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There is a man rotting in prison. In a U.S. prison already for 30 years. Unjustly denied his liberty.


There is a man who helped his beleaguered people. He was caught and punished. Others who did like him or worse were released.

There is a man, a Jewish man named Jonathan Pollard There is a president, a young man Whose black ancestors and forebears were denied their liberty Behind the bars of slavery and racist prejudice. There is a man A president who values freedom and justice There is a president named Barak Obama.

I have a dream And in my dream President Obama will go to that prison Pardon Jonathan Pollard and set him free And show him the true quality of mercy and forgiveness And take away at last his pain and our pain With the balm of freedom.

There is a man languishing in prison. We never forget that man and his suffering. There is a man named Jonathan. There is a man named Barack. Both of them know what freedom means, But one his freedom is denied The other enabled by his freedom To become the most powerful man on earth.

Barack Obama You Can, yes You Can Give poor, sick, helpless, Jonathan Pollard The most precious gift of all- his freedom Where none before you have dared. Answer the prayers of a people And earn the blessing of mankind.


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  1. For all the guise of the US presidents being a friend of Israel, none, in the past 30 years have had the balls to release Jonathan Pollard. Reagan, GE Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and this latest hologram of a president Obama. In all these years where Israel has ceded to the requests of giving land to the Palestinians, issuing medical aid, water, farms, equipment and schools, none of this has been enough of a barter to include Johnathan Pollard. Even the release of Palestinians prisoners should surely have been swapped for this man’s freedom. In that respect I point a finger also at the Knesset. To languish a lifetime in a high security prison for a crime, not against humanity but FOR humanity, is a crime in itself. Where is the UN in all of this, thumbs up their arses as usual, especially when it comes to the aid of Israel, they only surface when the arabs squawk louder than Jews!

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