Bibi Did NOT Win the Elections

It has been my prediction all along that Netanyahu will turn the Knesset upside down just to leave Ben-Gvir out of the coalition.

Israeli Elections Round 5

I will try to explain the complicated Israeli political process in less than 300 words.

The Last Shabbat of the Year

What’s wrong with us? The year is ending – and life is racing by – and all we want to do is finish the spiritual stuff as fast as possible so we can devour some chicken?

When Are You Making Geulah?

It's simple, when Jews move back to the Land, the “Geulah” – the redemption – gets much closer!

Real Jewish Unity

My wife and I were eating Friday night Shabbat dinner in one of the Israeli hotels, when we noticed a family sitting next to...

Missing the Point

The job of Jews living outside of Eretz Yisrael is to do whatever it takes to start living inside!

You Say it but Do You Believe it?

In short, there are no Pinocchio’s in Judaism...

Remembering Israel

Don’t just ask when the fast ends… ask when the exile ends.

How To Cry

This is how the daughter of Pharaoh knew the baby was a Jew… by the way he cried! Tears of hope, not despair… weeping of yearning, not hopelessness.

We Defy the Odds

We are clearly the “longshot” in every bet, yet we come through time and time again.

Memorial Day in the USA is a Big Joke

I can live to be 1,000 and will never understand how Memorial Day is commemorated in the USA.

Do We Pray for Peace or for Revenge?

Allow me to answer the question right away; we pray for both! But keep reading....

The Fight is Part of the Mitzvah

To deserve Israel is to fight for her.

The Healing Powers of Iyar

The beginning of the month of Iyar saw us build the state and the end of the month saw us liberate the Temple Mount.

What Have We Really Learned from Yom Ha’Shoah?

Many years ago, a major debate erupted in the new and young State of Israel...

Please Take Care of this Today

A major injustice is occurring in Israel that I wanted to bring to your attention.

Will You Be Part of the Jewish Future?

Listen closely and you’ll Yaacov Avinu; “My dearest children, stop building Jewish communities outside the land. Stop thinking that a trip every few years is enough. The Jewish nation needs you in Israel permanently. Move there with your family. Build a home, support the schools, grow the economy, plant some trees and defend the land.”

It’s All About Us

129 countries voted against the Jewish people... who do we blame?

The Pollard Photo-op

Rabbis, politicians, community leaders, activists and successful businesspeople paying their respects to Jonathan Pollard. Where the heck were these people when he sat in prison for 30 years?

Murdered 31 Years Ago – But Still My Rebbe

Rabbi Kahane gave us answers to "controversial subjects"… and most of them were not “politically correct” … but they were “Jewishly correct!”

We Need to be the Light

Whether we like it or not, the eyes of the world are on little, tiny Israel. The NY times and CNN report about Israel as if we are the size of Russia and China combined!

How to be Happy on Sukkot During These Crazy Times

When I can’t learn Daf Yomi with my regular Rav, I make sure to watch and listen to Rabbi Eli Stefansky’s amazing daf on...

Men in the Women’s Section

Why do several men insist on davening in the women’s section in shul during the week?

The Revenge We Are Waiting For

Today’s anti-Semite has become very clever. He/she no longer says they hate Jews. That’s not nice and very politically un-correct. The buzz word these days is called “Anti Israel”.

Prophecy Coming to Life!

Making the Desert Bloom-Just look at the pictures...

You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

This past week, I read more articles and heard more jokes about Ben & Jerry’s than I have in the last 100 years… ok,...

Nine Ideas For The Nine Days

No laundries, no showers, no swimming, and no pastrami sandwiches. It seems like the big expression during the Nine Days is: "Just say no!" Please allow me, therefore, to change things up a bit. Here is a list of things you can say "yes" to during this period.

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Did anyone change their daily routine or – just like the ‘ol Pharaoh - are we still the same ‘ol Yossi, Rivka, Sarah and Chaim?

Pharaoh, Please Forgive Us

Plague after plague… but this time it wasn’t sent to Pharaoh, it was sent to us.

Good Luck, Prime Minister Bennett

I would guess that you wouldn’t have thought that I would write such an article, but I did…


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