Leftists Protest Appointment Of Effi Eitam To Head Yad Vashem

All new appointments are up on the trading block – ‘this appointment for me, this appointment for you’ – like kids trading candy.

Rav Eliyahu Celebrates Assassination Of Top Iranian Scientist

I don't know why we recited Tachanun this morning. We should have recited Hallel!

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Says Wigs Are Tainted By Idolatry

A woman who wore a kerchief to fully cover her head became a ‘Mizrachnikit,’ while a charedi wore a wig of the gentiles. What nonsense!”

Prominent Rabbi Criticized For Speaking With Reform Leaders

The rabbis noted that former Chief Rabbis Avraham Shapira and Ovadia Yosef both issued harsh rulings condemning joint discussions with Jewish religious movements that deny the Written and Oral Torah, emphasizing the danger and Chillul Hashem involved.

New Book Focuses On The Secrets Of The Alef-Bet

I went to Rav Raphael Levine, the sone of Rav Aryeh Levine, to solicit his permission to study Kabbalah. He told me that a p'sak halacha was needed and sent me to Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv.

6,000 Volunteers Responding To 600,000 Emergencies

Eli Beer: Of our more than 6,000 volunteers, only 200 or so contracted the disease since the beginning of March, and most of them caught it from family members, co-workers, or their children’s school, not while not responding to medical emergencies.

Fleet Of Planes Say ‘Thank You’ To Israel’s Heroes

The lead pilot Shion told The Jewish Press that he contacted the heads of each medical facility by telephone as he circled overhead to thank them and all their health professionals on behalf of the people of Israel.

Litzman Explains His Resignation, Blasts Gamzu

Said Litzman, "Gamzu doesn't understand the significance of such a pilgramage [to Uman] just like I don't understand the importance of a basketball game."

Ben Uliel, 26, Receives Three Life Sentences, Rabbis Protest

Asked how Ben Uliel reacted to the news, Baum said, “He has great faith. He is a follower of Breslov, and he looks for the good in everything.

Some Breslov Chassidim Made It To Uman, Most Have Not

Thousands have been stranded in Belarus, prevented from continuing across the border, but those with money can pay a bribe of $2,200 to the authorities to be smuggled into Uman.

Should We Celebrate The ‘Abraham Agreement’?

Caution is called for, but not to the point of turning our backs on the positive.

What Does The Peace Deal Mean For Har HaBayit?

Obviously, we have a good distance to go before we reach full redemption, but, for example, last week I davened Mincha on Har HaBayit with a minyan. Once upon a time, that was an impossible dream.

Bye Bye, Dubai – On the Prohibition of Leaving Eretz Yisrael

According to the Rambam, it is forbidden to leave the Land of Israel, even temporarily, except for three reasons: to study Torah, to find a wife, and to do business.

Two Settler Leaders React To Israel-UAE Deal

I believe Kushner more than I believe Bibi.

Expelled, Expelled, And Expelled Again – Homesh Jews Remain Defiant

Arabs often throw stones and Molotov cocktails at our vehicles traveling from Homesh to Shavei Shomron.

My Desperate Fight To Save Gush Katif

Protestors demanded that we break down the fence surrounding Kfar Maimon.... Yesha leaders and rabbis called for patience. All through the night and the following morning, the tension increased.

Netzarim Family Recalls A Nightmare

It isn't something readily comprehensible when your own Jewish army and Jewish government throw you out of your home in the Jewish homeland.

MK Meir Porush Meets With Aliyah Activists

Rabbi Elisha Bruck, who works with a group called Kedushat Tzion told me that since Medinat Yisrael is a highly-charged subject for charedim, Kedushat Tzion employs the word “immigration” in its literature and conversations, not “aliyah,” which has a Zionist connotation.

What Exactly Are The Protests In Israel About?

At the last demonstration, I strolled through the crowd and recognized agitators who staged protests against Israeli soldiers in Hevron and Samaria.

Why Aren’t Jews Worldwide Moving To Israel? The Jewish Press Investigates

Every Jew who speaks Hebrew and who is willing to take any job to survive is promised that he won’t go without bread.

An Artist In Love… With The Land Of Israel

When Rav Kook became the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, he visited the Bezalel Academy of Art, and encouraged the students to use their talents to paint landscapes of Eretz Yisrael to arouse a yearning for the Land in the hearts of everyone who viewed the paintings.

Three Rabbis Respond To President Rivlin’s Comments

Jewish values do not come from man. They come from the G-d of perfection and compassion.

‘The Trump Plan Is A Trap Coated With Honey’: An Interview with veteran Settlement...

The government of Israel must reject the plan completely. It is a time-bomb of terrible danger.

Treating Covid-19 Patients In Jerusalem: An Interview with Yonaton HaLevy, President of Shaare Zedek...

Over the last week, from 125 hospitalizations, we are down to 34. Five out of our six units have been closed.

Israel Heads Back to School

The danger remains very real. There is no justification for leniencies.

Efrat Hit Hard By Covid-19, Second Only To Bnei Brak

We know that many people carry the virus without getting overly sick, or without manifesting any symptoms at all. This might have saved economies that are now crumbling under the strain of the minimized work force.

Why Were Charedi Areas Hit So Badly?

The anti-Zionist, anti-state community turns a deaf ear to government pronouncements, whether they come from the Health Department of the Chief Rabbinate, which they consider [to be a body] of Reform rabbis.

Is Mashiach Around The Corner?

If you want to build a skyscraper, then the one-story building can no longer remain. You have to destroy it.

Living Under A Pandemic: A Glimpse Of Life On One Settlement

My wife, who works harder than I do, wants me to emphasize the positive changes that the health crisis has inspired.

The Coronavirus Is Killing Israel’s Tourism Industry

Rachel Sternberg is an independent travel agent in Jerusalem. The Jewish Press asked her how business had changed since the outbreak of the epidemic.


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