Yitzhar Hilltop Youths Throw Molotov Cocktails at Police following Clash over Rebuilding a Synagogue

Virtually all the politicians who on Friday morning condemned the firebombing ignored the fact that the Border Police had it in for the Kumi Uri residents who were trying to rebuild their fallen synagogue.

Liberman’s Finance Chairman Plans to Dry Up Haredi Budgets

Meanwhile, finance committee from the Likud, Shas and UTJ boycotted Wednesday's committee meeting, and may also boycott the meeting Forer has called for Thursday morning.

Sephardi Rabbis Under Fire for Allowing Zoom Video Seders with Isolated Elderly

Obviously, now it's time for Rabbi Pearl's people at Zomet to come up with a gramma version of Zoom.

First Time in 31 Years: Women of the Wall to Spend Rosh Chodesh at...

Anyway, we should add "No WOW clashes with Haredim at the Kotel" to the long list of #Coronavirusbenefits.

Jewish Farmer Suing Rabbis: Declare a Leap Year to Save Our Passover

There are countless unintended consequences to the proposed action, not the least of which being that we'd have to celebrate Purim again, seeing as Purim falls on Adar II.

WATCH: Israelis Say ‘Thank You’ to Medical Pros Fighting COVID-19

Israelis spent two full minutes cheering the medical professionals who have been working tirelessly to keep Israelis healthy.

Rabbi Haim Druckman Encourages Continued Small Prayer Minyanim

"Telling them, 'Stay home,' does not make them feel better in this reality."

Haredi Gedolim Order Learning to Continue, Defying Government Warnings

The Belzer Rebbe reportedly instructed his followers not to listen to the news broadcasts, and asked that girls come to school without their official school uniforms, to avoid criticism.

Gantz Accepts All of Liberman’s Preconditions: ‘Must Move Forward’

Rivlin has already leaked to the press his idea of bypassing the tedious and fruitless 2- to 3-week periods he would normally have given Netanyahu and Gantz – and move straight to throwing the process to the Knesset.

Report: Blue&White Plan Law Barring Netanyahu from Assembling Coalition Government

Should the rightwing bloc end with 58 or even 59, the process of Netanyahu's removal by legislative means would begin.

Likud Charts Path to Majority Government: Recruit Lots of Defectors

"If we have to bring in MKs from the opposite camp, we will certainly change the law so that no sanctions are imposed on them," MK Zohar said.

Judge Throws Out Plea of Duma Defendant for Refusing to Look at Women

It appears Judge Ido Druyan-Gamaliel's liberalism is so lopsided, it's a wonder he can walk the street without falling over.

Prison Authority Moves Duma Arson Suspect to Distant Facility, Making Family Visits Arduous

"This whole case is a libel, tailored by the prosecution, the Shin Bet and the IPS, which helps them break Amiram."

Gett’s Kosher Taxi App Faces 150 Million Shekel Racism Class Action Suit

"If there were a sincere religious intent here, they should have insisted on Arab drivers for the Mehadrin taxis."

Jerusalem Police Use 3 Cars to Arrest Smotrich’s Brother for Teaching Torah in Abandoned...

The Jerusalem cops have been on the war path with religious-Zionist politicians in recent days.

Vindictive Police: 6 Detectives Search Yehuda Glick’s Home following Temple Mount Arrest

"The Israeli police needs an emergency cleanup of the stables (Hercules' fifth labor – DI), and this judge does not deserve to stay in his job even one more day."

Tel Aviv Culture War: No Tefillin Stands within 100 Yards of a School

Turns out it's not the religious folks who are suffering from a fear of Isaac…

DM Bennett Locks Up Jewish Youth in Administrative Detention Moments after Court Release from...

It was precisely over their thuggish practices that the district court severely rebuked the regular and clandestine police.

50 Years Late: Rabbinate Recognizes Ethiopian Jews in Israel, Many Ethiopian Jews Aren’t Impressed

Kes Maharat: "We have made sacrifices to keep our Judaism. For us to come to Israel only to be told it is doubtful we are a Jewish – there's nothing more humiliating than that."

It’s Official: Bennett – Shaked – Smotrich Running Together, Habayit Hayehudi Abandoned

New Right chairman, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett declared: "It's a big day. We've reunited our home." Of curse, we also broke the home apart in the first place, last February, but that was two elections ago.

Smotrich – Peretz Alliance Dies Amid Violent Clashes, New Right Emerging as Sole Survivor

Make their slogan: "The party with internal fisticuffs only some of the time."

Provocative Tiberias Mayor Fired

Ron Kobi was accused of provoking and instigating against religious Jews. He was fired for failing to pass a budget.

Chief Rabbi: Israel Let In ‘Masses of Religion Hating Goyim’ to Diminish Haredi Power

Rabbi Haim Amsalem responded: "Soon the term in office of this violent man will end."

Anti-Israel Reform Clergy Jailed for Violating Restraining Order

"Ascherman and his radical friends from Ta'ayush are provocateurs who come to incite hatred against the resident of Judea and Samaria.

Smotrich: Religious Zionists Must Run Open Primaries Now If We Want to Stay Alive

"A party that wants to remain alive can't be impervious to the public's sentiments," Smotrich stated, hinting at the near-autistic Rafi Peretz pact with Otzma Yehudit.

Zionist Australians Slam Promotion of Litzman who Supported Alleged Melbourne Pedophile

“On behalf of the Australian Jewish Community, I implore you to reconsider this appointment until the investigation into Yaakov Litzman has concluded.”

Haredi Council Member Denies Voting ‘Yea Twice’ for Ramat Gan Shabbat Transport Service

His partner on the council, attorney Zohar Yasharim (Shas), voted against the Sababus budget – for the obvious reason of the desecration of Shabbat.


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