Eisenkot, Kahana, Join Gantz & Sa’ar, May Clip Lapid’s Mandates

Meretz chairman wannabe Yair Golan, who served as Eiskot’s deputy, the former Chief of Staff's views are closer to Meretz than to Gideon Sa’ar.

Kahane Warrior Michael Ben Ari Gets his Day in Court

"There will be an expensive trial here, with the best lawyers.”

Chief Rabbi Lau Issues Special Instructions for a Warlike Shabbat

It is also advisable to make sure that every synagogue keeps a working telephone available for any eventuality.

Religious Zionism Boasts 24,113 Members, Smotrich Unopposed at the Helm

Ben-Gvir and Smotrich agreed on a joint leadership of their faction, so that any decision made during the campaign and in the Knesset will have to be made by both leaders.

Smotrich: Prison Rape Scandal Part of Overall Surrender to Terrorists

We have high expectations of his and Ben Gvir’s Knesset faction – they can't let us down.

Gotcha: Smotrich Caught Saying ‘We Must Kill Evet [Liberman]’

Religious Zionism Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich occasionally comes down with the hoof-in-mouth disease.

Shaked, Hendel Close to Announcing Union, Would Join Netanyahu Despite Kahana’s Objections

Shaked is expected to keep the no. 1 slot and Hendel will get the second.

Litzman’s Successor at Agudah Welcomes Gantz as PM, Eyes Finance Ministry

Goldknopf ruled out any cooperation with Prime Minister Yair Lapid: "We don't go with Lapid, you know the beatings we got from him.”

Report: More Haredi Men Employed in ‘Non-Haredi’ Jobs

The proportion of Haredi men in typical Haredi world jobs decreased from 28% in 2012 to about 24% in 2019.

Report: Rabbi Eliezer Melamed Met with Conservative Leaders to Avoid Kotel Violence on 9...

Rabbi Melamed said that if more people wish to pray in a mixed group, “the authorities will increase and expand the Ezrat Israel section for them as needed."

Smotrich & Ben Gvir Negotiations on the Rocks

Smotrich knows Ben Gvir is not worth 3.25% of the votes running alone (that's the threshold vote). Does Ben Gvir know it?

Orthodox Irate at Government’s NIS 60 Million Investment in Reform, Conservative Organizations

“This is the power of Judaism," the Diaspora Minister said, and a hundred thousand great rabbis of all the ages rolled in their graves.

Women Scholars Gather in Jerusalem for First Seminar on Leadership in Torah and Halakha

We were treated to a range of master classes with some of the greatest women Torah scholars of our generation.

Security Forces Illegally Evacuating New Jewish Outposts, Brutality Reported

Ayelet Shaked tweeted her support for the Nahala efforts, and then someone reminded her that she’s still the interior minister.

Smotrich to Transport Minister: Relieve Airport Crowding, Stop Hiring Ban on Shabbat Observers

According to media reports, the best time to fly out of Ben Gurion Airport is during the day on Shabbat, when the place is almost empty.

Northern District Police Chief Resigns over Mt. Meron Disaster

“Lavi's resignation is a wake-up call for all those responsible for the Meron disaster: take responsibility.”

Report: Orit Strouk Eighty-Sixed Shin Bet Bills after Demand to Dismantle Jewish Dept. Refused

The Shin Bet wanted a law that permits them to cram together as many suspects as they see fit if need be.

New Poll Shows Ben Gvir Is Vote Magnet at Likud’s Expense

With Bezalel Smotrich in the lead, the most the RZ had scored in Fuchs’s poll was 9 to 10 seats, but under Ben-Gvir they can reach 13.

Poll Shows Yoaz Hendel & Zvi Hauser Can Brighten Yamina’s Grim Future

Netanyahu then has only 60 guaranteed seats and would be forced to trade horses with Yamina for its four seats.

Smotrich: I have a Dream to Unite the Faithful, Ideological and Ethical Right

Smotrich wants to bring in seats from Likud, Yamina, Shas, United Torah Judaism, Blue & White, New Hope, and maybe even Yesh Atid.

Police Ban Zionist Groups’ Protest During Biden’s Visit to Eastern Jerusalem

If the police persist in denying them their right of free speech, the Zionist groups plan to seek relief from the High Court of Justice.

Ben Gvir: United We Can Bring 15 Seats, I call on Smotrich to Join...

“Saar and Gantz are doing what’s right for them, to defeat the right in the election."

Yair Golan: Calling You ‘Leftist’ Is Like Using the N Word

In a sense, Yair Golan is the leftist Itamar Ben Gvir.

Former Interior Minister Deri Urging AG to Appeal Zoom Marriage Ruling

Altering through a court ruling how the state of Israel handles marriages is an extreme example of judicial radicalism.

Israeli District Court Upholds Civil Marriages Over Zoom

Should the state of Israel find a better solution for almost 1,000 people each year who are rejected by rabbinical law?

UTJ, Arabs, Left, Pass Bill Compelling Police to Document Using Water Cannons on Demonstrators

In 2018, four Haredi residents of Jerusalem petitioned the High Court of Justice against police use of the riot dispersal chemical Skunk.

Man Stabbed near Bnei Brak

Police have posted a gag order on details of the attack.

Poll: 66% of Haredi Voters Want Netanyahu to Step Down If He Fails to...

MK Moshe Gafni is by far the most popular leader in both the Lithuanian and Chassidic segments of UTJ.

Gush Etzion 19-Year-Old Completes Shas for Second Time

Nadav intends to continue setting aside time for Torah every single day, despite the demanding upcoming military service.


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