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April 21, 2014 / 21 Nisan, 5774
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Here, It’s Not Xmas At All

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

It’s the 25th of December in Israel, 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and nothing is stirring, not even a mouse. Nothing. No sign of Xmas at all. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a reindeer, not an elf, not a stocking, or a candy cane. So carols, no jingles, no bells, no Xmas songs. There are plenty of old men with white beards on the street, but none of them is Santa. If it weren’t for the Xmas decorations on Google, I wouldn’t know it was Xmas at all.

Why should I? I’m a Jew. I live in my own Jewish Land. Xmas is traf here. It doesn’t exist. It’s meaningless, like it should be. No one talks about it. No one cares. Even the secular talk-show hosts on the radio don’t give it a passing mention. If you didn’t risk your life and venture into Bethlehem, you wouldn’t know it was Xmas at all.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No decorations, no evergreen trees with twinkling light bulbs and stars. Here in Israel is the only place where it is truly a silent holy night, with no choirs and the massive spiritual pollution that surrounds idol worship and a religion that deifies a man, in whose name more Jews were killed than in the name of Hitler.

How can the Jews of the Diaspora put up with it? How can they live for weeks on end under the cloud of Xmas. Brothers and sisters – how? Why? Why do you linger in your impure Xtian land when you have your own Jewish State? Why do you suffer the onslaught of Xmas when you can live in a place where there is no Xmas at all?

I don’t understand. It’s so wonderful here in Israel, in the Holy Land, where the whole Harry Potter story was invented. This is the Holy Land and here, in the Holy Land, there is no Xmas at all. How can a Jew live anywhere else?

How can he live in a place where there are Santas, and mangers, and stockings, and Xmas trees all around him, and the knowledge in his gut that he doesn’t belong. And woe to those lost Jewish souls who try to fit in, who smile like everyone else, and exchange presents, and get drunk at their parties, and sack down with unstockinged girls. Woe to the lost Jewish souls, the tens of thousands of them, who feel lonely come Xmas time, without a family to be with, without someone to love them, alone in their apartments, divorced, listening to the songs, bombarded by the masquerade of love, lost and alone, tormented by the aroma of roasted chestnuts coming from the fireplace of some happy family down the street, while he or she sits all alone.

And woe to those unhappy Jewish souls who are captured at Xmas time by missionaries and Jews for Jezeus, innocent souls who fall for fake embraces and false promises of love, handed out freely by those prostitutes of religion who have been expertly trained especially for this time of year to trap lonely and unhappy Jews in their Santa Claus sacks of love.

Bothers! Sisters! Look around you! You’re enslaved in Gentileland. Xmasland. In lands where you don’t belong.

How beautiful it is in Israel! How truly holy and serene! It’s almost evening on the 25th of December and there is no sign of Xmas at all. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

It can be this way for you.

We are waiting to embrace you, to love you, to greet you as family with a warm Jewish embrace.

Come and experience the incredibly holy, mind-blowing high of the 25th of December with absolutely no Xmas at all.

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