On Jerusalem Day Labor Chairman Yair Golan Calls for a Divided Jerusalem

Man, I’d hate to spend quality time inside this man’s head.

Revealed: Since October 7 the IDF Rejected 3,120 out of 4,000 Haredim Asking to...

“Meanwhile, some 66,000 Haredi youths were granted deferment of service because of the ‘their Torah study is their vocation’ stipulation.”

Brigadier General (Ret.) Ofir Winter on Chief Halevi’s War: ‘Hamas Is an Enemy? They’re...

Should Netanyahu win the next election (whether soon or in 2026), he could do worse than appoint Ofer Winter as his Defense Minister.

Anonymous Donor Bequeaths Bar Ilan $260 Million, Biggest Donation It Ever Received

Bar-Ilan University will use the money to recruit dozens of outstanding researchers in Deep Tech science fields.

Smotrich, Ben Gvir Threaten Leaving Government over Biden’s Hostage Deal

Over a period of 126 days, every last gain of Operation Iron Swords will be erased, and Hamas will be given the means to retake the entire Gaza Strip.

New Specialized IDF Units and Pre-Military Schools Meet Greatly Increased Haredi Recruitment

"More Haredim can be recruited into the IDF, the state just has to decide that it wants to."

MK Gilad Kariv Makes a Big Racket and Carries a Tiny Stick

MK Gilad Kariv has degraded his public reputation from responsible politician to party hack.

Watch: Chotam’s ‘Say Shema Israel’ Appeals to Every Jew

“There are those for whom this awakening is a threat,” say Chotam activists.

Coalition Freezes ‘Rabbis Bill’ to Avoid Government Collapse

The bill aimed to solve the severe shortages of city rabbis in Israel, because dozens of municipalities exist without a rabbi.

Abraham Today: 88-Year-Old Rabbi and his Wife, 56, Have a Healthy Baby Boy

“Some will say that since Abraham our forefather, who was blessed with Isaac our forefather at the age of 100, there has not been such a historic birth.”

Round 2: Haredim Take Back Beit Shemesh, Yona Yahav Takes Back Haifa, Oded Revivi...

Last Thursday, Degel HaTorah, Agudath Israel, and Shas united to support Greenberg in Beit Shemesh.

Judge Orders Shin Bet to Explain Why Jewish Administrative Detainees Aren’t Treated like Arabs

Everyone understood a week ago that the IDF and the Shin Bet were trying to make nice with the PA Arabs, on the eve of Ramadan.

Israeli Self-Defense Groups Train Haredim to Protect their Neighborhoods

So far, some 1,500 Haredi volunteers have joined the project, receiving training from Hashomer HaChadash.

Jewish Settlement Enterprise as Response to Violence Continues in Face of Universal Objections

All three actions have already been approved by PM Netanyahu and his cabinet, calling them “an answer to terrorism.”

Israel’s Municipal Elections: Lapid Sustains Major Blow in Tel Aviv; Haredim and Hardalim Take...

Everything we report here could change once the soldiers’ votes are counted.

Haredi Father of Six from Brooklyn Serving in the War

His wife, the mother of their six children, told him she could see on his face that he wanted to fly to Israel.

AG: Without Extension of Haredi Exemptions by End of March – They’re All Enlisted

Baharav Miara’s latest warpath during a war * cracks in Netanyahu’s coalition wall * Haredim change from militant to military * Rabbi Yochanan and the draft.

IDF Spokesperson Condemns Soldier Who Said ‘Shema Israel’ Before Blowing Up Hamas Mosque

"This is Command, we are forbidden to say Shema Israel in the mosque, therefore we will destroy the mosque while saying Shema Israel."

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu to Hague Judges: ‘You Are Deciding your Own Fate’

"The choice is in your hands. You will not defeat God's word with your judgment, you have no chance."

Smotrich on Popular Right-Wing TV Show: We Must Establish Jewish Settlements in Gaza

"We must control Gaza for a long time, and we will not be able to maintain our control there without re-establishing the settlements."

Ben Gvir, Smotrich Pushing for Voluntary Migration of Gazans

Despite Netanyahu’s recent support for voluntary migration, the official Israeli government’s line on the subject rejects the idea.

40% of the Fallen in Gaza Graduated from Religious Zionist Schools

Over the past year, the religious-Zionist movement and the settlements have been attacked, slandered, bullied, and even beaten.

One Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham Lost 8 Fighters in Operation Iron Swords

Sergeant Ephraim Yechman, 21, from Neve Daniel, fell in battle Tuesday night in the northern Gaza Strip. He was the eighth student of the...

IDF Psak: It Is Forbidden to Say Shema Israel in a Terrorist Base Masquerading...

“There is nothing wrong in reciting the Shema Israel, it raised our spirits and empowered us during a long and intensive operation."

Kibbutz ‘Intellectuals’: Religious Zionists Are the Jewish Hamas

"The struggle must be turned into a political struggle to eliminate these scums."

In the Wake of Eliyahu’s Statement, Leftists Redefine ‘Extremism’ to Mean ‘Everyone But Us’

Reading this editorial was like running into Shikma Bressler in a dark alley and she was waving half a dozen flags and a megaphone.

Ma’ariv Survey: 71% of Israelis Support Prayer in Public Spaces

Only 6% believe that it is acceptable to interrupt or prevent prayer in the public space on any occasion.

Chief Rabbi Says Treif Food Makes You Dull, Offending Secular Israelis

Some may not like it, but none of his teachings is without a solid foundation in classical, mainstream Jewish tradition.


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