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Shaked Refuses to Sign Bibi’s New Loyalty Oath: ‘Enough Already’

When a couple is married, they don't reaffirms the ketuba every month.

Yamina Split Back into New Right (3) and Habayit Hayehudi-National Union (4)

An analysis of the recent election results shows that the majority of the Yamina votes came from New Right voters, while Habayit Hayehudi and the National Union lost thousands of votes to Otzma Yehudit.

On Eve of Yom Kippur, Liberman Sends Netanyahu, Likud, to [Expletive]

"Today's Likud has nothing to do with the Revisionist movement. It is a collection of apparatchiks."

Yamina Split Postponed, Possibly Indefinitely

The split that was announced by Bennett and Peretz right after election day – against Shaked's opinion – had to be postponed yet again.

Shaked Refusing to Sign Commitment to Back Netanyahu in Knesset PM Pick, Haredim Agree

A senior Yamina official rejected Netanyahu's request, telling Srugim, quite crudely, "We are not his chumps."

Court Releases Malka Leifer to House Arrest Pending Psych Eval

In June, a court appointed psychiatric panel decided that Leifer was manipulative and did not appear to be mentally ill at all.

Netanyahu Meeting Rightwing Bloc following Gantz’s Withdrawal from Negotiations

The Likud said in response that they were "amazed at the decision by Blue&White to blow up the negotiations and cancel the meetings."

Likud Enters Negotiations Friday with 55-Seat Rightwing Bloc Intact

If Netanyahu comes in with 55 seats, he shouldn't really have to offer a rotation at the helm, seeing as Gantz only has 44 backers.

Blue&White Conditions Unity Government on Bibi Dumping Rightwing Bloc

For Lapid, a rotation government would kill his own rotation deal with Benny Gantz (Lapid, who never graduated from high school, is not great with simple fractions).

Shaked Warns Netanyahu Not to Betray Religious Zionists

Yamina has seven Knesset seats, making it more a charity case than a threat in Netanyahu's plans.

Report: Liberman Won’t Recommend Anyone to Rivlin

Liberman posted on his Facebook page that there was no agreement between himself and Blue&White chairman Benny Gantz, and that his party knows how to get by in both the coalition and the opposition.

Blue&White Prefers Haredim, Arabs, Over Liberman

Gantz would have to come up with a solution that won't involve a Lapid faction walkout and still make it worthwhile for the Haredim to join.

Shaked: Netanyahu Bloc Not a Done Deal; Rightwing Leaders: Bibi Wants Third Elections

Netanyahu reportedly said voter turnout in Likud strongholds and in the settlements was low, and in a third election voter turnout in those locations would be higher.

Otzma Yehudit Blaming Everyone for Vote Wasting Loss Except… Otzma Yehudit

This reporter definitely sides with MK Bezalel Smotrich who last night called Ben Gvir and his party "irresponsible people who because of their ego threw votes in the trash."

Second Time Around: Initial Exit Polls Give Blue&White Slight Edge, But No Coalition for...

Otzma Yehudit does not cross the vote threshold in any of the major polls.

Liberman May Not Recommend Anyone to the President, and Other Pre-Election Delights

A partnership between the two largest parties would be big enough not to need Liberman to establish a majority.

Despite Friday the Thirteenth Final Poll, Bibi Has Path to Victory

The rightwing bloc without Liberman will probably get 60 seats, with the expectation that Netanyahu would be able to entice Orly Levy-Abekasis to join the coalition.

The Ultimate Givers of Yitzhar

Over the past five years, ten Yitzhar residents donated their kidneys, and they did it to save perfect strangers.

Report: Likud Internal Polls Show Otzma Yehudit Below Vote Threshold

If this is true, more than 100,000 votes could be lost to the rightwing bloc.

Kan 11 Poll: With 1 Week to Go, Otzma Yehudit Solid at 4 Seats

It appears that Amir Peretz and Orly Levi, with Labor's 5 seats offer the only solution to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pursuit of 61 seats

Ad Kan Forces Meretz Leader to Beg Forgiveness from Settlement Security Chief

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart and ask for his forgiveness."

Rabbinic Court Reevaluates Ketubah: How Much Is 200 Zuzim?

And how much is 6 million 1979 lira in 2019 shekels?

UTJ’s Gafni: It Won’t be Terrible to Sit in the Opposition

"We were in a similar situation when [Lapid] was part of the evil brotherly pact of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, and Netanyahu went with them and left us outside – we survived, nothing terrible happened."

Bennett, Shaked, to Support Immunity for Netanyahu

Bennett may be eager to signal to Netanyahu that while his potential partners to his left might ditch him should he be indited, Yamina would remain loyal him in his time of need.

Noam Party Candidate Was Behind Nixing of Mixed Armored Crews

Rabbi Zvi Kostiner, dean of the yeshiva in Mitzpe Ramon, says he was behind the pressure exerted on the IDF to cancel the women's armor corps course.

High Court to Rule on Otzma Yehudit Disqualification on Sunday

Bentzy Gopstein did not attend the hearing because he believes the game was fixed and the court would not discuss his case with unbiased eyes.

Chief Rabbi Delays Burial of Get Refuser’s Mother, Refuser Caves (Maybe)

Five years ago, the man remarried, leaving his first wife without a Get which keeps her from being remarried in a religious ceremony.

Good News: Only 14 Out of 8 Million Israelis Want Boycott of Berlin Music...

How ironic, that Rosen Zvi, whose articles deal with the development of the term Goy, would be used to bash a pro-Jewish resolution by the vast majority of a German parliament practically packed with goyim.

Gantz, Liberman, Sign Vote Surplus Deal, May Collaborate to Defeat Netanyahu

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev (Likud) on Friday said: "Liberman will not tip the balance. The one who decides who will be the next prime minister is God." But does God vote Likud?


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