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May 26, 2023Dear Editor,It’s hardly fascistic to order people not to wave the flag of a people whose charter calls for the death of all the Jews in Israel. Perhaps the prohibition is similar to regulations making it illegal to wave Swastika flags symbolic of a people who have already murdered millions of Jews. If it wouldn’t make them pariahs in Israeli society, the “university chiefs” who criticized the government for banning the waving of Palestinian flags would probably want to reform the swastika flag laws because after all, what harm does a flag do, and free expression is a better strategy for exposing hate than driving haters into the shadows. Israeli law makers and “university chiefs” should study the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag in the USA, what it represents and how may former slave states have removed the flags from official buildings and letter heads and why they made that decision before calling Israeli political leaders fascists. .  Sincerely yours, Larry Shapiro


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