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Fuggedabout it.
The protest against Reem’s antisemitic restaurant and bakery at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland, California never had a chance.
There are a number of reasons for this.
The first is the absolute failure of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish leadership, including both the synagogues and Stand With Us, to stand with us.
If the people with the money and the influence do not seem to care it is exceedingly difficult to get anyone else to give a damn. Why should any non-Jew with power and influence care if even the local Jewish leadership does not?
So, the institutional support is lacking which obviously depresses potential assistance even in a cause as just as opposing the veneration of a genocidal Jew Hater a public restaurant.
Another reason for the failure of the Reem’s action is that the leader of the small group of elderly protesters wants anonymity retained as much as possible because standing up in favor of Jewish rights can be a dangerous game.
Our enemies are not opposed to using violence, quite obviously, in order to support their anti-Jewish agenda. Thus I have been reprimanded for mentioning the names of people at the last protest.
That is my mistake, I am sure.
I just figured that if people are willing to speak in public with the cameras rolling and they don’t mind having their faces and voices put on-line in support of the Movement for Jewish Freedom then they would not mind me mentioning them in my pieces promoting the fight.
I was wrong.
Some do mind, apparently.
It is as if they wish to choose when speaking in public before others is a public act and when it is actually a private act.
Personally, I think that if you wish to stand up in public you should own your name.

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Michael Lumish is a PhD in American history from the Pennsylvania State University and has taught at PSU, San Francisco State University, and the City College of San Francisco. He regularly publishes on the Arab-Israel conflict at his own blog, Israel Thrives ( Lumish is also the founding editor of the scholarly on-line discussion forum H-1960s. He can be contacted at [email protected].