Polls Show Likud Still in the Lead as Newly Minted Parties Rearrange the Map

In the end, Israel's parties may have new names, but the problem remains: a split down the middle between Netanyahu and those who want to see him gone.

Police Victim Ahuvia Sandak’s Fiancée Humiliated by Cops

"The police are starting to discredit the late Ahuvia and everyone around him including his fiancée, family, and friends."

Bennett – Smotrich Talks Hit Dead End As Yamina Continues to Sink

At this point, it appears that the two leaders are on the verge of a breakup.

Study: Fewer Haredim, More College Graduates Factor in Lower Corona Spread

The higher the share of elderly persons in the municipality, the lower its infection rate in the second wave.

Police Brutality Against Thousands Protesting Officers’ Killing of Hilltop Youth, 26 Arrested

MK Smotrich demanded the closing down of the "morally corrupt" Judea and Samaria police station which "treats the Jewish youth in Judea and Samaria like terrorists."

Bnei Brak Extremists Burn Down Corona Testing Station

"These extremists are preventing other people who wish to get tested from doing so."

Be First on Your Block to Watch Aviv Geffen & Avraham Fried Singing Together

To say that they belong in two extremely divergent universes would be an understatement, and yet Aviv Geffen and Avraham Fried released in a new duet of brotherly love.

Gantz: There Is Room in Jerusalem for a Palestinian Capital

In an interview with Sharq Al-Awsat, Gantz said he is willing to compromise on parts of Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, he opposes sovereignty and is against legalizing new settlements, while echoing the peace sentiments of the good old Oslo years.

Report: Draft Law Proposal Lets Haredim Off the Hook, Helps Them Become Future Taxpayers

The Haredi partners in this coalition are now trying to lead a move to impose a new draft law that fits their needs, which would ultimately be struck down by a raging Supreme Court.

Thousands of Haredim Rally Against Light Rail Line in their Neighborhoods, 25 Arrested

The Haredi community is claiming that the light rail would lead to sexual promiscuity in the Haredi neighborhoods.

Knesset Approves $3,800 Grant to Haredim in National Service Who Were Laid Off Over...

Other citizens who perform National-Civil Service, including more than 5,000 Arabs, will not be eligible for the grant.

Rabbinic Court Orders Public Shaming of Get Refuser Yitzhak Sasson

The rabbinical judges also asked to bring their ruling to the attention of the rabbis of the city of Dimona where Sasson lives.

Smotrich: Netanyahu Eager to Please New Arab Buddies, Skipped Knesset Plenum Moments Before Kaminitz...

The proof is in the baklava: since its enactment, law enforcement agencies have indicated a 50% reduction in the volume of illegal construction starts.

UTJ MKs Condemn Arad Mayor’s ‘Incitement’ Against Haredim

Mayor Ben Hamo made curbing the Haredi settlement in Arad, particularly the Gur Chassidim, a top priority since he took office in 2015.

High Court Kills IDF Draft Law Starting in February

“Given the lessons of the past ... the expectation that the new draft arrangement would bring about a real change ... is nothing more than wishful thinking at best."

Likud Sinking, Yamina Still 2nd Largest Party in Latest Poll

Likud's decline is exploited by Yamina, which gets 21 seats while – lest we forget – it currently holds only 5 Knesset seats.

Israel’s Barbershops, Shuls, B&Bs to Reopen Sunday, Most Shops the Following Week

Netanyahu said: "Let it be clear to everyone, if the morbidity goes up in this or that city, I will not hesitate to recommend that the Cabinet close that city, cordon it off."

Project Marking 25th Anniversary of Rabin’s Murder Paints Over Ancient Political Turbulence

As the Oslo process progressed and another interim agreement was signed the country was torn up by strife and rage.

Likud Up, Yamina Down in Friday’s Poll, Arabs Lose Support

Bennett, who was threatening to get uncomfortably close to Netanyahu's poll numbers, has apparently exhausted his drive at the current stage and is starting to lose the centrist voters.

1 Million Israeli Children Return to Kindergartens Today But Lockdown Is far from Being...

“Unfortunately, the government is making the same mistake and expects a different result."

Survey: Netanyahu Continues Downward Slide as 28% of Likud Voters Want him Out

It is interesting to note that the peace agreement with the Gulf states that has grabbed many headlines over the past month is not beneficial in the least to the prime minister’s popularity.

Major Israeli Chasidic Posek: The Mitzvah Protects Us in Traditional Simchat Torah Gatherings

To Rabbi Klein's credit, he did not try to contradict the scientific truth that those who observe the commandments of prayer and study in public and in closed spaces risk their lives.

Head of Bnei Brak’s Main Hospital Resigns over Attack on Haredi Misconduct

"The rabbis, the ones who are there, the wise ones, are shouting 'Stop,' but their audience is not listening."

With Her Party Reaping Extraordinary Poll Numbers, Ayelet Shaked Urges New Elections

"I think Bennett can lead the country and be an excellent prime minister, but we are not forming coalitions yet."

Police Arrest 17 in Clashes with Haredim as Govt. Extends Ban on Demonstrations

The government is obligated to extend the special state of emergency every seven days if it wishes it to continue, and it must not extend it for more than 21 days.

Hard to Watch: Violent Israeli Police Attack Adults and Children in Haredi Neighborhoods

The Department of Police Investigations has opened an investigation into the incident. If you're holding your breath for the results, it's probably a mistake. Breathe.

Knesset Approves Corona Law Amendment Empowering Government to Ban Demonstrations

The revised law actually authorizes the government to restrict a person from leaving home to join a demonstration which is more than a thousand meters from his home during the lockdown.


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