Family Reunification Law Weaponized Against Bennett’s Government

There's no chance the opposition bill will be accepted any time soon (not by a Likud-led government, either).

Minister Michaeli Wants Public Transportation on Shbbat – Most Religious Jews Don’t

Public transportation on Shabbat is a simple dispute that was turned into a symbol.

Ukraine Ambassador: U Um Uman Is Ready for Breslovers

The three participants also agreed to address illegal construction in the city of Uman ahead of the Jewish holiday.

North Jersey Jews Recall the PM from Teaneck

Bennett joked: “Teaneck back then was not yet Israel. We annexed Teaneck a few years ago.”

Bennett Consolidates Power, Purging his Opposition Within Yamina

Yamina can't apply the Norwegian Law as long as there are Yamina list members who oppose this coalition.

Satmar Rebbe Rattled by Fear during Israel Visit, Couldn’t See the Tetragrammaton

"We followed a car that showed us the way," the Rebbe recalled, "and we passed localities where Arabs live, or as it is called, the 'territories.'"

United Hatzalah Muslim EMT Saves his Neighbor’s Life before Friday’s Prayers

“After the third shock was administered, the man began to resist compressions, a sign that he was coming back to life.”

Yamina Minister to Haredi Leaders: When Did You Last Pray Lying Down in the...

The most combative among the incoming team was undoubtedly the next Minister of Religious Services (Bennett's old job) Matan Kahana from Yamina.

Religious Zionist Rabbis Lead Prayers at the Kotel Against the New Israeli Government

In Jerusalem’s Old City, prominent religious-Zionist rabbis pray the incoming government won’t “abandon the Land of Israel to the Arab takeover.”

First Among Equals: How Bennett Plans to Succeed with a Government of Professionals

In the throes of the Knesset brouhaha on Sunday, it was possibly difficult to catch and digest the very long and ambitious list of goals the new prime minister was trying to deliver.

MK Ben-Gvir Injured in Car Accident, Refused Hospitalization to Vote Against Bennett

The accident between two vehicles was reportedly the fault of MK Ben-Gvir's chauffeur.

Two Years Later Israel Gets New Government Sans Bibi

Most important: this government will pass a new, biannual budget, which its predecessor has failed to do.

Shas Leader Deri: Bibi Made a Huge Mistake and I Should Have Stopped Him

Deri promised: "We will overthrow this government very quickly."

Thursday’s Israeli Flags Parade in Muslim Quarter Is Netanyahu’s Final Test 3 Days before...

AG Mandelblit made it clear to Netanyahu and Ohana that going against the professional decision of the police regarding the parade required a political decision.

Lapid’s Coalition Deal Keeps Netanyahu Out, Handcuffs Bennett, Favors Arabs, Reform

The coming diaspora minister will be Labor MK Gilad Kariv who is both a Reform clergy and the executive director of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

Jerusalem Police Cowers before Hamas’ Threats, Cancels Israeli Flags Procession

The cancellation of the parade constitutes yet another capitulation before Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar, who has been able to terrorize Israeli officials without lifting a finger.

Fear Mongering: Media Depict Rabbis’ Letter Urging to Stop Bennett-Lapid as Call for Assassination

Argaman's announcement was a rare thing in Israel's political history, in which most earth-shattering political announcements have to do either with the Holocaust or the Rabin assassination.

Facebook on a Rampage to Gag Right-Wing Israelis Ahead of Change in Government

The anti-free speech attitude is now policy with Facebook, as well as its subsidiary WhatsApp, and its competitor Twitter.

Shin Bet Chief’s Warning Against Incitement May Become Police Repression of Resistance to Bennett’s...

Only last week Jerusalem police picked up a slew of religious Jews they suspected of being a threat to the gay pride parade.

So You Want a Zionist Government with Anti-Zionist Arab Ministers

Bennett's future Arab ministers openly declared their anti-Zionist identities, loyalties and goals.

Hindsight Politics: Poll Shows 52% of Yamina Voters Regret their Choice

We don't know for sure if all the respondents really were who they claimed to be.

Will a Bennett-Lapid Government Evacuate Evyatar Outpost, or Will It be Done Before They’re...

I, for one, cringe a little when politicians try to represent God in a rally. Many do so without the prerequisite qualifications, such as prophecy.

Report: Carrion Meat Was Sold with Badatz Certification

For weeks there have been rumors around the Chief Rabbinate of a giant kosher slaughtering plant that imported to Israel carrion meat as kosher.

Future Meretz Arab Minister Frej Openly Hopes & Predicts Palestinian State to Be...

"Imagine the unique thing Lapid has done – Yamina, the left, the center, he put them around the same table."

Likud Fighting Tooth and Nail to Prevent an Increasingly Inevitable Bennett-Lapid Government

Likud officials are holding numerous talks with Yamina and New Hope, in an attempt to persuade them to change direction and try to form a right-wing government.

Meretz MK Under Attack for Bill Barring Jewish Outreach to Minors without Parental Consent

"It bothers Zandberg that the dear Chabad Chassidim offer passers-by to put on tefillin."

Bennett-Lapid Parity Government Ready to Roll, But How Will It Work?

The parity principle will likely be applied only in sensitive votes where there are clear, fundamental differences between the two factions in the government.

Almost Done Deal: These Are the Portfolios in Bennett’s Right-to-Left Government

MK Issawi Frej estimated Saturday night that the formation of the Bennett-Lapid government is closer than ever.

Nothing Wrong with your Set: Bennett Could Become Prime Minister Next Week

"He is planning the assault phase on the target for the beginning of next week."


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