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Depending on whom you ask, what happened yesterday was either the greatest thing ever, the worst catastrophe since Hiroshima, or no big deal. Reactions range from “Trump is the messiah” to “This is going to cause untold danger for you” to “Okay, so what?” To the first person I say, “Relax, bro. Appreciate the good vibes, but he most certainly is not.” To the second I say, “thanks for your sudden concern for my personal safety! Where was this concern during the last knife intifada?” And to the third response, I say, “Perk up, buddy! This is great!” And here are the top 5 reasons I think so:
Some think this is cheesy. Luckily, I love cheese.
1. Pragmatics– I was just talking to a pregnant friend who said, “Finally my baby will have ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on his passport. Do you know how much I’m hurt every time some anti-Israel consulate official smirks when he hands me a passport that says ‘Jerusalem, nowhere?’ Happy that won’t happen again!” And it’s true! Although this move changes little legally, I know when my future babies are born (please Gd poo poo poo!) they will be from both the city and country they were born, at lease vis a vis their American passports!
2. Ripple Effect– Already the Czech Republic followed suit in recognizing our capital and Hungary and the Philippines want to move their embassies to Jerusalem. This recognition by the United States, like everything else they do, gives other counties the strength, cover and precedence to do the right thing. Can’t wait for the day when we learn in the history books about that crazy time when Jerusalem wasn’t considered the capital of Israel!
3. Legitimacy– Enough arguing with leftists over “status of Jerusalem.” By nature, arguing with true leftists is a fruitless endeavor (don’t think I’m blind to the fact that them arguing with me is almost as fruitless.) But it’s always nice to have this moment, this little legal feather in my cap. And as much as they insist that Trump isn’t their president (hi guys, Obama was mine and as you may remember, I wasn’t a fan. And yes I know, you really hate Trump a lot) he is officially the president, he let the waiver lapse, and ultimately, the law passed in 1995 (under President Bill Clinton) will be implemented. In short, a law that was put on hold for over 20 years is now going to be implemented. So that’s awesome.
4. Return to sanity– Jerusalem as capital is reality. When I was little, as a native New Yorker, it bothered me that small-town Albany, and not New York City was the capital of New York. It annoyed me that Washington DC, a city from no state, was the capital of the USA. I was 10.  But it didn’t change the fact that Albany was the capital of NY and D.C. was the capital of America. So it’s great for America to get on board with the facts. Wikipedia knows it. Siri knows it. Google knows it. knows it. Now we all know it.
5. Shows us where we all really stand- Like I mentioned before, while I can appreciate people suddenly caring so much about my safety and well-being, you actually really don’t. This whole situation is showing me that people believe we should give into bullies, kowtow to terrorists, and put the anger of our enemies before the fulfillment of our own people. A friend wrote on Facebook that the international condemnation of this move highlights the real racism. It is a “racism of low expectations.” It is expecting, rightfully, that anything done that does not adhere to treating the Palestinians with kid gloves will be met with death and destruction. And somehow, that’s okay with them. It’s bizarre. 
I’ve been hearing a lot about this not being the “right time.” I would like to know when that time will be. Can anyone reading this tell me a time in the near (or distant) future, when the enemies of Israel will be open to this move? At what magical future time will Jordan, Turkey and Abbas all say, “You know what? It’s really time to recognize Jerusalem- call off the rage!” That time ain’t coming, kids, so let’s let this be the time.
And for you sweet souls who believe this outrageous move put an end to “any hope for a real peace agreement”? Please message me privately, I have a huge bridge I’d like to sell you! 
Okay, so I have to get back to my job, here in Jerusalem, Israel. If you need me after 6, I’ll be at my apartment in Jerusalem, Israel. And if you want to send me a letter, please send it straight to Jordana in Jerusalem, ISRAEL. K, I’m done!
G-d bless you and G-d bless Jerusalem, Israel.

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