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Beresheet Senior Living

We invite you to get to know Beresheet – a new concept in senior housing that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard of before. Beresheet is intended for the seniors, aged 60+, who seek something different from the traditional retirement homes – a place that they can establish together, one that combines independence and privacy with a wide range of possibilities.

“Longer life expectancy and the desire to do something meaningful after retirement have created a new generation of seniors who wish to make the most of the present, yet still want security for the future,” said Beresheet founder Avi Lichak. “We believe in creating a safe environment for residents to enjoy an unmatched quality of life as they pursue the interests and hobbies that they love – all on their own terms. We offer a variety of social and cultural options, alongside complete independence.”


Lichak summarizes this rather revolutionary idea: “We welcome residents’ input. Rather than having to accommodate themselves to an existing schedule, as is the case in most retirement facilities, Beresheet residents will have the freedom to decide what they want to do and how and when they want to do it.”

The atmosphere at Beresheet encourages residents to dare to explore their ambitions and dreams, to discover hidden talents, and form new friendships. With an array of trips and social and cultural events to choose from, everyone will be able to find their niche, in the manner that suits them best.

Beresheet’s sprawling, 4.5-acre forested campus, surrounded by greenery and adjacent to a nature reserve, affords a quality of life that is unmatched. The grounds are adjacent to a local park as well as a National Park that will be open to the public. Yet, the location, a 5-minute drive to Jerusalem, gives them ready access to the bustling capital city with all that it has to offer.

It’s clear that the project’s designers have given careful thought to making the most of the gorgeous surroundings. Each luxurious apartment features high ceilings, arches and picture windows that bring the outdoors in, with wide balconies and gardens that face the breathtaking view.

As far as the facilities are concerned, Beresheet is unlike any other retirement community. There is something for everyone, including a half-Olympic size pool, a fitness room, a variety of activity rooms, a cultural center and a synagogue. In addition to the main chef’s restaurant, residents can choose from a variety of eateries and coffee shops on or near the premises.

Of course, nothing can take the place of family, and Beresheet recognizes the importance of an infrastructure that facilitates visits from relatives and friends. To this end, there are several on-site, fully accessorized guest suites where family or friends can stay for an extended visit. By the same token, party rooms of different sizes can be reserved for celebrations, special occasions and get-togethers.

Beresheet welcomes and encourages residents’ independence, yet has a plan in place for any changes that may occur further along the line. Besides for a designated department for those in need of nursing care, each apartment was built with double bath and toilet facilities to accommodate a live-in caregiver. Additionally, Beresheet has a medical center for its residents, to enable them to remain in their own apartment without having to move to the nursing department. The idea is that no matter what happens, Beresheet is equipped with efficient solutions on the premises to meet the needs of residents.

With the project in advanced stages of construction, this is your chance to join. Residents who join from the beginning will enjoy special prices, and will be able to choice the ideal apartment for them. They’ll also be able to enjoy a variety of payment plans.

Register now and pay only upon occupancy!

Occupancy will be in August 2023. Come and be part of the establishment of this unique project and partner in the building of a world that you want to live in. Your senior years are your time for fulfilling dreams; Beresheet is the ideal housing experience where you can live those dreams.

Avi Lichak welcomes Anglo seniors to join Beresheet and enjoy the best years of their lives with others like-minded people. “This is your time, and we will endeavor to provide residents with everything they need to find meaning and fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.”


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