, picked up close to $47 million in revenue, a 26% rise, in Q2 2015.


Globes, which reported the jump also noted that this was the company’s last quarter under CEO Yuval Beeri, who steps down next month after seven years at the helm. Maytronics, based in Kibbutz Yizre’el, near Afula, Israel, will hold a shareholders’ meeting next month to approve Beeri’s retirement package.

Beeri said “it is possible we will see a prolonged season due to the warm weather in Europe and the US.”

The same shareholders’ meeting will also be asked to approve the employment package for incoming CEO Eyal Tryber, who was vice president of sales marketing for the last seven years.

The pool cleaning robot, known as the Dolphin, crawls on the bottom of your swimming pool, removing debris and dust from the water and scrubbing the pool’s floor and walls—reducing the need for chemicals to clean the water. The Dolphin works its way in a straight line across the bottom of the pool, climbs up one side, and when it reaches the waterline turns down the next row.

According to the company, building on decades of expertise in automatic pool cleaners, every Dolphin combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort. Also: as pool owners’ needs change, new technologies and models that address new segments are added to the Dolphin line.

Three years ago, according to Ha’aretz, kibbutz Yizre’el turned down an offer to sell Maytronics for about $90 million, which was at least 27% more than its market value. Since then, the company’s value has risen to $220 million.


Jewish Kindergarten Children Attacked in Antwerp

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Young Jewish kindergarten children traveling on the bus Sunday afternoon from the Antwerp Hayder school on their bus were attacked Sunday by a gang of Muslim teenagers, according to Jewish media in Belgium.

According to a security source quoted by the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (CFCA), the children were returning from a swimming pool at the time of the attack. The driver stopped the bus and realized that the Muslim attackers were youths who lived near the swimming pool.

The gang surrounded the bus and started hurling rocks at the vehicle and its small passengers, according to the report. None of the children, about five years old and members of the Orthodox Jewish community, were physically injured in the attack.

Police opened an investigation after the teacher filed a complaint. Security personnel arrived at the scene and collected surveillance footage from the area in order to identify the attackers. No arrests have been made thus far.

Just a few weeks ago, four people were killed in a terrorist attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Belgian officials have yet to decide if they will assist the museum with upgraded security for the facility in the wake of the attack.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Syrian Banned from Every Swimming Pool in Britain

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Ali Rashid, 44, from Cardiff, has been banned from every swimming pool, hot tub and sauna in Britain after pleading guilty to sexual assault, WalesOnline reported.

The judge at Cardiff Crown Court said that Rashid, 44, is only permitted to visit a swimming pool during men-only sessions, and must not enter any public or private facility that women have access to.

Rashid, originally from Syria, was also given an eight-month suspended jail term. He admitted to sexually assaulting a woman at the Mercure Cardiff Holland House hotel in January last year.

After realizing that his advances on his target were unwanted, Rashid told her: “Don’t be angry, I touch and kiss you because I feel comfortable with you.”

The victim told hotel staff about the attack and they contacted police. Judge Niclas Parry said the offense was “serious” and involved a breach of trust.

The judge told Rashid: “The public trust people to behave themselves in public amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas. People must feel that they’re safe to mingle with strangers because that is what they do at these places. You violated this lady’s privacy and her dignity, you were persistent and she felt trapped.”

Praising the victim, the judge concluded: “It’s to her credit that she dealt with this matter with some fortitude and her evidence leads me to conclude that she reported this matter not for herself but to try and protect other people.”

So reminiscent of Israel’s experiences with Syria…

Jewish Press Staff

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