Yamina Minister Kahana: Mansour Abbas Is Brave and Good for the Jews

For perspective, MK Mansour Abbas also has a Facebook page...

Jordan Bars 7 Israelis for Carrying Tefillin

"The Jordanian authorities state that for security reasons they are asking religious Israelis not to emphasize religious symbols such as tallit, kippah, etc.”

As Knesset Prepares to Topple Bennett Government, Shaked May Have Readied a Lifeboat

PM Bennett has an urgent need to appease his coalition partners quietly.

MK Abbas to Lapid: Israel Must Coordinate with Jordan Status Quo Change on Temple...

Abbas also told Lapid, referring to the Jordanians, that “their demands are our demands.”

MK Amichai Chikli’s Ninety-Eight Theses on Yamina’s Indulgences

On April 7, 2022, the Yamina faction announced its decision to declare MK Chikli a “dissenter.”

IDF Spokesman: Despite Rockets & Retaliation, Gaza Still the Stable Point in the Equation

Bennett took a ride on Netanyahu’s record in dealing with Gaza violence.

Arabs Believe in Power of Chametz, Office Supplies: Spread Breadcrumbs, Thumbtacks on Temple Mount

This June we’ll mark 55 years since General Motta Gur hollered: “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” – only to recognize that it really isn’t.

Jews Allowed on Temple Mount following Arab Rioters’ Clashes with Police

The holy compound was finally opened for Jews after about a half hour’s delay and would remain open, because it’s Ramadan, only until 10:30 AM.

Gaza Terrorists Warn Against Jerusalem Flags Parade: ‘Our Finger on the Trigger’

The fate of Bennett's government rests on the goodwill of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, a.k.a. the Shura Council.

Watch: The Priestly Blessing at the Kotel, Chol Ha’Moed Pesach 5782

All things considered, we could be watching the arrival of our redeemer, God willing, right on YouTube.

Coalition Member Mansour Abbas: Non-Muslims Must Stay Out of Temple Mount

"If the security forces' activity in the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque is not stopped immediately, I see myself outside the coalition."

Smotrich: I’ll Sit in One Government with Bennett But Not One party

If Netanyahu is stupid enough to leave me out, I'll come back with five more seats.

Smotrich Calls to Ban Bennett from Shul, PM Responds: This Is Why Judaea Fell

There’s no doubt that Smotrich has gotten under Bennett’s skin.

Jewish Group Offers Financial Incentives for Passover Sacrifice on Temple Mount

“You got busted? NIS 400 ($124); Busted with a lamb or baby goat? NIS 800 ($248); Succeeded in making the sacrifice? NIS 10,000 ($3,100).”

Gush Etzion Tenth Grade Girls Orchestrate Wedding for 2 Olim Converts

"They have pure hearts, a real and profound desire to make others happy, and a special light that radiates from their faces."

Only 2.9% of Israeli Haredim Work in Hi-Tech But New Initiative Aims to Push...

34% of the Haredim who are interested in working in the field drop out of the preparatory programs.

3 Polls Show Right-Wing Bloc Ahead, Without Bennett in the Coalition

While not as dramatic as Thursday night's poll, they do confirm the trend in Netanyahu's favor for building a post-election coalition.

Yamina MK Orbach Poses 3 Ultimatums to Bennett or He Walks

MK Orbach threatened Bennett that "without a solution to these issues I will not be able to remain in the coalition."

Right-Wing Mass Rally in Jerusalem Same Day Bennett Coalition Cracks

"The thing we all prayed for, a Jewish Zionist government, is now within reach."

Efrat Municipality Using Survey to Force LGBT Agenda

Residents in the religious town were shocked that their municipality wants to wave the LGBT flag from the rooftops.

Liberman’s MK Threatens Chief Rabbi: Approve Conversion Reform or Else

The chief rabbi's office insists he doesn’t trust the new head of the conversion system, Rabbi Benayahu Brunner from Tzohar, never mind the repercussions.

Get Refuser Who Masqueraded as Haredi to Flee Israel Starts Serving 17 Months

After four years abroad, seeing as there no longer was a reason for him to stay away, he came home. And was arrested.

Yamina Health Committee Chairwoman Threatens to Oust Minister Horowitz over Chametz Decision

To be fair, Horowitz did not initiate the move to let chametz into Israeli hospitals.

With Demand for Gun Permits Soaring, Government Refuses Requests from Hesder Yeshiva Students

The Interior Ministry is using their convoluted service schedule against the Hesder students.

Finally, Ateret Cohanim Takes Possession of Old City Hotel It Won in Court

The publication of the deal in 2005 led to a crisis in the Greek Church in Jerusalem.


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