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The trip to Jerusalem surprised me, the entrance to the city had expanded, and there were new interchanges. Within a few minutes the Sucker Garden was on my right and Rehavia on my left. The man I came to meet is Oren Cohen. Oren is a veteran real estate agent with over 25 years of experience in the field, with an emphasis on the areas of Rehavia, Talbiyeh, Baka, Mamila and the city center. Oren offered to meet by a new building project in Talbiya: “Hess 7”.

We reached the Talbiyeh neighborhood and right at the entrance I felt the inconceivable location: the walls of the Old City and the Tower of David are located just down the street as we pass Sderot Mamilla on the left and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the right. After 500 meters I found myself standing in front of the address: “7 Moshe Hess Street”. The street is one-way, with classic three-story Jerusalem buildings. But the most striking thing about the street was the quietness. No more horrible traffic jams and stress on the crowded roads of the old neighborhoods, the complete opposite actually. There is a quiet and well-kept environment here.


Oren joins me and seems to have read my thoughts “the upgrading of the traffic system has made a significant upgrade to the inner classic neighborhoods. They have become quiet, with less traffic and open arteries with a rich and impressive appearance. In stark contrast to the expansion of housing options in the outer neighborhoods of Jerusalem, in these neighborhoods almost no new projects are found and the vast majority of the real estate market focuses on second-hand apartments. I got used to the high demand here’ but in the past year it only increased.”

Oren invites me to survey the project from the inside. We put on helmets and entered. The building is currently in it’s final stages of construction and from a brief conversation with the project manager we met at the entrance I understood that the technical specifications of this building are far from standard. Each apartment boasts an underfloor heating system and high ceilings, with a meticulous interior finish. Oren directs my attention to the breathtaking view. Each apartment in the building has a sukkah balcony with a spectacular panoramic view of the prestigious neighborhoods of Jerusalem with an endless mosaic of red roofs from different periods.

Oren told me that there is also “the icing on the cake” in this project: the creation of a huge penthouse that will be spread over the entire top floor of the building, combining 2 planned upper apartments, the result will be over 230 square meters of apartment and 60 square meters of balconies. Undoubtedly most stimulating is the 360 degree ventilation of the the apartment and natural light complimenting !the view “Hess 7” was definitely on the top of my wish list.

On the way back to Oren’s office – I continued discussing with him the real estate trends in the area from his experienced point of view, but we barely managed to have a continuous conversation as every few minutes Oren was bothered by another phone call from another real estate developer wanting to consult with him or another overseas client that is now opening his working day in New York with a phone call to Oren to hear if he has a property to offer him .

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