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Mishloach Manot 2024, tribute to the IDF

This Purim in Gaza
Jews seek a calm plaza
To recite the lengthy Megilat Esther.

An evil plot spun
By the antisemite Haman
Who would eventually become Jews’ jester.


The IDF’s mishloach manot
Would break from historic rote
And include foods each had on hand.

Each soldier had the same
And laugh at the passe game;
Exchanging foods which for months had become bland.

Tuna MREs,*
A bunch of chickpeas,
And a ripe, military-green avocado,

American Kind bars,
Often delivered with greeting cards
Would cement each gever’s bravado.

Classic sunflower seeds
Top off the good deed
Of gifts among Jewish friends.

In the Jewish Promised Land
And beyond, hand-to-hand
This holiday is seen through a new lens.

Many Jews are now scared
As our neighbors declared
That we are enemies for supporting Israel.

They are ready to pounce
Unless we renounce
The Jewish State and declare it vestigial.

This Purim 2024
We cautiously open the door
Now monitored by a Ring alarm.

Cautious of antisemites
Who deny Jewish rights
And mean to do us physical harm.

Recalling Mordecai did not bend
And Esther did ascend
To flip that historic situation.

Persian Jews defeated
An evil ideology, deep-seated
And avoided a mass annihilation.

We will also stand proud –
Zionists unbowed,
Sporting American and Israeli flags.

We yell “Happy Purim!”
As we munch our gar’inim
Handing IDF foods in olive green bags.

We will celebrate victory
Current and from history
And salute everyone involved in the fight.

That includes G-d
As well as the Mossad
And do it all over a bite.

Make sure IDF soldiers have a bit more to eat for Purim and throughout the war:

*MRE: military term for “meals ready to eat”

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