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Blue and White-but for how long?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The Eiffel Tower. The White House. The Empire State Building. England’s House of Parliament and Palace of Westminster. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and The Opera House in Sydney, Australia – all lit up in blue and white showing support for Israel over Hamas.

But there’s more. According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, 84 countries made statements supporting Israel including Norway, Austria, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania.


So… does the world finally love us? Has anti-Semitism ended so we can all live together, happily ever after? Allow me to answer that question by quoting from Billy Joel’s song, Vienna. “Slow down, you crazy child… you can’t be everything you wanna be before your time… don’t you know that only fools are satisfied… dream on but don’t imagine they’ll all come true…” – How true those words are! That was Billy Joel (now you know how old I am…) so now let’s hear from Shmuel Sackett.

I’m not going to be as nice as Billy Joel – and I certainly can’t sing as well – so get ready for the truth, without piano accompaniment. The world doesn’t like us – never did and never will. Throughout the years there have been demonstrations throughout Europe against ISIS but never one against Hamas and do you know why??? Because ISIS kills everyone, and Hamas just kills Jews. Last week, when Hamas killed more Jews than what the world considers acceptable, there was a short, temporary outpouring of sympathy but it will be extremely short-lived. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are crying in Berlin or France. I assure you that no politician in Washington DC or London lost any sleep over the massacre on Simchat Torah in Israel. So why did they light up the Sydney Opera House and Empire State Building in blue and white? Simply because – politically – it was the right thing to do but those lights have already been removed and the condemnations against the IDF are, just about, ready to begin.

Can I let you in on a secret? I don’t care what the world thinks about me. I don’t feel depressed when Israel is condemned daily in the UN. I have no anger towards CNN or BBC for their constant Israel-bashing, nor am I shocked when Ivy League professors support terrorists. Yet, by the same token, I do not jump for joy when a street in New York is named after Golda Meir, I do not get excited over YouTube videos showing Japanese kids singing Hatikvah and I definitely do not experience any happiness when the White House becomes the Blue and White House.

My concern is in giving “nachas” to HaShem, in defending the Jewish homeland and in bringing as many Jews home – both physically and spiritually – as possible. I am not looking to start a war with the world, but I’m not interested in winning the Nobel Peace Prize either. For thousands of years the world kicked us around like a tin can… but no more! Israel needs to stand up and become the strong and proud Jewish State it was destined to be, regardless of what the world thinks.

Therefore, since everyone reading this article is probably on better terms with the world than I am, please send them a message from me. Stop the “We Support Israel” rallies, write whatever you want about us in your useless newspapers and raise your hands to condemn the Jewish State in the UN as often as you wish. We are here to stay and – like it or not – we will conquer Gaza and destroy whoever stands in our way… and if you do this quickly, you might be able to return those blue and white lights to Amazon for a full refund.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Shmuel Sackett is the founder and director of the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation.