Trapped in Wedge Issues, Rafi Peretz and Bezalel Smotrich Are Killing Religious Zionism

Let Smotrich and Peretz ask Itamar Ben-Gvir and Michael Ben-Ari how it feels to drop from a faction of four MKs in 2009, to 70,000 votes in the last elections, because they were so smart and pure of heart and free-speechy.

Poll: 31% Want Ayelet Shaked to Lead Religious Right, Bennett: 16%, Rafi Peretz: 7%,...

According to this morning's poll, should such a slate emerge, the public at large believes Ayelet Shaked is the best candidate to lead the unified religious right to victory.

Israeli Embassy Clumsily Photoshops Ambassador’s Lobster Lunch with Brazilian President

Yes, they ate lobster, which is defined by our tradition as Sheretz, which is unholy and a creeping thing and cockroach of the sea.

Smotrich Gifting Justice Ministry to Shaked as Religious Zionists Continue Headless Chicken Rumba

A pathetically unreliable poll last Friday gave them 19 seats (never gonna' happen), but in reality they could play this out to keep everyone away from the next Knesset.

Shaked Insists on 5-Party Rightwing Slate, Including Otzma Yehudit

Shaked's casual text was Shaked's rebuttal to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, whose sweet manner and French accent often makes his listeners forget that he represents an extreme-Haredi line with questionable notions regarding Israeli society.

Ehud Barak Preaches Satmar’s ‘Three Oaths’ Line Against Zionism

Does Ehud Barak understand that sticking by the Satmar agenda against his foes in the religious-Zionist parties is highly unusual?

A Calculated Liberman Broadens Anti-Haredi Attacks to Include Religious Zionists

There's an anti-Semitic panic there, deep inside the man, born in a land with much more snow over much longer parts of the year.

Bennett: I’m Crazy About Ayelet But We’ll Continue Without Her

No matter what he does next, Bennett is losing something.

UTJ Irate at Blue & White Haredi Female MK’s Visit to Haredi Seminary

Gafni could avoid the visit that offended him so much by helping the seminary retain its status vis-à-vis Israeli medical schools.

Liberman: I’ll Do Everything to Unite Likud, Blue & White, Keep Haredim Out

Why would Netanyahu agree to include the politician who so humiliated him in the spring in the next government?

Jerusalem Mayor Under Attack for Lying About Reason for Skipping ‘Pride’ Parade

Mayor Leon is far from being hostile to the LGBTQ community in Jerusalem, and this year the Jerusalem Municipality even trampled on the free speech rights of anti-homosexual citizens.

Likud’s Top Negotiator to Smotrich: Next Justice Minister Will Decide Bibi’s Fate, No Way...

According to the report, the conversation between Smotrich and Eshel took place in the Prime Minister's Office, hours before the dissolution of the 21st Knesset, and in the presence of several participants.

Report: Rightwing Union Chair Peretz Offered No. 2 and 3 Spots to Shaked, Bennett,...

And so, another chapter rolls in the telenovela that began in 1992, on how the Israeli Zionist right unites itself into smaller and smaller splinter groups

Hebrew U Prof. Calls Zionist Students ‘Nazi Dogs,’ Wants Them Banned from Advanced Degrees

Despite the rector's warning, Goldblum said that if a student enters his classroom wearing an Im Tirtzu T-shirt, he would refuse to continue teaching and "call security."

Smotrich: No Way Ayelet Shaked Gets No. 1 Spot in Rightwing Slate

"The right threw away seven to eight seats in the last elections," Smotrich stressed, "which is why there are initial attempts at consolidation."

On the Morning After (Almost) Everybody Hates Liberman

"Liberman is riding on the back of the two most burning hatreds in the liberal camp: hatred of Netanyahu and hatred of the Haredim."

Reports: Chances for Liberman-Netanyahu Coalition Minuscule

Ouch… "Predator jackal?" Has Israel Today turned into The People's Daily?

Barak Aide: The Big Deal about Saturday’s Rally Was that Arabs Applauded Ya’alon

"The turnover government will be elected only if out of 900,000 eligible Arab voters, 800,000 will show up."

4 Days Before Deadline, Netanyahu Preparing for New Elections

Netanyahu's fixer, Natan Eshel, has not given up his effort to recruit a Kachol Lavan deserter, who would give the PM a 61-seat coalition, with Liberman out.

Tzohar’s Rabbi Cherlow: Ultimately, Decision on Abortion Is Up to the Parents

"Therefore, in principle, it can be said that if a legislation has been enacted that denies an abortion in any situation, at any stage of gestation, it is not the accepted halachic practice regarding abortion."

Eurovision Mega-Festival Fizzed Out, But We Hear Great Things about Lag B’Omer

On Sunday morning, Ha'aretz ran an op-ed calling for the cancellation of Lag B'Omer.

Justice Stein Rejects Prosecution’s Appeal, Releases Minor Suspect in Arab Woman’s Murder

Justice Stein ordered that the minor be released under conditions determined by the District Court: house arrest under electronic controls, the signatures of two guarantors, and a 35,000 shekel (roughly $10,000) bail in cash.

Netanyahu May Settle for Minority Government over Conflict between Liberman, the Haredim

It means that at any point Liberman could join the rest of the opposition in toppling the Likud government.

Smotrich: Justice Barak Stole Our Democracy, We’re Just Taking It Back

The revolution in the judicial system planned by the Likud and the Rightwing Union is discussed in a document that includes 16 different articles, entitled "Governance and the Law."

Rightwing Union: Netanyahu Suspiciously Split on Sovereignty Vs. Disengagement

Clearly, Netanyahu is not willing to give up the option of evicting Jewish settlers from their homes in Judea and Samaria, especially those living in the remote outposts.

Minor’s Attorney, Shin Bet, Clash over Conflicting Versions of Duma Plea Deal

The Shin Bet statement quite clearly either contradicts the earlier version of events as reported in the Israeli press, or alters the components of the story to produce a new, possibly misleading version.

Duma Arson-Murder Case: Shin Bet’s Tortured Minor Victim Absolved of Murder

On the week following the arson in Duma, President Reuven Rivlin took a firm position against the arsonists, declaring: “My people have chosen terror.” He did so without an ounce of proof and should apologize.

Haredi Parties Offer Liberman Compromise on IDF Draft law

In addition, the Haredim want to pass a constitutional-level Basic Law: The Value of Torah Study.


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