AG: Without Extension of Haredi Exemptions by End of March – They’re All Enlisted

Baharav Miara’s latest warpath during a war * cracks in Netanyahu’s coalition wall * Haredim change from militant to military * Rabbi Yochanan and the draft.

IDF Spokesperson Condemns Soldier Who Said ‘Shema Israel’ Before Blowing Up Hamas Mosque

"This is Command, we are forbidden to say Shema Israel in the mosque, therefore we will destroy the mosque while saying Shema Israel."

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu to Hague Judges: ‘You Are Deciding your Own Fate’

"The choice is in your hands. You will not defeat God's word with your judgment, you have no chance."

Smotrich on Popular Right-Wing TV Show: We Must Establish Jewish Settlements in Gaza

"We must control Gaza for a long time, and we will not be able to maintain our control there without re-establishing the settlements."

Ben Gvir, Smotrich Pushing for Voluntary Migration of Gazans

Despite Netanyahu’s recent support for voluntary migration, the official Israeli government’s line on the subject rejects the idea.

40% of the Fallen in Gaza Graduated from Religious Zionist Schools

Over the past year, the religious-Zionist movement and the settlements have been attacked, slandered, bullied, and even beaten.

One Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham Lost 8 Fighters in Operation Iron Swords

Sergeant Ephraim Yechman, 21, from Neve Daniel, fell in battle Tuesday night in the northern Gaza Strip. He was the eighth student of the...

IDF Psak: It Is Forbidden to Say Shema Israel in a Terrorist Base Masquerading...

“There is nothing wrong in reciting the Shema Israel, it raised our spirits and empowered us during a long and intensive operation."

Kibbutz ‘Intellectuals’: Religious Zionists Are the Jewish Hamas

"The struggle must be turned into a political struggle to eliminate these scums."

In the Wake of Eliyahu’s Statement, Leftists Redefine ‘Extremism’ to Mean ‘Everyone But Us’

Reading this editorial was like running into Shikma Bressler in a dark alley and she was waving half a dozen flags and a megaphone.

Ma’ariv Survey: 71% of Israelis Support Prayer in Public Spaces

Only 6% believe that it is acceptable to interrupt or prevent prayer in the public space on any occasion.

Chief Rabbi Says Treif Food Makes You Dull, Offending Secular Israelis

Some may not like it, but none of his teachings is without a solid foundation in classical, mainstream Jewish tradition.

Gafni: We Are in the Midst of a Religious War

“I told them – you don’t mean the judicial reform, nor anything similar to that, you are waging a religious war against us.”

Tel Aviv Bans ‘Rosh Yehudi’ Sukkot Events After Yom Kippur Anarchists’ Assault

The decision came after anarchist protesters forcefully prevented Rosh Yehudi, an outreach group, from holding a public Yom Kippur service.

Protest Leaders Shocked as Israelis Reject their Extremist Message

Protest leader Shikma Bressler was upset. Some group dared to splash the entire side of a building in Tel Aviv with a gigantic ad...

Anarchists Who Crashed Yom Kippur Prayers Drove Secular Israelis Back to their Yiddishkeit

Only Ben Gvir can turn a fledgling movement of secular Israelis who are curious about their tradition into a train wreck of monumental proportions.

A Belligerent Ben Gvir Declares Public Prayer in Protesters’ Faces at Dizengoff Circle

"On one side is Ben Gvir, on the other side Ehud Barak and his emissaries. In the middle, there is an entire nation that’s simply fed up with extremism."

What a Difference a Year Makes in Tel Aviv

You know, the Internet has a very long memory.

Yesh Atid Candidate for TLV Mayor: If You Fail to Meet my Liberal Standards...

Those oxymoronic statements belong to morons who do not understand the meaning of the term “liberalism.”

Antisemites Crash Yom Kippur Prayers in Tel Aviv with Gantz & Lapid’s Support

“One protester positioned herself behind a very elderly woman in a wheelchair who came with her Filipino nurse."

Rosh Yehudi: Yom Kippur Prayers Will Take Place as Planned at Dizengoff Circle

It remains to be seen whether the anarchists will be brazen enough to crash the public prayer service.

MK Ups the Ante on Amiram Ben-Uliel’s Case Calling him a Tzadik

Believe it or not, this story has a happy ending. Ben Uliel may be removed from solitary confinement to the religious ward.

In Time for Kristallnacht: Secular Mob Attacks Jewish Gathering in Tel Aviv with Fists...

Needless to say, none of Israel’s mainstream media outlets even mentioned the event.

Ben Gvir Maintaining Low Flame Dispute with Netanyahu

“I say to the dear Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, we have no mandate not to address and change the conditions of the terrorists."

240 Israeli Mothers Petition the High Court to Enforce Haredi Conscription

Inevitably, the argument demanding sharing the “equal burden” becomes mixed with revolting expressions of antisemitism.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Compares the IDF in Samaria to the Pre-1948 British Army

"Not understand them, not contain them and not anything else. We expect the IDF to take action.”

Former Yamina Minister Groveling before the Anarchists Only to Be Rejected & Humiliated

“Do us one favor, and instead of writing lousy tweets inviting yourself to give a speech, shut your mouth and keyboard."

Haredim Want the 2021 Bibi-Gantz IDF Draft Framework

The Haredi factions in Netanyahu’s coalition government have begun to recalculate their route to try and come up with a better IDF draft bill,...


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