An Artist In Love… With The Land Of Israel

When Rav Kook became the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, he visited the Bezalel Academy of Art, and encouraged the students to use their talents to paint landscapes of Eretz Yisrael to arouse a yearning for the Land in the hearts of everyone who viewed the paintings.

Three Rabbis Respond To President Rivlin’s Comments

Jewish values do not come from man. They come from the G-d of perfection and compassion.

‘The Trump Plan Is A Trap Coated With Honey’: An Interview with veteran Settlement...

The government of Israel must reject the plan completely. It is a time-bomb of terrible danger.

Treating Covid-19 Patients In Jerusalem: An Interview with Yonaton HaLevy, President of Shaare Zedek...

Over the last week, from 125 hospitalizations, we are down to 34. Five out of our six units have been closed.

Israel Heads Back to School

The danger remains very real. There is no justification for leniencies.

Efrat Hit Hard By Covid-19, Second Only To Bnei Brak

We know that many people carry the virus without getting overly sick, or without manifesting any symptoms at all. This might have saved economies that are now crumbling under the strain of the minimized work force.

Why Were Charedi Areas Hit So Badly?

The anti-Zionist, anti-state community turns a deaf ear to government pronouncements, whether they come from the Health Department of the Chief Rabbinate, which they consider [to be a body] of Reform rabbis.

Is Mashiach Around The Corner?

If you want to build a skyscraper, then the one-story building can no longer remain. You have to destroy it.

Living Under A Pandemic: A Glimpse Of Life On One Settlement

My wife, who works harder than I do, wants me to emphasize the positive changes that the health crisis has inspired.

The Coronavirus Is Killing Israel’s Tourism Industry

Rachel Sternberg is an independent travel agent in Jerusalem. The Jewish Press asked her how business had changed since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Israeli Institute May Be On Verge Of Coronavirus Vaccine

The MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in Israel has developed a vaccine against coronavirus in birds and hopes to soon do the same for the...

Will Me’arat Hamachpelah Get An Elevator?

Ten years ago, Bibi promised he would get it done. Nu? Where's the elevator?

Tel Aviv Orders Removal Of ‘Inciteful’ Billboard

In a notice to the media, the Office of the Mayor stated that the billboards were removed due to “incitement and harming public feelings.”

Forgotten History – The Torah-Underground Nexus

“It is not widely known that the Irgun’s first leader, David Raziel, studied at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook,” Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen, a teacher at Machon Meir Yeshiva, told The Jewish Press.

Young Settlers Plan Aggressive Strategy In Reaction To Trump Plan

We need to rise up to a new stage of settlement in a positive and productive manner with a new wave of settlement…in Israeli-controlled areas distant from existing yishuvim.

The Peace Plan: Rabbis Lior, Aviner, And Eliyahu Speak Out

Just as a normal husband doesn't make a deal whereby he gives his wife to a neighbor for two days a week, the nation of Israel is commanded not to make deals over the land that G-d gave us.

Defiant Settlers Rebuild Their Homes

Several days later, when the police left the area, the families began to rebuild their homes, but the police returned and knocked down walls the settlers had erected. Now the homes are standing once again.

Second Soldier Going On Trial For Killing Terrorist

I am demanding that an independent inquiry committee be established to investigate foreign involvement throughout the ranks of Tzahal.

Court Rules In Favor Of Provocative Ad

The attorney general has now ruled that the sign is not offensive and that banning it violates democratic freedom of expression, which should only be suppressed in extreme cases.

Shabbat Lovers To Take To The Street

On Shabbat Parshat Bo, we call upon everyone throughout the Land to demonstrate their love for our day of holiness and rest.

‘They Can Destroy Our Homes, But Not Our Spirits’

How do you explain to a child that a Jewish government in the Jewish homeland destroyed the homes of Jews?

Every Year, This Auschwitz Survivor Marks The Holocaust By Eating A Falafel

Over the weeks, we saw thousands of children taken away from the ramp where the trains arrived and marched straight to the crematorium. No one ever walked out of those buildings.

Religious Zionists Can’t Seem To Unite

If Smotrich doesn’t play ball, he may find himself on the sidelines this time around, warming the bench with Moshe Feiglin, who has already decided not to run, declaring that his unique ideas cannot be heard in this electoral atmosphere.

Lieberman Seeks Voters With Strident Anti-Charedi Campaign

From my experience working with young Russian olim, the fact is that they don't want to convert. Why should they? They already enjoy full privileges as Israeli citizens under Israel's 1970 Law of Return.

IDF Drops Rosh Yeshiva For Opposing Female Combat Roles

The Jewish Press asked Rav Kustiner if the IDF command has responded to the storm of protest. “Not that I am aware of,” he replied. “I am only a very tiny screw in the system. They don’t ask my opinion.”

‘Down With Hanukah!’ – By Rabbi Meir Kahane

"Not only is Hanukah really a foolish and unnecessary holiday, it is also one that is dangerously fanatical and illiberal."

The Conspiracy To Strip Israel Of Its Jewish Character

While we don’t agree with all of his policies, especially with his resistance to further settlement building, he is a guardian of Eretz Yisrael. If the Left rises to power, they are going to slice up Judea and Samaria like a watermelon….

Defiant Settlers: We Will Live Anywhere We Want In G-d’s Land

What the police didn’t know was that a hidden camera recorded all their actions, including the curses and blows they aimed at the defenseless youth who stated over and over that they were violating his G-d-given right to live wherever he pleased in the Land of Israel.

‘I Don’t Have Strength Anymore For The Bomb Shelter’: A Personal Account of Living...

We treated more than 40 people suffering from anxiety attacks, several who had to be hospitalized.

Professor Slammed For Saying Yigal Amir Didn’t Kill Rabin

The evidence for a conspiracy is too glaring to ignore.


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