Professor Slammed For Saying Yigal Amir Didn’t Kill Rabin

The evidence for a conspiracy is too glaring to ignore.

Hilltop Youth Battle The IDF Over Expulsion Order

Golani soldiers attempted to arrest several youngsters and fired shots in the air over their heads.

Confessions Of An Israel Correspondent

For whatever reason, bad news sells. The same is true when it comes to Israeli news.and this is not new--over 3,300 years ago, the Spies entered a land that was full of luscious fruit, yet they chose to see only frightening giants and constant funerals

Jewish Unity – At Any Cost?

Rav Kook considered some Jews - like Jewish communists who persecuted religious Jews in the Soviet Union - as people who had broken all ties to the Jewish people.

Israeli Chief Rabbi Rav Avraham Shapira – On His 12th Yahrzeit

He replied in a loud, irritated voice, "Why do they ask me a question that every child in cheder can answer?!"

Noam: Want Our Support? Ask Mechilah From Rav Kook

His books are still banned in charedi yeshivot, and, in the eyes of a large part of the charedi world, the students of Rav Kook are barely considered rabbis.

Rabbis Protest Expulsion Of Yitzhar Settler

The rabbis maintain that in raising his family and grazing his sheep in an area encroached upon by Arab poachers, Zaroge is helping defend Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael.

Can Women Serve In The IDF According To Halacha?

Rav Shlomo Aviner has stated that women are not permitted to serve in the army just like they are not permitted to violate Shabbat.

Noam Vows To Continue Fighting, Doesn’t Trust Likud

This material fosters positive perspectives on homosexuality, same-gender parenting, and Arab-Jewish marriages – all approved by former Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

Rav Kook’s Vision – On His 84th Yahrzeit

The forces of impurity in the world sense their end is near, so they do everything they can to interfere.

Will Otzma Yehudit Pass The Threshold? An Interview with Dr. Adva Biton

Otzma Yehudit is not afraid to say things in a clear voice – just like I try to do – so I found my place in that party.

Hilchos Aliyah: Kissing The Ground, Shehechiyanu, & More

Rabbi Abba kissed the stones – which don’t yield fruit or produce – to demonstrate that the Land was holy in and of itself.

Do We Have An Excuse For Living In America? (Part II)

“Why don’t all the religious Jews in America move here?” I expected to receive a long lecture on fine halachic points. Instead, the wizened sage held out two fingers, rubbed them together, and said, “Dollarim.”

Do We Have An Excuse For Living In America? (Part I)

People don't make aliyah because they are in love with the exile and don't want to give it up.

Shilo-Area Settlers Protest Arab Incursion

Even though Obama is no longer around to say no, Bibi keeps his hand on the brakes.

Separate Beaches In The Holy Land: A Primer

Usually half of the day is allotted to women, and the other half to men. The shifts switch on alternating days to afford greater flexibility.

New Activist Party Formed

The formation of Noam is seen as a strategic measure to prevent Bennett from attaining a position of influence in the Jewish Home Party and in any future coalition.

Rav Aviner: Women Don’t Belong In Politics

"We need to change reality and passing societal norms to meet halacha – not the other way around."

Baruch Marzel Talks Election Politics and Torah

Marzel has something to say about Rabbi Peretz, Ehud Barak, Ayelet Shaked and even the Mashiach.

Did The Fires Of Machloket Destroy Shlomo Carlebach’s Moshav?

People are still talking about the miracle. A devastating fire last week destroyed almost all 50 houses in the heavily-wooded Mevo Modiim community – the once pastoral residence of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in Israel – but the village’s beloved, hand-decorated beit knesset survived unscathed.

Charedim, Chilonim, Rightists, And Leftists: Netanyahu Juggles Them All

Israelis made it clear in this election that they want a real rightest government, he says, not a government of emotional Zionist speeches and compromise.

Jews Reclaim Har HaZeitim From Arab Vandals

Rabbi Horowitz told The Jewish Press, “When we first began to promote Hevron as one of our national treasures, the majority of Israelis, as well as tourists, were afraid to travel so deeply into what was called, the ‘Wild West Bank.’

Father Of Arrested Minor Speaks Out

My friend’s son is being charged with murder and four other terror-related activities. Because he is a minor, his name cannot be disclosed according to Israeli law. But I know his father and spoke with him. Here is what he told me:

State of the State

We observe the precepts of the Torah because Hashem commanded us to perform them. How much more, HaRav Tzvi Yehuda HaKohen Kook said, is this true with the mitzvah to dwell in the Land of Israel

The Plague of Darkness Continues

Diaspora Jews pass on the whole spirit and soul of Torah and the messages of Passover, which is the attainment of true Jewish freedom through establishing a holy Torah Nation in the Land of Israel.

Why Mourn about Exile?

All of our life changes when we are in Galut. Not only does our Clalli soul disappear, but every detail of our life is affected. In exile, Emunah appears in an incomplete form

Graveyard USA

Even before the Beit HaMikdash is rebuilt, the return to the Land and Nation rebuilding, even in its outwardly secular stages, revives the dry bones of the Jewish People

The Falconi Effect

Still time to add a great read to your summer list.

Sorry – the Exile isn’t Forever

Hashem doesn’t want us in Galut forever. We are supposed to long for the higher existence of Geula - of Jewish sovereignty in our own Land, with our Holy Temple in our midst.


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