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The Hamas-ISIS Gaza War has erupted not only in the Mideast but also on Twitter, TikTok, podcasts, and YouTube. Social media language tends to be edgy. In the politically conservative Jewish community where I reside, three conservative commentators have elicited concern: Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson, and Candace Owens.


First, Charlie Kirk. His work on colleges is amazing. Is he anti-Semitic? I don’t buy it. Is he “a little bit anti-Semitic”? First, I don’t buy it. He is a Christian Zionist. Second, there is no such thing as a “little bit anti-Semitic.” That’s like “a little bit pregnant.” Remember that as you read on.

The concern over Charlie Kirk is that he has endorsed Elon Musk’s observation that Jewish liberals have been major donors to certain horrible leftist causes. That’s not anti-Semitic. That’s true. For the past eight years in this column, I have written countless articles about the plague of Jewish apostate liberals, a problem to which my Catholic friends especially relate in a world of Catholic apostates like Joe Bidens, Nancy Pelosis, and Sotomayors who have done far more damage to America and have done more to promote abortion and homosexual marriage than even the Satanic George Soros has achieved.

Let us be clear. Judaism — real Judaism — is politically conservative. Open a Bible; it’s all there. Tough on crime. No abortions except to save a mother’s life. No homosexuality, and certainly no homosexual “marriages.” G-d created humans as male and female, binary. His pronoun is “He/Him/His.” Borders matter.

Everywhere in the world except in America, Jews are solidly conservative. They are the Conservative Party’s most reliable voting bloc in the United Kingdom. Jews from Russia and Ukraine despise communism more than anyone on earth. Israel — a place that reflects something about Jews — has been dominated mostly by conservative governments for the past 46 years. Even in America, Orthodox Jews — the fastest growing population of American Jews, and the ones who live by actual Judaim — vote 75 percent and more Republican.

So what’s wrong with the non-Orthodox Jews of America? Easy: they don’t know Judaism and are desperate to fit in with non-Jews. Therefore, many negate their Judaism. That’s how they think they make “friends” . . . until those “friends” turn on them or their college kids when war erupts in Israel or their daughter, Karen, applies to college. Alas, Jews who have stripped their Judaism of — Judaism — are left with nothing but “warped social justice.” Their refom rabbis cannot talk about kosher when they eat pork. They cannot talk about Shabbat when they have just driven 45 minutes to temple from the suburbs. They wouldn’t know the difference between a mikvah and the brine in a pickle jar. So they promote toxicity like DEI: “Look how progressive we are: we promote DEI even though that will keep our own grandchildren out of college.”


And, yet, do you know whom these Jewish idiots vote like? No, not Blacks. Not Puerto Ricans. Jewish liberals vote like White Protestant Dixie Southern Democrats. I explain:

For 125 years — a century and a quarter — White Protestant Southern Dixiecrats reliably voted exclusively for Democrats, despite their conservative values. They sent 12-14 Democrats to the U.S. Senate non-stop for 125 years. Deeply conservative White Protestant non-Jews in America’s Deep South were the same as mindless liberal Jews — and on the same 125-year time frame. Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana.


During the Civil War, Lincoln and the Republicans ended slavery, while the Democrats and their Ku Klux Klan sought to preserve slavery. As a result, the cotton-plantation South became uniformly Democrat. However, a century later, Deep South White Protestant conservative loyalty to Democrats no longer made sense. The Deep South was socially, culturally, religiously, and politically still conservative — the Christian “Bible Belt.” Yet, incomprehensibly, Southern White Protestant conservatives kept electing only Democrats until the 1980s, even though the Democrats had turned left. Consider these unfathomable results listing all the key statewide winners in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana through 40 years from the 1940s and through the entire decade of the 1970s:


Gov. Frank DixonGov. Chauncey SparksGov. Jim FolsomGov. Gordon PersonsGov. Jim FolsomGov. John Malcolm PattersonGov. George WallaceGov. Lurleen WallaceGov. Albert BrewerGov. George WallaceGov. Fob JamesGov. George WallaceSen. John H. Bankhead IISen. George SwiftSen. John SparkmanSen. Howard HeflinSen. J. Lister HillSen. James AllenSen. Maryon Pittman AllenSen. Donald Stewart


Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Sr.Gov. Dennis MurphreeGov. Thomas BaileyGov. Fielding WrightGov. Hugh WhiteGov. James ColemanGov. Ross BarnettGov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr.Gov. John Bell WilliamsGov. William WallerGov. Cliff FinchGov. William WinterGov. William AillainGov. Ray MabusSen. Theodore BilboSen. James EastlandSen. Wall DoxeySen. John StennisSen. James Eastland


Gov. Sam JonesGov. Jimmie DavisGov. Earl LongGov. Robert KennonGov. Earl LongGov. Jimmie DavisGov. John McKeithenGov. Edwin EdwardsSen. William FeazellSen. Russell B. LongSen. Allen EllenderSen. Elaine EdwardsSen. J. Bennett Johnston

There were approximately 50 statewide winners for governor or United States senator in deeply red Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana during those 40 years. Of those 50 elected statewide in the Deep Red South, all but one were Democrats.


How explain that the most conservative electorate in America consistently assured Congressional Democrat majorities, thus also assuring decades’ endless domination of left-wing Supreme Court picks and federal judges? The historical record saw the White Protestant Deep South stick like barnacles to Democrats for approximately 125 years consecutively until they finally were compelled to choose between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

White Christian Dixiecrat voting patterns offer the “Rosetta Stone” insight into the Jewish historical tendency to vote Democrat. Once a voting demographic attaches to a party, it becomes very challenging to detach them even when continued affiliation becomes insane. Essentially, the group’s most politically ambitious individuals join the party of group choice and become invested in that party’s success.

Just as the individual aspiring politico invests himself or herself in a party, so does the larger group. They donate to “their” party. They meet personally with “their” party’s candidates, invite “their” party’s most prominent leaders to address their annual church or temple banquets, encourage their teens to apply for minimum-wage patronage summer jobs picking up trash in the neighborhood park by using connections with that local politician.

That’s how the Jewish pattern began. When they first arrived, Jewish immigrants were greeted at the boat and in Ellis Island by Democrat hacks while white-shoe Republicans barred Jews from their country clubs and hotels. Democrat hacks played and manipulated the immigrants — just as they do today — while Republicans mocked their accents and denied them jobs at their white-show law firms and medical practices. So Jews understandably cast their fates with the Democrats. That is how the mess began, just as White Protestant Dixiecrats began. And once it starts, White Protestant Bible Belt Dixiecrats show it takes 125 years to sever completely. Orthodox Jews already have done so, ahead of schedule. Others are following — slowly. Every time Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or Ocasio opens her mouth, another ten Jews become Republican. Every time Biden sends money to Iran, ten more. Every time a Jewish kid gets ostracized at college because of Israel or DEI, ten more.

So Charlie Kirk and Elon Musk are 100 percent right. We all know it: Too many Jews give liberal and woke money and influence liberal and woke governmental policy. But don’t forget that the Adelsons were Trump’s biggest donors, and that a whole bunch of others like Norman Braman, Nicolas Muzin, Stephen Schwarzman, Jeffrey Yass, Bernie Marcus, and Paul Singer give multi-millions to Republicans. Don’t forget that American Jews include hard-right radio broadcasters Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Andrew Klavan, and Alan Stock, the dean of Nevada talk radio. And the 2,500 Orthodox rabbis represented by Coalition for Jewish Values, where I am vice president. Jews include playwright David Mamet and the right-wing Zionist Organization of America. The late Milton Friedman inspired American conservative capitalism, and Ayn Rand was Alisa Rosenbaum.

Answer #1: Charlie Kirk is a Zionist.

Next: Tucker. I repeatedly have defended Tucker. See here and here, for example. Tucker often has attacked the Anti-Defamation League, but so have I. The ADL is not Jewish and no longer speaks for Jews. Its chief professional officer, Jonathan Greenblatt, is a former Obama lackey, and he Obamized the ADL. When Tucker talks about Obama’s and Biden’s efforts to import millions of poor, needy immigrants reliant on government largesse who would vote Democrat and would replace the mainstream White voting class, Tucker is right. ADL attacked him as racist, so he hit back. He rightly noted that the same ADL that wants porous borders to bring in a replacement population in America hypocritically opposes efforts to import millions of Arabs into Israel to replace the Jewish majority. Tucker is right.

I do have one Tucker concern: whether his ongoing rightful battles against ADL may eventually give rise to a broader animus. That would be like blaming all White Protestant Dixiecrats for their 125 years of Democrat bullet-voting.  I don’t blame Catholics for giving America Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Sotomayor, and scores of other toxicities. I hope Tucker gives more air time to like-minded Jews so we, too, can break through the iron wall of leftist media.

Answer #2: Tucker? Not yet.

Finally, Candace Owens. I have been a fan of hers from that early Congressional hearing where she nailed it to her debates on Laura with madman Cornell West. She led Blexit and did some great videos for “Prager U.”

Recently, something snapped. Ignorant of Mideast history, amplified by a personal tiff with Ben Shapiro — a wonderful Jew with a yarmulka who makes us all proud — she suddenly unhinged. She alleged apartheid in Israel because the Old City of Jerusalem has a “Muslim Quarter” and a “Jewish Quarter.” Her ignorance was palpable. The four “quarters” of the Old City (also a “Christian Quarter” and an “Armenian Quarter”) were not created by Israel but by a British cartographer mapping out the Old City in the 1840’s, two centuries ago. It was like mapping out 1960’s New York and calling Brooklyn’s Boro Park, Crown Heights, and Flatbush the “Jewish Quarter”; Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill-Brownsville, and Harlem the “Black Quarter”; Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, and “Little Italy” in Manhattan the “Italian Quarter”; and also Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan the “Irish Quarter.”

She is simply ignorant. No one (except for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit) can know everything. But it is surprising that Ms. Owens so freely comments acerbically and assertively on things she manifestly does not know. Now in a tiff with Shapiro, she seems bent on smacking Israel, despite ignorance on that front. Thus, she sarcastically “endorsed” Nikki Haley for “president of Israel” because Haley agrees Hamas-ISIS must be crushed. Yet the same Ms. Owens supports Donald Trump, who is ten times the supporter of Israel. Owens does not know. Much worse: she does not know that she does not know. She does not even know that the head of government in Israel is the “prime minister,” not the “president.”

Ms. Owens amplified concerns when she recently provided a platform to despicable Israel hater, Norman Finkelstein, whom Israel once banned from entering for ten years. Finkelstein is another example of apostate Jews. The Soviet Union leveraged the likes of Karl Marx, Lev Kamenev, Grigory Zinoviev, Karl Radek, Leon Trotsky, and their whole Yevesektzia. America has Bernie Sanders, Ben and Jerry, Noam Chomsky, and Norman Finkelstein. Our apostates and albatrosses.

Why did Ms. Owens suddenly give him a platform amid the Hamas-ISIS Gaza War and her tiff with Mr. Shapiro? Was she childishly showing: “Hey, Ben — and Dennis Prager — both of you Jews helped launch my career, but I now will demonstrate my independence by giving this horrid man my Daily Wire platform?”

There are three aspects to intelligence: Smarts (Chokhmah), Insight (Binah), and Knowledge (Da’at). Ms. Owens was blessed by G-d with the smarts. Alas, she does not have a great deal of knowledge. That is why G-d created books. She needs to grasp that she lacks critical knowledge, and Norman Finkelstein hardly is the beacon. Without adequate knowledge, Ms. Owens is not positioned to offer insight because, plainly put, she does not know what she is talking about on matters pertaining to Israel/Palestine.

Is she a Jew hater? Remember what I wrote above. After her Nikki Haley “endorsement,” her pegging the “Muslim Quarter” as reflecting Israeli apartheid, and her giving Finkelstein a platform, I now believe that Candace Owens is “little bit anti-Semitic.”

Adapted by the writer for The Jewish Press from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.


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Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq., is rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California and is Vice President and Senior Rabbinic Fellow at Coalition for Jewish Values. He is a senior contributing editor at The American Spectator, was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, and clerked in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. His writings have appeared in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, and in several Israel-based publications.