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Larry’s Letters: Congresswoman Jayapal

Did you know Congresswoman Jayapal that Palestinian leaders have stated that not a single Jew will be allowed to live in the country of Palestine but it is Israel that is racist ethnic cleansing state?

Larry’s Letters”: Thoughts on Proportionality

my prescription for how Israel can respond more appropriately

Larry’s Letters: World Rugby Supports South Africa Banning Israeli Ruggers

For a sport that presents itself as played by bold, rugged, fine-tuned athletes, your response to South Africa's banning of the Israeli team was craven.

Larry’s Letters: To the Los Angeles Times

Re: Prominent Palestinian hunger striker dies in Israeli custody. Isabel Debre and Ilan Ben Zion, May 2,

Larry’s Letters: Elan Ganeles

Elan Ganeles the most recent victim of Palestinian terrorism was a dual Israeli American citizen,

Larry’s Letters: Testing the Direction of J Street

Trying to understand the J-Street position on Israel and the Palestinians

Larry’s Letters: CNN and Amanpour: Deserving Each Other

I knew then that Amanpour was not to be trusted. Nothing fortified my opinion more than her recent comparison of Israel and Assad.

Larry’s Letters: Biden’s Bellow at Bibi

Appropriate penalties for Biden to consider

Larry’s Letters: ‘Farha’: PHOEEY

Review: A Most Brutal Coming-of-Age Story, Beatrice Loayz, Dec. 1 New York Times

Larry’s Letters: Democracy and Dead Dogs

Netanyahu's election revealed the vitality of Israel's democracy as losing candidates and heads of state congratulated the winners and not a single outgoing politician refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power.

Larry’s Letters: “The Israel We Knew Is Gone,” Thomas Friedman, Nov. 4, N.Y. Times

Friedman is correct, Israel has changed but not for the reasons he thinks

Larry’s Letters: Delegitimizing Israel

We can't tell you how proud we are that the UN is finally acting to identify the center of evil in our world-ISRAEL

Larry’s Letters: Submission to UNHRC re: Israel=Apartheid State

Here are some issues that the UN HRC should consider prior to condemning Israel...

Larry’s Letters: RE: Australia Rescinding Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Supporting Palestinian claims to East Jerusalem are really legitimizing Jordan's illegal invasion

Larry’s Letters: Australian Position on Jerusalem

Austrailia's foreign policy has been subcontracted to the Palestinians, leaving the wonderful people of Australia farther 'Down-Under' than usual.

Larry’s Letters: Jerusalem IS the Capital of Israel

Maintaining that East Jerusalem, indeed all of Jerusalem, is not Israel's capital until the Palestinians are satisfied gives terrorist groups like Hamas a veto over Australia's foreign policy.

Larry’s Letters: Jewish Democratic Council of America: Re: Dershowitz Column

Perhaps you are aware that Jews comprise slightly over 2% of America's population but suffer over 50% of America's hate crimes. It would appear that some of these hate crimes are carried out by people of a certain culture who consider the establishment of a Jewish country in the Middle East a calamity (nakba).

Larry’s Letters: The Occupation

So how has the caring community been duped into accepting the occupation scam? How can people agree that the entire country of Israel no matter in which configuration belongs to the Arabs?

Larry’s Letters: Catalonia Calls Israel Apartheid State

How much of your decision to placate the Palestinians comes from your fear of radical Islam's goal to recapture Al-Andalus

Larry’s Letters: A NEW Aussie Attitude Towards Israel?

You called Israel an oppressor carrying out collective punishment against the Palestinian Arabs. If I were to provide you with information that questioned the veracity of these accusations, would you be open to listening?

The BEST Way to Torture a Jew

What possesses a teacher, whose job is to be loving and empathetic to all her students, to want to torture Jews. Has he or she become satanically possessed? Does your school district have an exorcism protocol?


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