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    When Will the War End?

    You do not fight a war to free hostages. You fight a war to destroy the enemy.

    Don’t Stop Davening

    Why wait for Hamas to act before you daven?

    Being Happy in Unhappy Times

    People are walking around these days depressed, disappointed and frustrated. Things in the Jewish community – both in Israel and throughout the world –...

    There’s No More “Yom” Ha’Zikaron

    I have been living in Israel for 34 years and have always taken Yom Ha’Zikaron very seriously. Unlike the fun, shopping, vacation and BBQ...

    A Different Yom Ha’Shoah

    The often-repeated-story of how willing the “friendly” neighbors were to do the dirty work, even before the Nazis arrived....

    Oh, You Did It Again

    A response to Rabbi Eli Buechler, the director of the OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard.

    Why Didn’t We Listen?

    We had two great Rabbinic leaders who were crystal clear in what the State of Israel needed to do to defeat the enemy, but their words fell on deaf ears...

    My Daddy’s a Tank Commander

    I recently visited a kindergarten in northern Israel...

    IDF Soldiers are Our Future Leaders

    Why is it so challenging to find people capable of leading the Jewish Nation?

    Surrender Means Victory

    The question is not "When will it end?" but rather "How do we win?"

    Fighting Like Judah the Maccabee

    The Jewish people need to stand proud and begin educating the world - even the founding of America was inspired and motivated by many of our Jewish leaders and warriors.

    Your Nation is Calling

    The world can’t figure something out; Why are Jews in the Diaspora helping Israel in enormous proportions and – even more unbelievable – why,...

    Jews Outside Israel – Protect Yourselves

    Jews of the world; read my words carefully, not because I am anyone special, but because I say what others are afraid to.

    Please, No Museums

    The last thing we need is another museum of dead Jews.

    Is Everyone REALLY Kahane Today?

    For all people who claim that they are now “more Kahane than Sackett”, have them take this simple 5 question test...

    Is Everyone REALLY Kahane Today?

    A person I know well – who has been a proud leftist from the day we met – recently said to me that Kahane was right.

    World Opinion is Changing Against Israel

    We are here to stay and – like it or not – we will conquer Gaza and destroy whoever stands in our way

    Not the Time for Questions

    How many times has the IDF attacked Hamas… only to have them come back bigger and better shortly thereafter?

    Golda, the Movie

    I’ll get right to the point: Every Jew needs to see this movie.

    Spy News

    Stop listening to the media and open your eyes to the truth; Life in Israel is wonderful!

    A Bad Headline

    I can’t get this headline out of my head; “Terrorist who killed IDF soldier, entered Israel legally.”

    Short Neck Syndrome

    Over and over again the Torah tells us how to fight the enemy, but these guidelines don’t fit well in the “play-nice” world of 2023.

    Pizza, Donuts and Eretz Yisrael

    Question #1 to my fellow AI Jews; When is the last time you stopped to actually look at the words of “Al ha’Michya”?

    Where are the 20 and 30-Year Olds?

    For the first time, there was not one person under 40 in any of my presentations!

    From Fans to Players

    “You are Shmuel Sackett? Wow! My wife and I read all your articles and are your biggest fans!”

    How to Achieve Jewish Unity

    People throw around the term “Jewish unity” all the time, but what does it mean and how do we achieve that important goal? Do we have to agree with everyone?

    The Techeilet Revolution

    White Team vs. Blue Team. Go Blue!

    Standing in the Same Spot

    Someone asked Eli why we stopped at this spot to read these verses in Shmuel Aleph. He smiled and then said words that I will never forget...

    If I Were the Israeli Ambassador

    Recently, Israel’s Ambassador to the USA, Michael Herzog, was summoned to a meeting with Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman...

    Finish the Job

    His question is actually one that many people have been asking lately. Why not simply finish the job with these terrorists?


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