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My heart hurts. My eyes burn. 5 months and 11 days…

Numbers swirl in my head…1,200 Israelis murdered242 Israelis kidnapped134 still help captiveHow many raped? We may never know.How many beheaded? With God’s grace, they’ll never tell us.How many soldiers have fallen? I don’t want to write the number because it might grow. I know I can’t stop it, but I’m afraid to write it. Too many. So many.Kfir is 14 months old… is he beginning to walk…is he even alive?Ariel…what of Ariel.Hersh? How is it possible his mother looks more and more broken and tired when each time I see her, I think she couldn’t break more.Noa? What of Noa? Does she know her mother is defying all medical realities, clinging to live, desperate to hold her daughter before…before…So many names…We cry in a forced silence…forced because few hear us. To the world, our pain is nothing. We are over-reacting…so they say. Tell me, what worlds would you destroy if they violated your daughter, cut off your son’s head?We know the answer – the British and the Americans flattened whole areas of Germany in WWII in their outrage…and their desire for peace…Did they over-react?America dropped two nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities. How many civilians did they knowingly murder?Can you imagine German preaching to Israelis about a holocaust? How dare the American President presume to dictate to Israel. North Korea. Vietnam. Germany. Afghanistan. Iraq. How many bombs have you dropped on civilian cities? How many leaflets did you send? How many humanitarian corridors did you open?It boggles the mind and so instead of Joe Biden, I remember Menachem Begin’s response…we are not trembling Jews. We are the lions of Judea.Judea – a land 3,000 years old and 75 years young. I don’t know the end of this story. Perhaps Iran will win. Perhaps Hezbollah will fire their 160,000-200,000 rockets at us. My daughter asks me, “Ima, if you knew we would be hurt, would you leave Israel?”How do I answer such a question? I will answer it as I did almost a year ago with tears in my eyes at the thought of a world without Jews, “this is our last stand.” We are a nation of warriors again. Judea has arisen. The people of Israel will not cower.And if this is the end of Israel, the end of the Jewish people – because we will not survive another Holocaust, so be it. If we stand alone, we will stand alone. I will not leave Israel. This is my home. The only home my people has ever known. The only home we will ever have.Dear ChatGPT –

How many Muslim countries, how many Christian countries, and how many Jewish countries are there in the world?


And the answer….

Muslim-majority countries: There are numerous countries where Islam is the dominant religion. The exact number may vary depending on the criteria used, but there are approximately 49 to 51 countries with a Muslim-majority population. Examples include Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey.Christian-majority countries: Christianity is the largest religion globally, and many countries have a Christian-majority population. Examples include the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and several countries in Europe. However, there isn’t a specific count of Christian-majority countries.Jewish-majority countries: As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Israel is the only country with a Jewish-majority population. It’s important to note that Israel is a diverse society with various religious and ethnic groups, but it has a significant Jewish majority.


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