Project Marking 25th Anniversary of Rabin’s Murder Paints Over Ancient Political Turbulence

As the Oslo process progressed and another interim agreement was signed the country was torn up by strife and rage.

Likud Up, Yamina Down in Friday’s Poll, Arabs Lose Support

Bennett, who was threatening to get uncomfortably close to Netanyahu's poll numbers, has apparently exhausted his drive at the current stage and is starting to lose the centrist voters.

1 Million Israeli Children Return to Kindergartens Today But Lockdown Is far from Being...

“Unfortunately, the government is making the same mistake and expects a different result."

Survey: Netanyahu Continues Downward Slide as 28% of Likud Voters Want him Out

It is interesting to note that the peace agreement with the Gulf states that has grabbed many headlines over the past month is not beneficial in the least to the prime minister’s popularity.

Major Israeli Chasidic Posek: The Mitzvah Protects Us in Traditional Simchat Torah Gatherings

To Rabbi Klein's credit, he did not try to contradict the scientific truth that those who observe the commandments of prayer and study in public and in closed spaces risk their lives.

Head of Bnei Brak’s Main Hospital Resigns over Attack on Haredi Misconduct

"The rabbis, the ones who are there, the wise ones, are shouting 'Stop,' but their audience is not listening."

With Her Party Reaping Extraordinary Poll Numbers, Ayelet Shaked Urges New Elections

"I think Bennett can lead the country and be an excellent prime minister, but we are not forming coalitions yet."

Police Arrest 17 in Clashes with Haredim as Govt. Extends Ban on Demonstrations

The government is obligated to extend the special state of emergency every seven days if it wishes it to continue, and it must not extend it for more than 21 days.

Hard to Watch: Violent Israeli Police Attack Adults and Children in Haredi Neighborhoods

The Department of Police Investigations has opened an investigation into the incident. If you're holding your breath for the results, it's probably a mistake. Breathe.

Knesset Approves Corona Law Amendment Empowering Government to Ban Demonstrations

The revised law actually authorizes the government to restrict a person from leaving home to join a demonstration which is more than a thousand meters from his home during the lockdown.

Corona Patient Arrested in Jerusalem Synagogue on Yom Kippur, Police Hand Out 3,922 Summonses...

Gur Chasidism took the restrictions seriously and surrounded their large synagogue in Jerusalem with two circles of security personnel.

While Thousands Demonstrate, Only 200 Pray at the Kotel on Eve of Yom Kippur

Police handed out fines to demonstrators who allegedly did not maintain the legal social distance or failed to wear a face mask.

Tami Mozes Fights Back: El Al’s Old Board Asking Israel to Kill Rosenberg’s Purchase...

Of course, this will not be exactly the first time in the history of business transactions that the real new owners, for a variety of reasons, prefer to act through a representative.

Naftali Bennett: Infectious Dose Determines Severity of Consequent Illness

If 80 percent of Israeli citizens were to wear masks, we would beat Corona in just six weeks.

Smotrich: Religious Israelis Should Lead, Not Be Dragged to Closing Down Synagogues, Praying Outdoors

Unlike certain Interior Ministers who shall remain nameless, MK Smotrich did not condition behaving like rational human beings on leftist demonstrations.

A Record 6,700 Israeli Coronavirus Patients in 24 Hours as Fight between Rallies and...

Israelis, please stay home, stop spreading the virus, how difficult is this to understand?

Most Conservative High Court Justice Alex Stein Orders Rabbi Eliyahu’s Disciplinary Hearing for Incitement

Frankly, this ruling revealed what an intellectual asset Justice Alex Stein has been to the Supreme Court, and how it takes a calm, conservative thinker to express liberal values the way they were intended by the 18th century's great thinkers.

Haredi Investor Eli Rosenberg Beats Tami Mozes Out of Controlling El Al

As the controlling share owner of El Al, Mozes-Borovich – those names represent two of the richest families in Israel – acted as an unchallenged monarch.

Ukraine: Minister Deri Appealed to Let in the Chassidim

Turns out what's good for the goose is plenty good for the gander.

Survey: Bennett’s Yamina Remains 2nd Largest Party as Arabs Rise to 17 Seats

Netanyahu and Bennett can form a 51-seat coalition bloc, to which they can add whomever they desire, at a bargain basement price.

Inspectors Clash with Haredi Mayor over Removing Animals from Local Zoo

The mayor stood at the gates of the zoo and announced that until he finished the legal consultation, he would not allow the evacuation of the animals.

Starting Monday: Nightly Curfew, Schools Shut Down in 40 Red Cities

The PM's press release referenced Proverbs 27:24. Is the PM growing philosophical in the face of a rising plague? We don't know.

Modern Orthodox Rabbis Rejoice in Kashrut Agreement with Chief Rabbinate; Rabbinate: It Never Happened

From now on, the Chief Rabbinate inspectors are not allowed to impose fines on businesses that do not use their kashrut services.

Arabs Rejoice, Burn Down Outpost, following Police Expulsion of Jewish Residents on Shabbat Night

About an hour after the start of Shabbat, large IDF and Border Patrol forces arrived at the new settlement, handcuffed the people and began dragged the families and their guests into military vehicles.

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Joins Reform Movement’s High Court Petition Against Him: Bring It On

"In order for me to fulfill my right to prove my innocence, I ask the court to order the Attorney General and State Attorney, Dr. Avichai Mandelblit, to file an indictment against me."

Rumor: Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai Contemplating Run with Liberman

Huldai said, "It's time to do a healing for Israeli society.

Ukraine Bans All Foreign Nationals from Entering its Territory in September

The rabbis in the meeting said they understand the situation and will try to convey the president's message to their communities.

Bus Driver Who Fled a Stop Where Wheelchair Bound Haredi Child Was Waiting Sued...

"The boy was shocked by the incident and even got into an emotional storm and asked to return home as the incident made him feel bad and scared of traveling on public transport."

MK Smotrich Touches Third Rail of Israeli Politics: Amending Law of Return

If anyone in Israeli politics can shoot himself in the foot inside his own tent, it is the heirs of the NRP on the right.

Yeshiva Student Infects 60 as Israel Nears 700 Dead from Coronavirus

As of Sunday, there have been 21,836,828 patients worldwide diagnosed with the coronavirus, with 773,197 dead.


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