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You don't need a magnifying class to find anti-Israel bias in the NY Times,

The uptick in antisemitic hate crimes in the United States is at all-time terrifying highs. Since the October 7, 2023 brutal slaughter by Palestinian Arabs from Gaza of roughly 1,200 people in Israel, radical Muslim and far-left socialists have been celebrating the torture of Jews and promising to bring the “intifada” to the streets and campuses of the U.S.

The heinous antisemitism is promoted and supported by alt-left Muslim women in congress like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who has called Jews the sinister plotters “behind the curtains” that kill Black and Brown people “from Gaza to Detroit,” and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who says that there are only two types of Jews: “pro-genocide or anti-genocide.” But The New York Times is trying to defend its own rather than cover the news, so is sticking with a narrative that antisemitism only exists among Republicans.


On the front page of the May 12, 2024 paper, The Times published an article titled “The Antisemitic Tropes Echoed by Republicans.” It continued on with a full two-page spread inside, complete with charts and graphics under the banner “How Republicans Echo Antisemitic Tropes.” Both headlines had sub-headers that were clear that the “declared support for Jews” was a ruse to get their votes.

For good measure, the paper added another article about the Orthodox Jewish governor of Pennsylvania. It made sure to add that he’s “A Rising Pro-Israel Democrat” in the headline.

The Times has long promoted the idea that only White people can really be racists and antisemitic, as other minorities are simply “punching up” and trying to succeed. If a Black preacher like Louis Farrakhan shouts clearly vile antisemitic things, the Democratic establishment says nothing and the Times buries the story, lest Black Americans turn on the party.

Antisemitism is not limited to the Democratic Party but it has become deeply embedded in the left flank “Squad.” Mainstream media is worried that Jews will abandon their comrades in an election year, so is spinning narratives that Jews must stay loyal to the party despite the rot, and keep lunatics like Jamaal Bowman in office.

Jewish Americans see and feel the hatred, as well as the poorly constructed cover-ups by left-wing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel media.

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