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In honor of Jerusalem Day 2022, an ambitious week of giving will be held in support of charities on the pulse of Jerusalem’s future.

A body cannot live without its heart. For the millions of Jewish people spread across the globe, that heart lies in Jerusalem.


55 years ago, the Jewish people reclaimed their heart with the reunification of this holy city. To honor this momentous day, more than 30 organizations have united with the goal of advancing Jerusalem’s social and cultural identities―as well as her security, her economy, and her infrastructure.

Launching May 23-30, the event is designed to raise significant funds for the development and support of Jerusalem and her citizens. Participating organizations include preeminent nonprofits such as Meir Panim, Leket Israel, Hertzog hospital and Just One Life.

“Jerusalem is a city that unites everyone. It’s the heart of the nation,” says Adi Werner, CEO of Olam Shalem Jerusalem Teaching Center in the Diaspora. “This week we give love to Jerusalem. Everyone can choose a goal that is close to their heart and strengthen their personal connection with the capital of Israel.”

Supporters will be able to give to causes that are most meaningful to them. From putting food on the table, helping burn victims heal, and caring for Lone Soldiers to helping women with difficult pregnancies, protecting natural resources and land, and providing disadvantaged youth with educational opportunities. To see all participating causes, please visit.

The Jerusalem Day 2022 fundraising event will culminate with a live #Jerusalem55 event on May 29, 2022 at 6:30pm EST. Produced by Flowmotion, the live show will feature top musical performances and entertainers as well as interviews with soldiers who participated in the liberation of Jerusalem 55 years ago.

“As someone who grew up in Israel, creating this event has been a dream of mine for a very long time,” shared Jerusalem55 visionary and Flowmotion co-founder, Bracha Torenheim. “If you care about Jerusalem and her people, I hope that you will love what we’ve made together―and shower that love on the causes raising with us during the campaign.”

Yishai Fleisher, acclaimed podcast host, will co-host the virtual event with Dana Arschin, award-winning Fox News journalist.

The event will also feature several prominent guests, including former US Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman, Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion, Israel’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Housing and Construction, Ze’ev Elkin, Representative of the Zionist Executive North America Shlomi Ashkenazi, and WZO Chairman and Acting Chairman of the Jewish Agency Hagoel Yaakov.

Shlomi Ashkenazi, one of the thinkers and leaders of the project, says he feels a deep commitment to connect American Jews to the story of the liberation of our capital 55 years ago. “The story of Jerusalem is not just a lesson in history. This is our essence, the cradle of the culture of the Jewish people since its founding.”

“Jerusalem55 is a perfect showcase of crowdfunding,” adds CauseMatch CEO, Joseph Bornstein. “Watch what happens when people unite around a shared love like Jerusalem. Watch what happens when they demonstrate that they are eager to make a difference in the lives of others. Watch what happens when you give people the opportunity to open up their hearts.”

#Jerusalem55 will be run on the CauseMatch fundraising platform. The joint fundraising initiative is sponsored by the World Zionist Organization and Olam Shalem, and will include a live online event with leading Jerusalem personalities and performers to promote action and unity.

“People all over the world are looking for ways to turn their love of Jerusalem into action,” said CauseMatch CEO Joseph Bornstein. “We want to mobilize the masses and offer them a way to support this city’s most impressive nonprofits with the click of a button.”

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