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Radio Hosts Humiliate Yamina Minister over his Change of Heart on Coalition Arabs’ Support...

The minister's humiliation eventually ended because it was time to go to commercials.

Malka Leifer to Stand Trial on 70 Child Sex Abuse Counts

Leifer did not ask for bail and will remain in jail.

Rabbi Stav: Residents of Lod Don’t have to Sleep in the Sukkah

The question was posed by a resident of Lod following several incidents of Arab gunfire in recent days in Lod and Ramla.

Man Attacks Haredi MK, Tries to Cut his Beard, Flees on Scooter

UTJ MK Israel Eichler called on all the Haredi leaders to strongly condemn Monday morning's violent attack.

After 13 Years’ Delay Malka Leifer’s Trial Opens in Melbourne

Another Haredi person facing some consequences related to this case is former health minister Yaakov Litzman.

Border Police Officers Confiscate Israeli Flags at Cave of the Patriarchs

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan planned to give control of the site to the Arabs.

152 Breslovers Test Positive for Corona, 117 Investigated for Fake Negative Tests

A hundred and seventeen Israelis returning from Ukraine were summoned for questioning on suspicion of forgery and fraud.

Bennett Promises Settlements’ Leaders: No Construction Freeze

Despite the tension among the men around the table, they agreed to continue working together to advance several issues, including the development of settlements.

Man of the Year 5781: The Indefatigable MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Last spring, MK Ben-Gvir was not a commentator on the news – he was the news.

Report: Israelis Consume 1,500 Tons of Honey on Rosh Hashanah, 115,000 Tons of Apples...

Domestic chicken consumption in Israel is the highest in the world and stands at about 64.4 kg per capita per year.

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Vindicates Shmita Land Sale Permits, Contradicting Religious Zionist Rabbis

Both methods were devised as legal fictions to go around the literal wording of the mitzvah of shmita.

‘Arab Zionism’ Buys Up Israel’s Historic Settlements, Erasing Jewish Presence in Galilee

Gulf states such as Hamas's patron, Qatar, may be seeking to redeem Israeli land with their enormous cash reserves.

Ben Gvir Unapologetic for Late MK Alkharumi Attack Tweet

It stands to show you that even the ancient principle of "Achrei mot kdoshim" has limits.

Rabbi Kanievsky: Unvaccinated Teachers Must Not Come to School

Rabbi Kanievsky stressed that the vaccines are "siata d'shmaya" (help from Heaven).

Say It Ain’t So, Bezalel: Smotrich Blocks IDF Visit to Temple Mount

Does MK Smotrich doubt the ability of IDF soldiers to walk in a straight line?

Cabinet Passes Revised IDF Draft Law, Lowers Exemption Eligibility Age to 21

“Integrating the ultra-orthodox sector into the employment market is a goal of the highest order, for all of us.”

Report: Liberman’s Anti-Haredi Policy Largely Subverted by Justice Ministry

Anyone participating in Rabbinical or Dayan-halachic judge tests is actually learning a profession—and his children are therefore entitled to a daycare subsidy.

United Hatzalah Chief Slams Haredim Who Claim Training Women EMTs Violates Modesty

If the person requesting help is female, it would be more halachically correct that she be treated by another female than by a male.

Disciplinary Action Against Police Officer Who Punched Boy at Rally

The word "fist" was replaced in the indictment by the words "right hand." From the video, however, it is clear that the right hand in question terminated in a very powerful fist.

Ushering Out 5781: Elul Selichot Begin at the Kotel

Some time between the decline of the Jewish center in Eretz Israel and the early Medieval era we started saying Selichot as part of our annual cycle of prayers.

Regional Rabbinical Court Rejects Grand Rabbinical Court’s Ruling Saying It Controverts Jewish Law

The regional court judges wrote that the Grand Rabbinical Court had treated the defendant with the "quality of Sodom."

16 Female Guides in Bnei Akiva Seminar Infected with Corona on Shabbat

As of Sunday morning, there are 348 Corona patients in critical condition in Israeli hospitals, out of whom 52 are on respirators.

Police Detain, Confiscate Gun of Jewish Homeowner Who Shot Arab Burglar

The burglar, a man in his 30s, claimed during his interrogation that he was looking for work.

Supreme Court May Compel Israel to Evict Arab Squatters from Jewish Homes in Sheikh...

The Arab residents of the neighborhood, along with activists from the Peace Now movement, demonstrated outside the Supreme Court.

2 Bnei Brak Shuls Vandalized with Swastikas, Scattered Photos of Murdered Gay Woman

MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) accused Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman of incitement that had led to the despicable act.

Israeli TV to Compensate Zionist Yeshiva Rabbi They Vilified

The report, which slandered and shattered the public image of Rabbi Assaf Naumburg irreparably, was produced using unparalleled faking.


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