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From left: Claudine Gay (Harvard University president), Elizabeth Magill (University of Pennsylvania president), American University professor Pamela Nadell and Sally Kornbluth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology president) testify during a House committee hearing about antisemitism on campus on Dec. 5, 2023.

Now is the time to ask hard questions to Jewish donors to Harvard.  For fun I’ll let you know I am the 3rd generation of 4 generations of family members at Harvard. There have been 6 of us there. I’m hoping that will end now, as these days too many students leave Harvard dumber than when they began and as worse human beings. It’s not the place for a nice Jewish boy or girl and neither is it the place for any healthy American nor anyone with good values and sound grounding.

I have some strong questions of my fellow Jewish Harvard grads, at least for the sane ones among us who are upset by the university’s proclamations and actions toward the muslim-liberal alliance on campus in support of Hamas. More accurately, it is a Harvard-Liberal-Muslim alliance of hate and intolerance.


My questions are specifically directed to my landsleit who were until recently donors to that no longer venerable university, to those that have cut off their support to Harvard in the wake of October 7.

1.  Prior to October 7, why did you not object to Harvard’s affirmative action and DEI admissions and hiring programs? Setting aside that these programs are anti-Jewish, even if they were not why are they acceptable rather than loony to you?

2.  Prior to October 7, where were you as post-modernism and Marxism thoroughly permeated the Harvard curriculum and faculty appointments? Why did you not stop giving to the university on that basis alone?

3.  Prior to October 7, where were you as Harvard lost track of who is a boy and who is a girl, even opening a child mutilation service in its Boston Children’s Hospital?

4.  Prior to October 7, where were you as Harvard ordered the removal of every single historic painting of every single prominent physician ever to be affiliated with the Massachusetts General Hospital, explicitly proclaiming it to be a white cleansing exercise.  Oy the chutzpah.  Now we know that’s what affirmative action plagiarists do, they take down paintings in hospitals.  Nice.

5.  Prior to October 7, where were you as the alphabet jihad grew on campus and beyond, promoting the sexualization and grooming of children in K-12?

6.  Prior to October 7, where were you as Harvard’s School of Education churned out curriculum and graduates that hate America, indeed the American idea itself, while peddling victimology and anti-white garbage?

7.  Prior to October 7, where were you as the history and government departments, along with the Kennedy School and all of the Regional Studies programs and more, taught and hosted anti-Americanism, third worldism, globalism, open borders, hijra and all sorts of other destructive, dangerous nonsense?

8. Prior to October 7, where were you throughout the 50 years long campaign to reinstate the ROTC program at Harvard, which was banned during the Vietnam War?  Were you against that?  If you did not care, why did you think it was unimportant to the texture of campus life and the culture war there?

9.  Prior to October 7, where were you as Harvard fully embraced contemporary liberalism, progressivism?  Why did this not ring alarm bells for you?  Did you agree with all the nonsense?  Why did you not object, for the sake of everyone?

10.  Prior to October 7, where were you as the presence of Jew-hating Muslims skyrocketed on campus, the majority of them at Harvard only due to affirmative action, without which they would not have gained admission?

11.  Prior to October 7, where were you as anti-Semitic, anti-Israel history, politics and rhetoric were systematically and pervasively taught in classes and actualized in campus politics for decades?

12.  Prior to October 7, where were you as Harvard created and promoted an Israel hating curriculum designed for use in junior high schools and high schools throughout the United States.  Why did that not awaken you, as it is now in wide use in high schools throughout the country?  Is it because you are already woke, comfortable with the whole package?

13. Did you not see its inevitable, anti-Jewish, genocidal end game coming at you like a freight train?  If not, why did you miss something so obvious, that was screaming with a megaphone for decades? Why did you only wake up when you realized that Jews became the target? Is all of the educational idiocy at Harvard acceptable to you otherwise, minus the Jew hating?

Among Harvard’s Jewish alumni are many who gave money to the school year after year after year, campaign after campaign.  Among us are a number of very large donors.  Why did you offer financial support throughout Harvard’s self-degradation and damage to its students? Throughout its planned and intentional transformation as a training program for America-hating activists? Up until the muslim-liberal alliance on campus came out for Hamas?

There are those among us who stopped giving money to Harvard decades ago.  I for one, as a graduate of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in GSAS, fought a hopeless battle against the disgusting bias and lies shoved down the throats of its students by its third rate faculty and affiliates.

I suggest a new moniker for Harvard: Harvtard. That is the most appropriate name for the university in Cambridge, MA 02138. As for the upset Jewish donors, including the heavy hitters who have attracted some press coverage lately, well, now you know this is where your liberalism leads.

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Martin Ingall, the father of three children and three grandchild, was the Founder and President of Technology Information Corporation for 25 years and previously served as a lobbyist for AIPAC. He holds an M.A. in Middle East Economics and International Business Policy from Harvard University.