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Anti-Semitic leftist Michael Lerner is the Rabbi Impersonator who publishes and edits Tikkun Magazine, a pro-LSD magazine for aging hippies who have severe prostate problems and suffer from constipation. Olde Mikey has no rabbinic ordination of any sort, yet has been pretending to be a rabbi for decades. When challenged to produce his smicha, he invariably insists his dog ate it. Other times he claims to have been ordained by Rolling Stone Magazine. Mikey is the guy who claims Jews themselves are responsible for anti-Semitism. He demanded that Americans respond to the 9-11 attacks by feeling Bin Laden’s pain. He loves to wave his stigmata as he claims to be persecuted by “Rightwing Zionists” (see…/poor-michael-lerner%E2%80%99s-pe…/ ). Lerner is a rabbi in the same sense that I am a ballerina.

Lerner invented the “politics of meaning,” which is a pagan New Age pseudo-religion that insists that all of Judaism can be reduced to pursuing the leftist and jihadist political agenda. While he loves to toss out advice to Tikkun readers about “healing” and health, Lerner’s main contribution to science seems to be to prove that someone eating a vegan diet can still be obese.


Our team of analysts has just completed an exhaustive study and has reached the incredible and serendipitous conclusion that Michael of Meaning has been the person inside the children’s TV character Barney the Dinosaur. The first clues were that Barney and Lerner seem to have somewhat similar bodily dimensions and both have that big overbite. But what gave it away was the fact that Barney has been preaching the Politics of Meaning from PBS television stations to masses of unsuspecting children. Indeed, the entire essence of the Politics of Meaning is expressed in the theme song: “I wuv you, You wuv me, We’re a Happy Famil-wee.”

When confronted with this and asked whether that song was the elaboration of the Politics of Meaning for Children, Lerner hesitated and said, “Yes, well, er, no. Actually it is the full elaboration of Politics of Meaning for adults as well.”

Anyway, there are some new developments regarding Reb Moonbeam. He is increasingly teaming up with and collaborating with Gilad Atzmon.

Gilad Atzmon is a mentally deranged ex-Israeli saxophone player who lives in the UK. Atzmon is an open Holocaust Denier and Neo-Nazi. He has called for the burning down of synagogues. He is so openly anti-Semitic that the usual Bash-Israel groups in the UK are embarrassed by him and tend to keep their distance from him.

“Rabbi” Lerner has taken to appearing alongside the Holocaust Denier Atzmon on radio shows and other events. You can see examples here:…/gilad-atzmon-and-mainstrea…


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  1. You know I was really going to let this go, another ideologically fuelled rant on the internet. But given that lead GOP candidate appears to get away with more and more extreme racist utterances, I feel duty bound to respond in some fashion. Don't read Tikkun Magazine. It's for Jewish progressives, obviously and not really a safe haven for cultural or ethnic imperliasts. The point is to question, no to simply to regurgitate the fundamentalist materials passed down through generations of tribal sentamentalism. If Jewish means anything, it means the culture of the rational mind. The questioner, the inquisitor. The Talmadic traditions assure this; not just the law as word, but the word as question. Gilad Atzmon, another inquisitor wears the advantage of having been there: in the IDF medical corp during the invasion of Lebanon. His renouncement of his religion, his nationality and (impossibly) his ethnicity is born directly from his war time experiences. Before serving he was a Conservative, patriotic Israeli; his father preceeding him in the military. Atzmon doesn't hate Jews, he hates Israelis and the Isreali government for what he has seen it do. There's a big difference between being anti-semitic and being anti-Israeli and if you really can't tell the nuance the discernment, well then your opinions of Jewishness really don't hold much weight. Likewise, Atzmon doesn't question or deny the Holocaust; rather he questions how it is that the Likud Party and Israeli right wing extremists can use one genocide to justify the mass oppression of another people. He questions the motives of leaders who would use trajedy to justify further tragedies. And whther you agree with him or not as to the cynical propogandising of the Holocaust, the fact remains as a Jew, as a human being he is entitled to question. The intelerance of questioning of holding certain human events exhaulted by exceptionalism beckons the tyranny of elitism. And that really is the bottom line for Lerner and Atzmon; the Jewish state needs to be questioned and held to the standard critical thinking just as any other democratic state. Otherwise it ceases existing in the democratic tradition. The peril of the imminent destruction of Israel is not that it be destroyed by its enemies, who are weak and lacking in comparison but rather that it destroys itself from its own over reactive defensiveness by no longer being a free state.

  2. Igor's point is well taken, and certainly legitimate criticism and debate of any issue is an essential part of the Jewish intellectual tradition, and should be welcome.But, in my opinion, Michael Lerner crosses over the boundary of reputable discourse, into the territory of slander and subversion. It is one thing to criticize, but an entirely different matter when one works assiduously, alongside her enemies, to undermine Israel and its leadership. The author of this admittedly poorly written article is nevertheless correct when he identifies Lerner as, essentially, a 'wolf in sheep's clothing', a far left ideologue who has wrapped himself in the garb of Rabbinical piety. I can say this, based on two factors. Firstly, I have a very strong background in Hebrew studies, such that by age 16 I had studied the entire Tanach in both Hebrew and English, had 2+ years of intensive Talmud study, plus Hebrew language, history, philosophy, and more, in addition to very strong english academic curriculum. By age 21 I had a EE degree from a world renowned university, a peerless education in reason and grounded in reality (no pun intended!). Secondly, I know Michael Lerner personally. I met, and hung around with him for a while, when I was graduate student at the University of Washington, in Seattle (1969-71). The UW was a hotbed of radical activism in the anti-Vietnam War movement that was raging all around. Although I was a Canadian, I took the opportunity to educate myself in the politics of the day, and was steeped in the same stuff that Michael still dwells in today. I've obviously seen the light and moved on. Michael was wild-eyed bushy haired 'hothead', and used his passion to fire up other people, and started the Seattle Liberation Front, which was out on the far left fringes of the political spectrum, not far from the domain of Bill and Bernardine's Weather Underground. I sat up with Michael the night before his indictment for inciting an SLF protest that got out of hand and caused damage to a government building. In fact, I was also a witness to that event. So, although Michael has a most beneficent smile, his ultimate aim is the same, ie, the overthrown of western capitalist society, to be turned over to all his socialist, communist, feminist, LGBT, Islamic, etc. fellow travelers to implement world government and world peace, and turn most of Israel over to her enemies. So, as poorly written as this article is, nevertheless it is accurate, and Lerner's ideas and true intentions should be further 'outed' and Lerner himself discredited. IMHO.

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