Survey Shows Shaked, Smotrich, Bennett to Win United Religious Zionist Party Primaries, R. Peretz...

It should be noted that the current co-leader of the New Right party, Naftali Bennett, has already announced his intent to run with his current party, thank you very much.

Einstein’s Insanity Definition at Work: Israel Going to 3rd Elections Expecting Entirely Different Results

Israeli media claim there are silent negotiations between Likud and Liberman, but there is still no way to match the maximum Haredi concessions to Liberman's minimum demands.

Jews Have Rights in Judea

The new promises of new construction for the Jews of Hebron offered by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Report: IDF Forged Figures of Real Haredi Recruits

It would be wrong to attack the IDF for the entire charade, since it wasn't the IDF that created the problem.

Blue&White Drops Out of 61 Signatures Race, Third Elections Appear Inevitable

Israelis could use the 5 billion shekel a new campaign would cost the state, to, say, build a few new hospitals.

Bennett Approves New Jewish Neighborhood in Hebron’s Wholesale Market

The wholesale market in Hebron was owned by the Jewish residents of the city until the August 24, 1929 massacre.

Report: Haredi Draft Dropped 20% in 2018

The number of actual Haredi yeshiva students who answer the call to defend their country has remained about the same: a little more than 1,000 each year.

Hesder Yeshiva Dean to Rabbi Drukman: Bibi Is No Alfred Dreyfus

"Blue&White and Labor-Gesher are not anti-Semites and we can establish with them a government that would preserve the unifying national bond. "

4 Major Municipalities to Defy State Law, Operate Public Buses this Shabbat

After years of fighting, this Shabbat, Cheshvan 25, 5780 – November 22-23, 2019, public buses will be available to transport the residents of Tel...

Rabbinical Court Won’t Recognize as Jewish an Infant Born from Undisclosed Jewish Egg Donor

Israeli surrogacy law states that one of the conditions for egg donation is that the donor and recipient be both of the same faith, to avoid future doubts about the child's status.

Gantz Already Walks Like a Minority Govt PM and Quacks Like a Minority Govt...

Is Gantz the antidote to Bibi's clever arguments, acerbic humor, and almost visceral contempt for his enemies?

Ganzt to Pursue Minority ‘Transitional Government’ with Arabs’ Support

The aim is to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be more flexible in his conditions for the establishment of a unity government.

Netanyahu in Emergency Shabbat Call: Gantz Going for Arab-Supported Minority Government

Using the Arab card is the only move left for Netanyahu, who realizes that allowing Blue&White take over—even for a very short while—would change the political scene radically.

Report: By 2065, 49% of Israeli Children Will Be Haredi – So Who Will...

"Israel is on an unsustainable long-term socioeconomic trajectory, unless far-reaching policy decisions are implemented soon."

President Rivlin to B’nei Akiva: Israeli Education Must Be More Inclusive

"We must ask ourselves again and again how to open up, how far and to what extent, so that the things that are closest to our hearts are not threatened."

Works Everywhere Except Jerusalem: Holy City Shabbat Bus Service Goes Out of Business

The service has known better days, when other Israeli cities copied their initiative.

Radical Feminists Target Haredi Non-Profit Fundraiser

Ezra LeMarpeh helps all Israelis, but that's not good enough for some radicals, so now it may close down.

Chief Rabbinate Forbids Using Origin, Skin Color, to Determine Jewish Status

The Li Bar workers protested this humiliation, and the management objected to the procedure, calling it "shaming parade."

Smotrich Attacks Bennett for Letting Rightwing Bloc Disintegrate

Bennett obeyed the same martyr's impulse that lost his Habayit Hayehudi party 4 mandates to Netanyahu in the 2015 election.

Protesters Demand Harsher Sentence for Accomplice in Temple Mount Attack

Jabareen was sentenced by the Haifa court to 16 years in prison for serving as an accomplice to the cop killers.

Kedar’s American Trip Cancelled a Week Ago, Also: Everybody Knows Y.R.

Incidentally, according to surveys published over the past quarter century, about 25% of the Israeli public believe Rabin was not assassinated by Yigal Amir.

It Took 12 Hours: Bar Ilan U Cancels US Trip of Professor Who Claimed...

Kedar claimed that a senior politician who wanted to sabotage the Oslo Accords was likely behind the murder.

President Rivlin at Haaretz Conference: Judaism Needs the Media

"Regrettably, the press, who contributed so much to this discourse, is moving away from it."

Watch: 5 Jews Arrested for Praying on Temple Mount

Five Jewish visitors were detained Wednesday morning on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after stopping to pray during their tour. Those pesky Jews even...

Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz Inaugurates First Synagogue in 70 Years

Hashomer Hatzair, which began as a Marxist-Zionist movement, has been staunchly secular and anti-religious — viewing itself as a leader of a legitimate form of secular Judaism.

Likud Top Negotiator: Blue&White Still Toying with Arab-Supported Minority Coalition

"The quorum of ministers the Likud would receive would be lower, because of the distribution of portfolios to our partners, so that Blue&White would have more ministers than the Likud."

Rightwing Bloc Parties Reject Gantz’s Separate Invites

New Right chairwoman Ayelet Shaked refused to meet with Gantz, saying she would conduct negotiations exclusively through the Likud team.


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