Corona Czar Gamzu Against Letting In 16,000 US Yeshiva Students

"We need to do something wise here to prevent another fire," Gamzu said.

Coalition Crisis Over Outlawing Conversion Therapy: Haredim Threaten to Walk

UTJ and Shas are right to feel betrayed, seeing as they had gone out of their way to obey the coalition discipline as loyal members of government, only to see their coalition partners step all over them.

Yitzhar Settlers’ New Mahaneh Israel Party Will Establish Torah-Based Judicial System

Out of the 120 candidates on the Mahaneh Israel party's slate for the next Knesset elections, about 90 are residents of Yitzhar.

Report: PM Forced into Lockdown by Interior Minister Deri

In practice, the closure this weekend will be very similar to the overall closure in March-April; with businesses, education system, restaurants and other industries on lockdown.

Documented: Soldier Raised his Weapon at Haredi Demonstrators in Beitar Illit

In another recorded incident, Kan 11 reporter Akiva Weiss was attacked by police officers.

Hundreds of Haredim Protested Unfair Closures, Police Brutality in Jerusalem

The demonstrators protested at the spot where, on Saturday night, a policeman punched a Haredi man who asked him why he was not wearing a facemask.

Kiryat Arba Shuts Down Public Pool After High Court Forces Mixed Swimming

In 2018, following a similar court injunction, the Kiryat Arba pool offered "family hours" with mixed swimming. But the move led to many local residents canceling their memberships.

Duma Arson-Murder Minor Defendant May Not Do Prison Time

The court's decision to postpone the sentencing and the inquiry with the community service administrator suggests the court may be looking at keeping A out of prison.

Chief Rabbinate Senior Official on Trial for Issuing Kashrut Certificates in Exchange for Bribes

The bribes allegedly came in the form of cash, large amounts of alcoholic beverages, and the very consumer goods for which importers were seeking kosher certificates.

Prof. Zeev Sternhell, Fervent Enemy of Jewish Life in Liberated Territories, Dead at 85

On September 25, 2008, Sternhell was the victim of a pipe bomb attack at his home, and was injured in the leg and hospitalized.

Angry UTJ Boss at Netanyahu: I’m Not your Marionette

Gafni demanded that Netanyahu resolve the Haredi yeshivas' funding issue as soon as possible, but he did not receive satisfying answers.

Shas Dumps Ethiopian MK over Misogynistic, Racist Quotes

Like other non-Ashkenazi preachers in Israel, Rabbi Gazahi provokes intense reactions from secular Jews.

DM Gantz Asking High Court for More Time Before Applying Extensive IDF Draft

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Netanyahu and then Defense Minister Naftali Bennett asked the High Court for an extension until June 16.

Reality Check: Mandelblit to Prosecute Settlements’ Illegal Construction, Netanyahu Hiding Real Costs of Trump’s...

According to a leak from the White House, the settlers' refusing the Trump peace plan is tantamount to betraying a friend at the worst possible time.

Abbas the Real Winner as Netanyahu and Settlers Clash over Sovereignty (Nobody Mention ‘Annexation’)

"Trump and Kushner have shown in the peace plan that they are not friends of the State of Israel and do not think about the security and settlement interests of the State of Israel."

Commander Winter, Chastised for Reciting Shema in Gaza Battle, to Lead Paratroopers Division

Gantz and his successor, Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, were determined to bury Winter's career.

Smotrich: Efrat Mayor Revivi Wants Palestinian State – Not Sovereignty

"You have to understand, the bluff of a demilitarized Palestinian State will not hold water for too long," Smotrich argued.

Mandelblit Withdraws Indictment Against Jewish Woman Caught Praying on Temple Mount

According to the indictment, the woman ascended to the Temple Mount on two separate occasions to pray, and after breaking the rules that prohibit prayer by Jews at the site of two Jewish temples, police officers approached her.

Habayit Hayehudi Approves Rafi Peretz-Netanyahu Deal, Bennett Signs Opposition Pact with Liberman

The Bennett-Liberman alliance will bombard the Likud with rightwing bills that will embarrass Netanyahu and set him up for failure in the settlements come next election.

Compromise Reached with Police on Jerusalem Flags Parade Thursday

In their petition to the High Court, the flag dance parade organizers demanded to be permitted to form a human chain from the city center to the Western Wall, with 3,000 participants.

Jerusalem Israel’s Largest Jewish City: 569,900 and Largest Arab City: 349,600

There is a wage differential of 20% between men and women in Jerusalem, as opposed to 33% nationally, 32% in Tel Aviv-Yafo and 35% in Haifa.

Court Jumps through Hoops to Convict Amiram Ben Uliel of Duma Village Arson/Murder

Obviously, the fate of the appeal will depend on the panel of judges Supreme Court President Justice Esther Hayut will decide to assemble.

Former Health Minister Litzman: Netanyahu Overreacted to the Coronavirus Crisis

At the same time, Minister Litzman noted that one can't argue with the fact that the number of dead from the coronavirus in Israel is relatively low.

Court to Issue verdict in Duma Arson/Murder Case Monday

Ben Uliel has been detained in solitary confinement and is not allowed to use the phone. Now, over the past two months, his family is not allowed to visit him because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite Yamina’s Absence, 7, Possibly 8 Knitted Yarmulkes in Bibi’s New Government

And, on behalf of Blue&White, Omer Yankelevich, a Haredi woman, will be the next Diaspora Minister.

Netanyahu Completes ‘Jewish Home Demolition’ with Offer of Jerusalem Portfolio to Rafi Peretz

Bennett et al can only blame themselves for their humiliating defeat at the hand of a world class politician.

Bennett Told Netanyahu ‘You Don’t Really Want Us,’ PM Refused to Budge, Meeting Ended

According to Ymina, Bennett asked for two significant portfolios, one deputy minister with real power, and chairmanship of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

Yamina: Netanyahu Is Kicking Us Out

Yamina could approve the promised sovereignty from the opposition benches – should such a move actually take place in a Gantz-Netanyahu government.


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