The Beginning of the End of the Honor/Shame Culture-Part I

Honor/shame relies to a large degree on the ability to lie - both to others and to oneself.

What if there was no “occupation?” The anti-Zionists of the 1950s Provide the Answer

The “occupation” is an excuse, not a reason, for rabid anti-Israel hate. And the easiest proof is to look at the anti-Zionists of the 1950s – before “occupation.”

My Jewish Privilege

The only time I feel completely comfortable is when visiting Israel. I am far less worried about being a terror attack victim there than a victim of an antisemitic hate crime in the US.

“Unilateral West Bank land grab”

Extending sovereignty is not a land grab. It is the beginning of a disengagement.

Israel-Haters Who Pretend to Care about Gaza Hurt Arabs

Why are there so many articles about 2 million Gazans who don't have adequate water and so few about the other 72 million people in the region who have the exact same (or worse) problem?

Actually, Israel and Billionaires do Have Something in Common

Mondoweiss, being Mondoweiss, tries to find a way to tie everything to hating Israel:

77-year old female Jewish Professor in Pittsburgh Sues after FALSE Accusations of Sexual Harassment...

Newman is being attacked by BDSers because she has been outspoken and articulate about how these new "social justice warriors" are enabling antisemitism as well as racism and sexism.

The Forward’s Noxious Op-Ed Accusing Modern Orthodox Jews of Dual Loyalty

Love of Israel is in no way contradictory to love of America. American Jews are very appreciative to live in a country that is not only welcoming of Jews but also a staunch ally of Israel. The pride of being American is part and parcel of the pride of being a Jew and a Zionist in America.

Palestinian’s Now Claim that the Western Wall is their MOST Sacred Shrine

Literally every Jewish shrine in the Holy Land is claimed by the Palestinians to be their own, which is a hell of a coincidence.

CJR Article by a Leftist Attacking The Forward Ends up Damning the Left More...

So the Left can tell us what antisemitism is and the Forward cannot? Because according to them, there is simply no such thing as any antisemitism that is not from the far Right, and mentioning any other type outrages them. Arab antisemitism is "protesting for Palestinian freedom" no matter how many times the word "Jew" is used. Attacks on Jews in Brooklyn are twisted to somehow be Trump's fault

Trump’s IAC speech is a Rorschach Test of the Jewish left

Let's be clear: the only people who are upset over a President, or anyone, saying that people should love Israel more are people who hate Israel.

Hanan Ashrawi: UN is too PRO-Israel!

Imagine how ANTI-ISRAEL she would want the UN to be?

EoZ Columnist Symposium: Should Netanyahu resign? Part 1 Daled Amos, Varda Epstein, Vic Rosenthal

As far as who can do Bibi's job - at the moment, no one, but Bibi would be gone one way or another eventually, and I have faith in Israel's democracy

Arabs Upset that Britain Refuses to Apologize for Balfour Declaration

Ashrawi: Not only should Britain apologize for the declaration and to immediately recognize a Palestinian state on the so-called 1967 borders, but Britain should compensate the Palestinians for their suffering.

How to Explain “Racist” Netanyahu’s Unprecedented Support of Arabs?

Netanyahu is a politician, and for the past decade, he's been a very good one. His political instincts are what helps him accomplish his vision for Israel. His vision for Israel is a state where the Arabs are treated as equals and given all the same opportunities as Jews in a Jewish state.

J-Street’s Panel on Antisemitism Excused – and Even Allowed – Antisemitism

This J Street panel was a disgrace for a supposedly Jewish, supposedly pro-Israel organization that pretends to care about antisemitism.

Knowing Right From Right

What sort of government do I want? How far to the right does my ideology go? But just how far right they go, is always a question for me.

Which Jewish Voices are Being Silenced on Israel?

They dominate the Forward's entire site; they dominate the NYT's editorial and news sections, JTA gives them plenty of coverage yet they claim they are not allowed to speak.

NYT Gives a Fawning Account of J-Street’s “Birthright” Trip

David Halbfinger of the New York Times wrote a veritable infomercial for J-Street in his story about their trip to Israel

The Bahrain Workshop: Its Assured “Failure” is its Success

Only when Palestinians understand that the world has changed and that they can no longer rely on automatic, reflexive support from their fellow Arabs can they even start to consider going back to the table with Israel.

A Father Speaks Out: The Murder of Malki Roth and the Refusal of Jordan...

Malki will never be a statistic but an inspiration. And in remembering her, we also realize that she and the savage who engineered her death are not—as several dull journalists said to me at various points in the weeks after the massacre—two sides of the same coin

Another Fishy claim: “Holocaust refugees were sheltered in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria”

I cannot even find an anecdote of Jews who somehow managed to sneak into Egypt, Syria or Lebanon, which is not proof it didn't happen...but if it did, it doesn't sound like it was anything close to these Arab countries sheltering European Jews.

Vile: US Rep @RashidaTlaib pretends Palestinians helped Jews after the Holocaust

Tlaib's words go beyond mere whitewashing these historic facts. She is not only claiming that Palestinians deserve credit for helping Jews after the Holocaust. She is also saying that Palestinians were Holocaust victims themselves, by giving up "their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence" for Jews to have a place to go.

Did the Trump Effect Change Lebanon’s Mind for Drawing Maritime Borders with Israel?

Could it be that the softening of the Gulf Arab states towards Israel, and Trump's embrace of Israel's side in the Golan and elsewhere, is injecting some realpolitik into Lebanese thinking?


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