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    Jews Should Walk Away

    The truth is - much to my ongoing horror and disgust - the Democratic Party can kick around Jews from now until Yom Kippur and we will still pound on their doors to give them our money, our votes, and our support.

    Oakland Stands United with Hate

    if Reem's restaurant was instead "Ariel Sharon's Joint and Whiskey Bar" and featured a worshipful mural of Baruch Goldstein the people of Oakland would have arisen as one and shut that place down in a New York Minute with the full support of city government. HYPOCRITES!

    The Trump Nudge

    So long as the Arabs believe they have a reasonable claim to the City of David they will never stop pushing or sending their children into the streets with knives. So long as they believe that Jerusalem is up-for-grabs then they will consider the whole shebang up-for-grabs.

    Nine Reasons Why Progressives Do Not Understand Their Pro-Israel Friends

    Here are 9 fundamental misunderstandings the progressive Left has with Israel and its supporters.

    The West Has Gone Bats!

    Mike Lumish wrote this expansion of his earlier post entitled "The U.S. Has Gone Bats!" at the request of the Jewish Press Online. We thank Mike for stating what we all feared- the West's 'Left' has gone nuts.

    I am Free from Reem’s Racist Stupidity!

    There are plenty of self-identified progressives and "liberals" who are, indeed, great friends of the Jewish people and of Israel. but the obvious fact is that the western-left, generally, is unfriendly toward Israel.

    Social Media Notes # 2

    Israel most certainly can exist despite decreasing American Jewish friendship, although it would obviously be more difficult. Thankfully, American Jewry is not abandoning Israel.

    From Exodus to Munich: A Response to Forest Rain

    "Soft" anti-Zionists on the western-left honestly believe that Arabs seek to murder Jews because we are mean. Israel is mean. The Jews are, as a matter of schadenfreude, are the New Nazis.

    Facebook Notes # 1

    The place to start making the Jewish claim to Israel - if I may be so bold - is with insisting upon our indigeneity to our own ancestral lands.

    Thoughtless Bandwagons of Hatred

    So long as the Arabs see that even the US refuses to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem then they understand that the Jewish State remains vulnerable because its international support is flaccid.

    The Transgressions of the Filthy-Footed

    Arabs consider Jewish sovereignty on historically Jewish land an abomination before Muhammad & Allah

    The Reem’s Protest in Oakland is Doomed

    Our enemies--whether on the Temple Mount or in San Francisco--are not opposed to using violence, quite obviously, in order to support their anti-Jewish agenda.

    Reemed in Oakland

    Whether anyone likes it or not, the left is shedding liberalism and making a comfy cozy home of itself for antisemitic anti-Zionism.

    Is it Racist to Oppose Fascism of Color?

    The defenders of political Islam, and mass Muslim immigration into the West, need to stop confusing Muslims with jihadis and they need to stop conflating opposition to political Islam with racism.

    Focusing on the Wrong Things, and Where Attention Should be Paid

    The PA does NOT have to reject terrorism. What it must do is harder: Accept a definition of terrorism that does not change depending on the identity of the perpetrator or the identity of the victim.

    Hijab Cool

    Sadly, the ideal of ethnic and gendered diversity has been replaced on the illiberal progressive-left by multicultural fragmentation and identity politics as represented by the hijab

    Ha’aretz Spits at the “Mensches”

    Clearly, Ha'aretz is the toxic little Israeli brother of the NY Times, but I never figured they would actually hurl poison at Jewish ballplayers in order to score points with their big brother in NY

    Mensch on the Bench

    America's 'National Pastime' is quickly becoming the 'Promised Land's' national pastime with Israel's squad surprising success in the World Baseball Classic. GO JEW CREW!

    Linda Sarsour, Progressive-Left Ideals, and Diaspora Jewry

    Two of the most significant political questions in the West today are immigration policy and identity politics. Linda Sarsour, stands at the crux of both and poses a dilemma for pro-Israel world Jewry

    The Day of the Dhimmi is Done

    For 1300 years Jews lived as dhimmis sub-class non-citizens under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperial rule. With an Israel Hater out and Trump in it's time for Israel and the Jewish people to declare the days of desperate Jewish solicitude are over.

    Interesting Times

    The Democratic Party is shaking off support for Israel because it views Israel through an anti-imperialist lens and because Muslims are a more important constituency in the long run for the party

    How Obama Cracked Jewish Solidarity

    Obama will likely be known in the Jewish world as the US president who, whatever his honest intentions, did more than any to divide the Jewish people from one another and from the Jewish state.

    Israel is a Burden to the Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party betrayed the State of Israel and the Jewish people when it decided that making a home for itself of anti-Semitic anti-Zionists was a dandy idea

    The Democratic Party has Tuned Out the Jihad… if it Ever Tuned it in...

    Many Americans did not really know the actual reason why Ohio State University Jihad attack happenned because they simply don't care about Islamic theological violence against their fellow Americans.

    Jews and our “Special” Obligation

    The false and exaggerated claims toward Trump, however, are not intended to create insight, bu to spread fear of the individual and loathing toward Americans who voted for him.

    Democrats Rediscover anti-Semitism

    Democrats not only got trounced but are screaming from the rafters about racism and white supremacy. They even have the chutzpah to whine about alleged anti-Semitism of conservatives and Republicans.

    Pity the anti-Zionist Snowflake

    It is not merely that today's university infantalizes students, but that the students infantalize themselves when they go into "safe" rooms, sometimes containing coloring books and stuffed animals.

    The Failure of Jewish Self-Esteem in the West (or Have Pen, Will Grovel)

    The indignant reaction of Obama, the Democratic Party, and the western-left to Jews daring to build housing in YESHA is medieval. Then, as now, authorities believed Jews must comply to their demands

    The Dhimmi That Got Away

    The never-ending Arab-Muslim war against Jews has nothing to do with Jewish mistreatment of Arabs but everything to do with the Qur'anic religious imperative to keep "unbelievers" under submission

    Note to a Progressive-Left Facebook Friend

    The Dems and Left, has taken something worthy and noble, the Civil Rights Movement, and turned it into a bludgeon with which to silence alternative viewpoints or bully people into political submission


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