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Shavua tov. 


Last Shabbat we studied the chapter “Ki Tavo”- “And it shall be, when thou are come in to the land which the L-rd thy G-d gives thee for an inheritance, and thou doest possess it and dost dwell therein…”

Our heritage- the blessings of the L-rd of Israel to inherit our Land.  How fitting especially now in this time with again so much chaos throughout the world and so much hate and destruction especially directed against the Nation and Land of Israel.

Thursday evening Ir David- the City of David along with Megallim Institute held the 16 annual conference of the investigation and research of our history in the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.

The topic, of course aside from the amazing discoveries that have been and continue to be uncovered, was the destruction of historical sites by ISIS.  Aside from the local experts, Ahron Horwitz, Director of Megallim, Yisrael Chason, Director of the Department of Antiquities, and other worthy speakers who spend their lives protecting the very heritage that we learned about yet again in this Shabbat chapter of our Bible, Colonel Mathew Bogdonus (US Marine Corps Reserves) came to speak, relay and portray the wanton destruction by DAASH -ISIS of the historical sites within Iraq, and Syria and to analyze the reasons behind this destruction.

It was not only important to hear him and of his experiences in Iraq, it was chilling and moving to hear him and how he equalled this destruction and hatred to the destruction of the Synagogues and Torah Scrolls in Warsaw, Poland by the Nazis before the “Final Plan” of exterminating the European Jewry was implemented and Six million of our people were murdered.

They say that “history repeats itself” especially when referring to the hatred for the Jewish people, our history and our heritage.  The contrast between the wanton destruction by ISIS and the continued revelations, discoveries and protection of our heritage both by living here and continuing to search for, protect and study the remnants of our history proves our eternal connection to the Torah, our Land and our heritage.

In the name of Am Yisrael I wish to express our gratitude to the City of David, Megallim Institute, the Department of Antiquities and all who are continuing to protect our heritage and ensure that also future generations will have the privilege of seeing, touching, walking through the history of our Nation and the fulfillment of the promises of the L-rd that we learn in the Bible.

May the new year be one of protection of HIS name, our Torah, our Land and people and may we be true servants in HIS name.  Amen


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Yehudit Tayar was born in Chicago Illinois and served as a councilor in Bnei Akiva Youth Organization. She has lived with her family in Bet Horon in the Benjamin Region for over 30 years, serves as an emergency first response medic, on the Board of Directors of Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron,and is a spokesperson for the Jewish pioneers in Yesha. Married to Ami, mother of four children, and grandmother