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{Originally posted to the Facebook page of Noah Roth}

I was shocked to discover that Dafna Meir’s killer is 15 years old.


He is 2 years older than my daughter, and a murderer.

My wife made the passing comment, “He’s 15 and his life is over.” But here’s the thing: It isn’t.

Murad Adais lived in Yatta. Less than 5% of Yatta attain academic degrees. Average income is roughly 3,500 shekels per month, less than the Israeli minimum wage.

Beginning with his arrest, the Palestinian Authority will begin paying generous salaries to his family.

While in jail, Murad will receive state of the art healthcare, access to visitation, cable TV, and education in leading Israeli universities.

When Murad is inevitably released in a prisoner exchange sometime around 2036, he will be a 35 year old college graduate, likely the holder of a Master’s Degree or PhD. He will receive funds earned while incarcerated and a lump sum as part of his prison release. He will return to his village a hero, and find that his family have become rich, local leaders. He will quickly receive marriage proposals from the elites of Palestinian society.

Murad Adais didn’t end his life two days ago. He did the Palestinian equivalent of earning a full scholarship to Harvard. His life is now set.

His decision to brutally murder a mother in front of her children was promoted by a system that Israel created.



  1. So pathetic that the young ones have to learn hate and what goes with it at such an early age. What a pity. They could have been taught and shown how to live in peace and help make a better world. Not a world of hate and wars and killing and all that goes with it . Live and let live.

  2. You're absolutely right. The Israeli government should definitely change the system. That murderer should be in solitary confinement, no visit, no TV, till the last day of his life, better yes the Government of Israel should install the death penalty for murderers. Enough is enough.

  3. Israel needa a death penalty to remove the incentive to abduct Israelis . In Arizona there is a sherrif who is famous for his treatment of prisoners in jail , he dresses them in pink
    to embarrass them , makes them work cleaning up roads ,
    give them sandwiches , no hot coffee to attack guards ,
    no television . His constitunts like that he doesn't waste money
    on prisoners.

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