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Jerusalemites celebrate the United Nations decision, in Jerusalem

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Today, November 29,  is the UN-designated International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The irony is unreal.
The day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the UN Partition resolution that called for two states in British Mandate Palestine – a Jewish state and an Arab state.
If Arabs had accepted the partition, the Arab State would be much larger than today’s West Bank and Gaza.
Everything you need to know about that day, and about the last 73 years, can be seen in the Palestine Post of December 1, 1947, reporting on the day after the partition vote.
Jews celebrated:

David Ben Gurion pledged that Arabs would be fully equal citizens in the Jewish state:

Arab leaders declared November 29 to be a “Day of Mourning”:

The Arab terrorists wasted no time in starting what would become the War of Independence, killing Jews in multiple attacks within hours of the declaration.

The actual Arabs in Palestine did not like how their supposed leaders and hotheads were inciting for war. They had no problem with the Jews.
That last day of November, 1947, is a microcosm of the entire 73 years since. The Jews remain enthusiastic that they have a state, want Arabs in Israel to be treated equally and still want to be on friendly terms with the Arab world. The people who claim to represent the Palestinian Arabs continue to make decisions that hurt the actual people they pretend to be defending. Those people remain silenced. And there is no shortage of Arabs who look for any excuse to justify attacking Jews.

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