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There is a restaurant in Tel Aviv called “Ha-Achim” – The Brothers. I’ve never gone there because they were never kosher. They have just “kashered” their kitchen – made it kosher, so that they can prepare food for soldiers. This is not only a beautiful act of generosity, it is also a great example of unity.There are many amazing things happening in Israel to show how strong we are. Hundreds, if not thousands, of reserve soldiers are flying in from around the world to fight. Motivation is insanely high. The army put out a call to mobilize troops. The call was responded to by MORE than 100% of those invited. Meaning, many more simply showed up to serve.


At an airport in New York, a man stood near the El Al counter and said he would pay for any ticket of a soldier returning to fight. He paid for 250 tickets. In Israel, the soldiers are met with singing and dancing as they exit. We stand, a nation united.

No one asked for this horrific massacre, but we are responding.




So often, Hamas and Fatah speak of the poor Palestinians and the world cries. They fire hundreds of rockets at our cities but because they miss, it as if they didn’t spread terror and fear, damage property, if not lives.

This time, there is a different feeling. Even Gaza can’t lie its way out of the horror they have wrought. Around the world, voices are coming to support Israel and condemn the massacre. This is the light, fighting the darkness. This is the sound of humanity, fighting the silence.

Around the world….in France, in Canada, in the US, in Australia, in Argentina, in Germany. In Romania, in England. In Italy and elsewhere. If you’ve seen similar pictures, I’d love to see them. You can post them in the comments.




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