Arab MKs Get Away with Altered Swearing-In Text, But When MK Kahane Did It...

Shouldn't Speaker Levin start proceedings to expel the Joint Arab List from the Knesset?

Prosecution Wants to Relocate Rabbi Berland’s House Arrest after Confrontations with Followers

The commander of the Zichron Yaacov police station wrote to the prosecution that Berland's followers knew about the location of his house arrest and arrived there even before his release.

Blow to Bennett: Yamina’s 3rd Slated MK Resigns Amid Rumors of Coalition with the...

The resignation is further proof of the reports that Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid has struck a deal with Bennett for a coalition government.

2 Synagogues Set on Fire in Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan, Holy Ark Ablaze

"The severe incitement against the tradition of Israel and the Haredi public is dangerous and crosses all red lines."

11 Leading Nationalist Groups Urge Netanyahu, Sa’ar, and Bennett to Coalesce

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu that initiated the move, said that the letter was a wake-up call to the heads of the Zionist parties.

Israel’s Religious Zionists Lead the World in Kidney Donations: Double the US Rate, 5...

According to Prof. Mor, "the percentage of secular donors in the country is small."

Smotrich: Netanyahu’s Whitewashing of Mansour Abbas Will Terminate the Jewish State

Say what you will about Bezalel Smotrich, the man is a great dreamer. And this time around, the math is in his favor.

Religious Right’s Victory Frustrates Netanyahu’s Government Building Efforts

The very party that received artificial respiration from the prime minister refuses to return the favor because he relies on an Islamic party.

Bennett Could End Up the Next Prime Minister, But at What Cost?

The radical change in Netanyahu's strategy happened after President Rivlin said he would give the mandate to form a government to the candidate most likely to succeed.

Attorney Aviad Visoli: We Held Mincha Prayer with a Minyan on Temple Mount Tuesday

Presumably, the change in police attitude regarding open Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount has to do with the man who runs the police these days, Minister of Public Security Amir Ohana (Likud).

Lapid, Gantz, Liberman Launch Effort to Unseat Netanyahu

According to some media outlets in Israel, the Lapid camp is ready to offer Bennett a rotation deal, according to which he would serve as prime minister for the first year.

National Religious Movement Wins 13 Seats – Highest in Its History

In 2018, Bennett explained to reporters at a press conference in Tel Aviv—not Jerusalem—that Netanyahu’s contempt for religious Zionism had reached an intolerable peak.

Netanyahu Says Religious Zionists Get Smacked Time and Again and Come Back for More

Netanyahu used his final big interview to the National Religious press for an unrestrained trashing of the very people he hopes to lure into his next government.

Final Polls Give Netanyahu Wide Edge Over Right-Wing Competitors But Not 61 Mandates

This would be a good opportunity for Bennett and Sa'ar to forge a brotherly pact worth between 18 and 20 mandates.

With One Week to Go, Netanyahu at 30, Lapid 21, Outcome Still Too Close...

The problem has to do with a gap of half a percent or one percent that could raise or lower several parties above and below the threshold – which is 3.25% of the overall vote.

Mazal Tov: Left-Wing Anti-Settlement Petition Results in High Court Ratifying New Jewish Neighborhood

Had it not been for the petitions against Tapuach West, the neighborhood would not have been regulated to this day. So thank you, Holland and Norway, your money was well spent.

With 8 Days to Go: Netanyahu Grabbing Bennett’s Voters, Smotrich Soars to 6 Seats,...

Netanyahu continues to fail to cross the 30-seat mark, while Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid is also stuck, but with 20 seats, which is much better than the low teens it was getting in the fall.

9 Days to Go: Right-Wing Coalition Reaches 62 Seats, Meretz Is Out

In previous election campaigns, Netanyahu was able to put his opponents in the boxes that were most convenient to him. This time it's not catching on.

11 Days Before the Vote It’s Lapid, Saar, and Maybe Bennett Vs. Netanyahu, the...

In westerns, it's known as a Mexican standoff, and by the end of the scene, all three gunmen lie dead in the empty street to the sound of a weepy melody.

Out of 1 Million Israeli Food Stamp Recipients Only 14% Are Haredim

At least 1,027,578 Israelis will receive the food stamps this week, the interior ministry's grant to the vulnerable populations affected by the Corona.

Uproar as High Court Recognizes Reform and Conservative Conversions

MK Mai Golan wrote that the court ruling means that “an illegal infiltrator can undergo a reform conversion in 10 minutes and receive Israeli citizenship.”

Haredim Condition Future Coalition on Override Clause to Erase High Court’s Reform Conversions Ruling

The Supreme Court's ruling does not endanger the 1970 Law of Return, it merely takes it to its logical conclusion.

Everything You Didn’t Know about Purim that Falls on Friday – You’ll Be Amazed...

The significant changes in the practice of Purim apply mainly to the surrounded cities, out of which we know for certain only about Jerusalem and Jericho.

Bennett Will Not Join Lapid-Led Coalition, Smotrich, Meretz, Face Elimination

It is important to note that almost all the candidates emphasize the need for unity among the people and promise to form a government for all.

Report: Yair Lapid Threatened to Persecute Chabad If They Support Smotrich, Ben-Gvir

"The story of menorahs in every intersection on Chanukah and Chabad houses around the world is over."

Netanyahu: No Rotation with Bennett, Ben-Gvir Not Qualified for Ministerial Post

On Monday night, 36 days before the election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed in the lions' den, Channel 12 News, and shared how...

Bnei Brak Offering Free Cholent to Lure Unvaccinated Yeshiva Students – Free Coke, Too

Reports of a yeshiva student who received five doses of cholent by mistake.

Head of Efrat Hesder Yeshiva Won’t Admit Unvaccinated Students

Rabby Neria explained that unvaccinated individuals are likely to infect fellow students and bring about the shutting down of the yeshiva.

Smotrich Supports Forced Vaccinations, Firing Unvaccinated Employees

Attorney Rotem Bar On, who represents educators who challenge their obligation to get vaccinated, told Reshet Bet it was a "matter of human rights, I am the custodian of my body."


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