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Anti-Israel activists storming AIPAC conference

{Originally posted to the United with Israel website}

Unlike most of their American counterparts who remained holed up indoors, Israeli students who attended the AIPAC conference in Washington went outside and faced the anti-Israel activists fearlessly.

Security forces closed the main doors to the Washington Convention Center Sunday Sunday to protect some 18,000 attendees at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference from hundreds of anti-Israel protesters outside.


The protesters included fervent anti-Israel journalist and author Max Blumenthal, whose father, Sid Blumenthal, is a strong supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Max Blumenthal at anti-Israel protest in Washington outside AIPAC.

Marc Prowisor, director of Security Projects for One Israel Fund and a resident of Shiloh in Samaria, refused to remain indoors.

‘Not One Ounce of Fear’

“I am so proud of my fellow Israelis, many of them recently released from the IDF, who didn’t stand behind the windows and police lines… Who went out to confront the Israel haters, who spoke with strength and dignity and showed them just who we are,” Prowisor wrote on Facebook.

“I went out,” he told this reporter in a telephone interview. “I’m seeing other Israelis there standing tall and proud. These Israelis, university students and some adults, have not one ounce of fear. The people around them could sense that and that they better not mess with them. It’s beautiful.”

After being interrupted briefly by a phone call from Israel from his son, an IDF soldier, Prowisor continued to explain that many American Jews “have been emasculated. Most of the American kids stayed indoors. A lot of them were afraid.”

Ryan Bellerose, a Native Canadian pro-Israel activist who also attended the conference, posted on social media: “I think I’m gonna go outside and say hello to the people who are so hate filled and irrational that they were screaming outright lies at everyone. I think it’s important to show that not only are we unapologetic, but that we are unafraid.”

‘Where’s the Jewish Pride’

The event was remindful of a similar situation in Toronto several years ago, when Jewish students remained locked inside the Hillel office in dire fear of approximately an equal number of anti-Israel anarchists threatening them. Police eventually escorted them out, but they were instructed – and obeyed the instructions – to keep their heads down.



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  1. FACT! Islamic Traitor Obama increased terrorism here in the US and in Europe, and encourages anti Jewish demonstrations! Obama calls on world to unite against terror while keeping his mouth shut at the “Obama Arab Knife Stabbing Intifada” Going on in Israel! Obama encouraged Abbas to do this at his Sept private meeting with him and also told Abbaa to void the Oslo peace agreement! That’s the kind of street smart tyrant most Americans elected! The Demo-Rats were bribed by Saudi Arabia and Arab nations to put this Islamic imposter on the 2008 ballot! He came up from no where, by his false charm and devilish manner! He managed to blinded everyone, especially our Congressmen, to get his evil agendas and the WW3 Iran deal passed! No one saw the deal nor signed it! This Islamic painted fake person, Barak Hussein should be sitting in jail for creating ISIS and treason to our country!

  2. I wish I had been there. I'm an American Jew who would have been happy to.confront Max Blumenthal and all the other Israel haters. They have no.clue. But I'm glad they were met with Israelis because how.can you argue with an actual citizen whose country is attacked daily?

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