Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Achim LaNeshek "reservist" protesters "throw money" at ultra-Orthodox Jews as part of their protest.

The following meme is making the rounds in Hebrew in Israel. We’ve translated it for you. The author is currently unknown.

I want to say congratulations to the opponents of the judicial reform for 30 weeks of demonstrations.


Now let’s count 30 achievements you reached in these 30 weeks:

1. Bibi is still prime minister
2. Ben Gvir is still the Minister of National Security
3. Levin is still the Minister of Justice
4. Yoav Galant voted in favor of the reason of Reasonableness
5. You made Simcha Rothman a legend
6. Reasonableness passed
7. You burned the road that leads to your city
8. You did damage in the millions to your city’s infrastructure
9. Your family is stuck at home every Saturday
10. You blockade your city every other day
11. Tel Aviv Police Chief Ami Ashed was fired
12. You have turned the word democracy into dictatorship
13. You have turned the flag into a symbol of division
14. You made the pilots a dirty word
15. You brought us to the brink of a war of destruction with Israel’s enemies
16. You hurt your economy
17. You have compromised your security
18. You made the world call your country a dictatorship
19. You brought us to a historic low with the USA
20. You caused one nation to split into two
21. You promote criminal political refusal
22. You have made violence against police officers and citizens who think differently than you legitimate
23. You have turned the doctors into vile political tools
24. You made the lie into your truth
25. You have made hatred and anti-Semitism part of your agenda
26. You have made the right statesman-like: tolerant and inclusive so that does everything not to end up in a fratricidal war
27. You have become violent, brainwashed, and thirsty for the blood of your brothers
28. You made us hate our generals that we once looked upon as legends
29. You prefer to wave the flag of those who dream of eliminating you and not to sit with your brothers
30. And the reform is progressing…

We will meet at the celebrations when you reach 100…


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