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No, I won’t change my profile picture to the flag of Belgium this time…France last time…Kenya…Turkey…ultimately, the bottom line is right there…don’t pray for Belgium…or rather – pray for Belgium with all your hearts…I am…Mourn for Belgium…I do…

But really, pray for the world; mourn for all terror victims. And stop being afraid to recognize the evil for what it is…no, not “extremism” – that isn’t enough. This…all this…is the result of ISLAMIC extremism. No, not all Muslims are extremists; not all Muslims are terrorists – I know several Muslims that I care about a heck of a lot more than some Jews I know. There is no ALL…but there is a pattern, there is a fact.


Islamic extremism is a breed unto its own, a world-wide danger to every innocent person. A beautiful, smiling 36 year old mother was murdered in Belgium, she leaves behind a husband and two three-year old twins. She was from Peru…in what world should she have become a victim? And the answer is in the world of Islamic extremism.

Stop changing your damn picture to a flag and start speaking out – recognize the evil for what it is. Demand countries take action. ISIS thrives on the silence, the inept security that is so worried about offending that it checks 60 year old grandmothers with the same thoroughness that it checks a much more realistic candidate. Ethnic profiling sounds so horrible. It IS horrible. WHY…why should we suspect a 20- 30 year-old, single Muslim man more than a 55 year old Jewish/Israeli grandmother traveling on business…because the sum total of 55-year-old Jewish grandmothers that have blown themselves up with the intention of murdering another is a BIG FAT ZERO!

Congratulations, Europe – you saved the masses from my toothpaste! But you missed the f********g explosives and now those babies lost their mother, that man, whose arm you see coming around beautiful Adelma Marina Tapia Ruiz as she smiles for the camera…is a widow whose life has been shattered.

Oh my God, I’m sorry that my deodorant doesn’t meet your expectations, that the man in front of me has a bottle of after-shave lotion that is 90% empty but the bottle itself holds 250 ml. instead of 100 ml.

Pray for the world to wake up, to address the real threat…it isn’t in 95% of the people…be they Muslim, Jewish, Christian…but that 5% that threatens us all…there IS a pattern, there IS a profile and almost every stinking lousy terrorist is meeting that profile.

Leave the Jewish grandmothers…in fact, leave all grandmothers alone. Yeah, a 50 year old Arab woman tried to stab a soldier…and was shot dead. That makes one. I’ll take the chance; ignore the grandmothers. Leave the grandfathers…yes, an Arab grandfather rammed some soldiers…but I’ll take a chance there.

Focus, Europe – LOOK at the person, not the passport. LOOK at the likelihood…LOOK. PROFILE. Stop the terrorist. Apologize for those you insult. We are genuinely sorry that you are a sincere, dedicated Palestinian or Iranian or Iraqi or Egyptian or Saudi college student, not radicalized at all, educated and simply wanting to travel home on Spring break in between medical classes…yes, you are going to be stopped and searched…and not for toothpaste…I’m sorry. I’m so genuinely sorry for you. Please understand and don’t become insulted and radicalized because of the insult…but I’d rather insult you than have to bury another Adelma Marina Tapia Ruiz, Dafna Meir, Ezra Schwartz, Na’ama Henkin…and so so so many others…

Pray for the world.


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