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    Barack Obama’s Condescending “Friendly Advice” to Israel

    Obama's language assumes that Israel is not adhering to international law. That is condescending and false.

    BBC’s Blood Libel Source? Haaretz Op-ed

    The Haaretz headline that everyone saw since changed, was "Killing children brings Israelis together."

    Jenin Resident Confirms that Palestinian Arabs were TOLD to Leave in 1948 by their...

    But here is a Palestinian "refugee" who is not ashamed to say that his own ancestors indeed fled because they were instructed to.

    Evolution of Palestinian Identity

    Interesting analysis by an anti-Zionist

    Horrors of the “Occupation”

    The tragic conditions that residents of Ramallah and Gaza must endure, revealed in TikTok videos

    UNRWA Site Admits its “Refugee” Definition is Defective

    By international law, the UNRWA definition is criminal

    Amazing…but TRUE

    The amazing is becoming commonplace: Israeli defense contractor to open locations in an Arab country

    Israel Scores in Lebanon

    In 1949, the Israeli Army played a soccer match against the Lebanese Army!

    Deafening Silence

    As Arabs celebrate, Egyptian media completely silent on their policeman murdering three IDF soldiers yesterday

    Why are Palestinians Demanding World Pressure on Israel?

    Pals want release of a sadistic murderer from prison

    What the Media DOESN’T Tell you about Huwara

    The dangers of driving through Huwara have been known for a while. To reduce friction, since 2019, Israel has been building a bypass road specifically to avoid this problem.

    A Black Cleopatra?

    Racist Egyptians upset at a Black Cleopatra in Netflix series, and turn it into an antisemitic conspiracy theory

    A Muslim Storms the Kotel and Joins in ‘Talmudic Service’

    Notice that the Jews have no problem with a Muslim praying at the Kotel

    Arab Hyperbole: “The Zionist Occupation is a Threat to Humanity”

    So Israel's 'supposed' crimes against the Palestinian environment is threatening to destroy the entire world!

    And the Survey Says: Antisemitism Widespread in Workplace

    A/S trending up, especially with the younger people in positions of power

    Israel-haters Lying with Stats: Christians in Jerusalem

    Christians didn't leave under Israeli rule, but they flocked away under Muslim rule.

    Arabs Angry Gigi Hadid Hates Antisemitism

    Arab media is very upset about this. And they seem more upset over her support of the Jewish people than for her removal of her anti-Israel posts.

    Believe it or Not…

    A far higher percentage of Israeli Arabs vote for Zionist parties than there are American Jewish anti-Zionists

    Palestinians Have a Thriving Export Industry, Netting them $Billions$

    The export is Jew-hatred....Understand this and you understand everything.

    Jewish Agency’s History Destroys “Palestine was an Arab State” Myth

    Before 1948, the translation of "Palestine" was "The Land of Israel." Today's "Palestine" has nothing at all to do with Palestine before 1948

    Did Jews Buy Land in Transjordan as EARLY as the 1870s?

    This may be a very neglected chapter of Zionist history.


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