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To express that someone looks like someone else, or that something looks like something else, use the word meaning resembles:


דּוֹמֶה (one male/masculine object)
דּוֹמה (one female/feminine object)
דּוֹמִים (more than one male/masculine object)
דּוֹמוֹת (more than one female/feminine object)

הַתְּאוֹמִים מְאֹד דּוֹמִים.
The twins looks a lot alike.

The similarity that דומה expresses is not limited to the visual realm – דומה can also mean resembles in behavior or character.

For example:

הוּא מְאֹד דּוֹמֶה לְאָבִיו בָּאֹפִי.
He’s a lot like his father in (terms of) personality.

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