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הָאֲתַר בִּבְנִיָּה The basic Hebrew word for place is מָקוֹם, while the word siteאֲתַר – is borrowed from Aramaic, where it is the basic word for place. אתר is used in Modern Hebrew to refer to a site, including a website.

To build is לִבְנוֹת, an active-simple פָּעַל verb. While a building is a בִּנְיָן, the act of building or construction is בְּנִיָּה,


Thus, to refer a construction site in Hebrew, you’d use:

אֲתַר בְּנִיָּה
literally, a site of construction
And to say, this site is under construction, you’d say:

הָאֲתַר בִּבְנִיָּה
literally, the site is in construction.
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