Photo Credit: Aalst Carnival screen grab via World Jewish Congress
Aalst Carnival

Feb. 22. 2020

Christoph D’Haese


Mayor Aalst, Flanders Beligium

Dear Mayor D’Haese,

We are so happy that your city is intent on holding its annual parade celebrating the people of Aalst’s hatred of Jews. Handing out rubber large noses to parade goers was a brilliant move that will unite Aalstians in disgust for the faces of Jews.

We would like to make the following proposal to you that we feel will enhance the goal of the parade. We will provide mobile gas chambers that can handle 6 people at a time. Jews from your city can be rounded up and stuffed into these rolling gas chambers. Their screams would add to the hilarity and let’s face it, will release many assets for the people of Aalst to loot.

We would be pleased to paint these gas chambers red white and yellow, Aalst’s official colors and rest assured there will be no leaks of poison gas to sicken parade goers wearing rubber Jewish noses. Please contact us for more information.

Sieg Heil,

Manfred Hyderich

President IG Farbiseneh Cookware AG

1818 Shvartzvald Alee,

Belsen, Germany 05051