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אַהֲבָה The Hebrew word for loveאַהֲבָה– appears to be related to the Aramaic root, י.ה.ב (y.h.b) meaning giving.

Those who gave their lives (and those who risk their lives every day), so that the people of Israel and the Jewish people the world over could celebrate independence tonight, did so out of a sense of duty. But I venture to guess that they also did so out of loveמִתּוֹךְ אַהֲבָה (literally, from within love).


The verb to love is לֶאֱהוֹב, of the active-simple פָּעַל variety.

חַג עַמְצָאוּת שָׂמֵחַ! Happy Independence Day! (literally, Holiday)

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Ami Steinberger is founder and director of Ulpan La-Inyan.