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Golda, the Movie

I’ll get right to the point: Every Jew needs to see this movie.

Spy News

Stop listening to the media and open your eyes to the truth; Life in Israel is wonderful!

A Bad Headline

I can’t get this headline out of my head; “Terrorist who killed IDF soldier, entered Israel legally.”

Short Neck Syndrome

Over and over again the Torah tells us how to fight the enemy, but these guidelines don’t fit well in the “play-nice” world of 2023.

Pizza, Donuts and Eretz Yisrael

Question #1 to my fellow AI Jews; When is the last time you stopped to actually look at the words of “Al ha’Michya”?

Where are the 20 and 30-Year Olds?

For the first time, there was not one person under 40 in any of my presentations!

From Fans to Players

“You are Shmuel Sackett? Wow! My wife and I read all your articles and are your biggest fans!”

How to Achieve Jewish Unity

People throw around the term “Jewish unity” all the time, but what does it mean and how do we achieve that important goal? Do we have to agree with everyone?

The Techeilet Revolution

White Team vs. Blue Team. Go Blue!

Standing in the Same Spot

Someone asked Eli why we stopped at this spot to read these verses in Shmuel Aleph. He smiled and then said words that I will never forget...

If I Were the Israeli Ambassador

Recently, Israel’s Ambassador to the USA, Michael Herzog, was summoned to a meeting with Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman...

Finish the Job

His question is actually one that many people have been asking lately. Why not simply finish the job with these terrorists?

75 Reasons Why I Love Israel

It is very common to read about the problems in Israel and to hear the criticism. How about pausing that for a while and trying to focus on the good?

Israel at 75 – The Future is Bright

Huh! Not worried about the protests? Not worried about the hatred in the eyes of the left? Not worried about the lack of unity among the people?

Whatever Happened to “Never Again”?

I joined the Jewish Defense League in 1972 because of their slogan “Never Again”. The JDL had been formed 4 years earlier and I...

What’s Really Going on in Israel

First the good news. Pesach is next week and despite the nonsense and all the noise, 98% of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael will sit and enjoy the seder.

The Most Dangerous Thing Today

The biggest danger we face is not from social media, antisemitism, cellphones, addiction, or poverty. It's...

How it Happened: A Response to Rabbi Moshe Hauer

The town of Hawara got what they deserved and the next time a brick is thrown, the response will be even more severe.

Retire in Israel? There’s a Better Way!

I have spoken to thousands of people about making Aliyah and have received some very interesting reasons why – even though they would love...

Jewish Blood and Jewish Judges

Many of my friends have bitterly complained against these protesters, and their actions, but I strongly disagree.

Arrested Because of My T-Shirt

In the mid-90’s I went to a lot of demonstrations in Israel. Together with hundreds of thousands of others, we were protesting the signing...

Bibi Did NOT Win the Elections

It has been my prediction all along that Netanyahu will turn the Knesset upside down just to leave Ben-Gvir out of the coalition.

Israeli Elections Round 5

I will try to explain the complicated Israeli political process in less than 300 words.

The Last Shabbat of the Year

What’s wrong with us? The year is ending – and life is racing by – and all we want to do is finish the spiritual stuff as fast as possible so we can devour some chicken?

When Are You Making Geulah?

It's simple, when Jews move back to the Land, the “Geulah” – the redemption – gets much closer!

Real Jewish Unity

My wife and I were eating Friday night Shabbat dinner in one of the Israeli hotels, when we noticed a family sitting next to...

Missing the Point

The job of Jews living outside of Eretz Yisrael is to do whatever it takes to start living inside!

You Say it but Do You Believe it?

In short, there are no Pinocchio’s in Judaism...

Remembering Israel

Don’t just ask when the fast ends… ask when the exile ends.


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