Photo Credit: Barth Chocotrade

We are somehow two months into the Gaza War. There are still close to 400,000 reservists stationed all over Israel, far from home, leaving tens of thousands of “milu’im wives” home alone with their kids. At the same time, close to 200,000 Israelis have been displaced from their homes – and those from the Gaza border communities are literally refugees, without homes to return to. With the weeklong ceasefire over, missiles are now raining down across the country. Again.

This war has had an immediate, shocking impact on entire industries; tourism, construction, agriculture and more have come to a standstill. Evacuation has resulted in thousands of businesses abandoned, while others have been rendered non-operational, due to workers in reserves or to a lack of commercial activity.


None of us can stop thinking about our people in Israel, day and night. It’s overwhelming. Thankfully there are so many wonderful ways for us to donate and help. Now, there is a new project, is so easy, impactful and literally delicious!

Barth Chocotrade, a Tel Aviv-based family business, has created beautiful packages and boxes filled with chocolates, candies and cookies, that they are delivering to the children and their families, whose lives have been turned upside down, so they know they are not alone— that their American friends are with them. With a simple click, you can participate and send a gift from your family.

“It’s incredible what you can accomplish with a chocolate, presented from one heart to another,” says Sandra Aharon Barth, owner of Barth Chocotrade. “Time and again, I’ve seen firsthand how our treats bring such joy and excitement. We come to a kindergarten or an evacuation center and the kids… their eyes are sad. And then we show them the huge, brightly wrapped basket that we’ve brought, and it literally revives them, bringing the light back into their eyes.

“You’ll be sending far more than just a piece of chocolate,” says Sandra. “You’re showing the people of Israel that someone is thinking of them, that there are people who truly care!”

Barth Chocotrade is a family-owned factory, founded three generations ago by the matriarch, Savta Margalit Barth in 1933. Just before she and her husband fled Nazi Germany, Savta Margalit took a crash course in chocolate making, so that the family would have a means to earn a livelihood in pre-state Land of Israel.

When writing her brand story, Sandra could not ignore the acts of pure kindness performed by successive generations of Barths, and woven like a golden thread throughout the company’s day-to-day activities. “When I tried to come up with the most authentic answer to the question ‘What is Barth’s mission?’ it occurred to me that it’s all about creating connections. Our product is meant for sharing and enjoying with family and friends.”

That mission statement is reflected in the original, creative packaging; for example, a box of individual pralines turns into a pretty serving dish as you open it; or the fun, wand-shaped package that you break in the middle. The bright colors and heart-embossed designs brings cheer and enjoyment to any gathering.

Order today and create warm, sweet connections with the families of Israel’s soldiers and displaced families while supporting an Israeli business!


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