What do the Nazi-collaborating Grand Mufti and Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi have in common?

Like the Mufti, Ahlam Tamimi is popular in the Arab world. The US wants to maintain friendly relations with Jordan. Instead of acting like a superpower, giving a message to the world that the US will pursue justice, the Biden administration is continuing the policy of sending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Jordan to prop up its "moderate" king. 

EU Condemns Israel for Buying a DUMP in Jerusalem

The EU, so concerned about the law when it can be interpreted against Israel, wants it to be ignored when it supports the position of Jews. Buying a building and moving in is "settler occupation," and of course all "settler occupation" is illegal. 

Why are Israelis SO HAPPY (ranked #9 on world happiness index)?

An idiot claims he knows THE reason Israelis are happy and Palestinians are not: The Jews are STEALING Palestinian happiness!

No, Ukraine is NOT Gaza

Only Israel-hating morons think it is


Apartheid is a term used purely for propaganda purposes when applied to Israel

A Random Example of the Amnesty Report’s Dishonesty

This one page, when read honestly, proves not only Israel's liberalism but also Amnesty's illiberalism. 

Terror Groups ❤️ Amnesty International

and, it seems Amnesty International ❤️ Terror Groups-a ❤️ match made in Durban

Abusing the Law: ‘‘Combating International Islamophobia Act’’

The US House of Representatives approved a bill last week that seeks to combat Islamophobia around the world - but not within the United...

Palestinians Cry: Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue Rebuilding is ‘Illegitimate!’

Their claims are ludicrous once you know that it the land was purchased by Jews in the 1840s, completed in 1872, destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948

Mosque at Cave of Patriarchs gets Upgrade to “4th holiest mosque in Islam”

The holier Jews consider a site, the more Muslims want to take it away from Jews. It happens in Jerusalem, in Hebron, in Bethlehem, in Shechem

Holes in the NSO Story Just Too Big to Ignore

- if the media weren't systemically anti-Israel--a VERY BIG IF

Slice of Life: When Richie Prayed at the Kotel – before ’67

“I’ll probably never be there again.” Was Richie WRONG!

Abbas Condemns Jewish Right to Worship.

The world seems to pretty much agrees with this antisemitism.

How to – and How NOT to – Fight Antisemitism

Jews need to be proud of our Judaism and of Israel. We shouldn't be defensive - we should be enthusiastic.

Ancient Jewish Pilgrimage Site that Palestinians Bar Jews from Visiting

So we see that Jews lives in Halhul in the Middle Ages, they venerated it for much longer as the burial place of a prophet, and it is clearly an important Biblical site.

West Point Scholar: ‘IDF Strike of the Al Jalaa Tower was Legal’

I've noted before that the legal analyses given by NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are not only biased against Israel but they betray an ignorance of the laws of armed conflict.

Vaccine Vitriol: Hating Israel more than Valuing Palestinian Lives

The ONLY inquiry Palestinians are demanding is why the PA almost bought vaccines that they claim were of "inferior" quality. The PA, naturally, has to defend its "honor" by canceling the deal. 

Misplaced Honor: The Real Obstacle to Peace

Palestinian shame-based culture holds that it is more honorable for the residents to be homeless than to admit that Jews own the homes. 

First the @NYTimes Publishes Op-ed Supporting Terrorism. THEN it publishes THE Map That Lies

oThe NYT published another anti-Israel op-ed that justifies the recent pogroms against Jews by Israeli Arabs as a natural reaction to being second-class citizens,

Faux Peaceniks and Real Terrorists=Perfect Storm of Jew-hatred

The attackers find strength in numbers, they see that they have the Left on their side, they are riled up by thousands of lies about Israel by speaker after speaker and tweet after tweet

US Palestinian Groups Fundraising for “HEROES” Who Attack Jews

Awawdeh said after posting bail that he does not regret attacking a defenseless Jew and would happily do it again.

Yes, Jordan Illegally Gave Jewish Owned Land to UNRWA

There is absolutely no reason to think that the lands that Arabs now claim ownership for in Sheikh Jarrah were originally owned by Arabs


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