As the reestablished Jewish State celebrates its 75th birthday, it is worth pausing to consider its amazing accomplishments, in the middle of the illiberal Middle East.

Happiness. According to the World Happiness Report, Israel ranked as the 12th happiest country in the world, well ahead of its neighbors. According to Gallup Poll, Israel ranked as the 4th happiest country in 2023. It was the only country in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region to score in the top 20.


Wealth. Israel’s GDP per Capita of $44,178 is over 4.75 times the average of the eight surrounding countries. Only two other countries – Cyprus and Saudi Arabia – have GDP per capita in excess of $20,000.

Education. Israel leads the region in educational achievement, especially for women.

Nobel prizes. Not surprisingly, based on educational achievement and GDP, Israel leads the region in Nobel Prizes. It has won more than the entire region COMBINED.

Life Expectancy. Israel only trails Cyprus in life expectancy among neighboring countries.

Maternal Mortality. Israel’s health system is very strong, as can be seen by the very low number of women who die during child birth. While Cyprus has a slightly higher life expectancy than Israel, Israel leads the region in prenatal care.

Population growth. Despite the better healthcare system and higher life expectancy, Israel’s population growth over the past decade was lower than most in the region. This is typical of countries with higher GDP and education rates for women. Only Turkey had a lower growth rate.

Gender inequality. In general, Israel looks much more like western countries than those in the Arab and Muslim Middle East. It can be seen most clearly by looking at overall gender inequality (maternal mortality, adolescent birth rate, percentage participation in parliament, percent with secondary degrees, percent labor participation).

In its short history, Israel has proven itself to be a remarkable liberal democracy, thriving by almost every measure. To do so while neighboring countries are in a state of war and refuse to recognize the Jewish State’s existence makes it a modern miracle. Wishing it many years of success and peace ahead!

I am a Zionist. A Deep Zionist. An Amazed Zionist. A Loud Zionist.

Israel Teaches The World About Democracy

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