You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

This past week, I read more articles and heard more jokes about Ben & Jerry’s than I have in the last 100 years… ok,...

Nine Ideas For The Nine Days

No laundries, no showers, no swimming, and no pastrami sandwiches. It seems like the big expression during the Nine Days is: "Just say no!" Please allow me, therefore, to change things up a bit. Here is a list of things you can say "yes" to during this period.

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Did anyone change their daily routine or – just like the ‘ol Pharaoh - are we still the same ‘ol Yossi, Rivka, Sarah and Chaim?

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Plague after plague… but this time it wasn’t sent to Pharaoh, it was sent to us.

Good Luck, Prime Minister Bennett

I would guess that you wouldn’t have thought that I would write such an article, but I did…

Learn How to Use Your Jewish Fist

Jackie Mason made a joke recently that there are 3 things we can always count on: Death, Taxes and Anti-Semitism...

Meet the Arab American Businessman Terrorist

The security forces are baffled… he doesn’t fit the perfect description!

The Ramadan Riots Must End Now – Here’s How

Israel needed to act swiftly and forcefully as soon as the trouble started because the Arab world was watching… and we failed that test.

He Refused to Stand

Can we only help a brother in need if we agree with his ideology?

Why I Love The Far-From-Perfect Israel

Does this government – and the system running it – need a major overhaul? For sure! But it’s my imperfect government, so I take the good with the bad.

Two Important Lessons from the Holocaust

With Yom Ha’Shoah being commemorated this week, what lessons did we learn from that tragic era?

Are You Ready to Convert?

If you’re not prepared to have the most meaningful Pesach experience of your life, stop reading this immediately!

From 5 Million More to 1 Million Less

Every ethnic group in America is growing, except the Jews.

Beware the PLAN-demic Jewish Cult

People have been convinced to stop following the Covid safety guidelines. This has resulted in many people getting sick and even dying and I hold this group accountable for their deaths!

How Lucky We are to be Outdoors

The Jewish people went from being an outdoor nation to becoming indoor communities, but the Torah world is definitely returning to the way it was… under the heavens, together as one nation

Crown the King or Corona the King?

I will get right to the point. This Rosh Ha’Shanah, we are focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of worrying how many people are...

From One Mask to Another 

In 1991 while waiting for a SCUD, I didn’t follow the rules and instead drank a BUD… but in 2020 I am ready for the TASK by caring for neighbors and wearing my MASK. 

Get the Aliyah APP

APPealing, APPropriate, APProved

Peace by Piece

Discussion on the Trump Peace Plan reminds me of a multiple-choice test: A) I like the plan B) I do not like the plan C) I'm in the middle D) None of the above. My answer is simple. It is a definite, positive “D” – “None of the above”. Let me explain....

You Can Become Mashiach

For 2,000 years we have been waiting for some hero to ride into town and simply “save the day”. Unfortunately, this is not a Jewish concept.

A Message to American Jews: Don’t Run Away

I cannot stand with those people who are posting – all over social media – that Jews need to “leave America NOW, before it’s too late!”

Why Is Vizhnitz Building In Lakewood?

As a matter of fact, if done right, you could probably wind up moving a lot of the beautiful Jews from Lakewood to Eretz HaKodesh!

Challenging but Not Crazy

Be full of joy – yes, real “simcha” – especially now during these challenging days.

In Israel, Elections Are Just the Beginning

If you think that elections in Israel are finally over… think again, because the fun is just about to begin! The only part that’s over is election day

The Ninja Who Said Sh’ma

Israel is a Jewish state--heck, even our Ninjas are Jewish!

From Hebron to Pittsburgh… to Monsey

Over Shabbat many ex-JDL’ers shared stories about what they did to protect Jews in Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and even in Ottawa.

I am AGAINST Iron Dome

Better to believe in the 'Iron Fist'

Going the Wrong Way

Make time to learn with your children. Sit with them, not just on Shabbat, but during the week as well and light their neshamas on fire! Make Torah fun for them and show them you genuinely care about their connection to Hashem. Show them how you are growing closer to Hashem and they will want to do the same thing!

You Let Them Vote? So Let Them Win!

The Arabs of Israel must become similar to “green card” holders in the USA. Someone with a USA green card can register his kids in public schools, obtain a driver’s license and even get social security and medicaire benefits. The one thing they cannot do, however, is vote in federal elections.


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