Larry’s Satiric Letters: WHO are you and WHY are you Thinking so Much About...

It would appear that WHO has changed its focus from public health issues such as the current pandemic to the affect the existence of Israel has on the health of Arab countries. 17 out of 23 WHO agenda items are devoted to this study. Identifying Israel as a gigantic health threat was bold and long overdue.

Larry’s Letters: Ethnic Cleansing

I am very happy that you oppose ethnic cleansing and would ask that you issue a statement criticizing the proposed ethnic cleansing of Jews living in the West Bank who according to statements from Palestinian officials will not be allowed to live there after the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Larry’s Letters: Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)

From the ever sardonic Larry Shapiro: There a number of other Israeli crimes I could tell you about but for the sake of brevity have only chosen to share these few.

Larry’s Letters: Your Invitation to Palestinian Hijacker to Speak to Students

Where better than SFU to enlist recruits for the eradication of the Jewish state.

Larry’s Letters:

If the Jews were in charge, don't you think that they would have dominated the news cycle particularly since they control the media, banks, Hollywood, the music industry, and the NFL.

Comments from the Daily Deluge

The bottom line is that the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing to assist the African American struggle. What they have done is to appropriate the struggle to bring attention to their own situation. The Palestinians are skilled victims and know a good opportunity when they see it. Blaming Jews for their ills has been in the Islamic playbook for 1000 years.

Open Letter to Ice Cube

Goodman and Schwerner are not the only Jews to have given their all to free the blacks. The history of Jewish labor leaders helping black workers is vast and well worth looking into. Your anti-Semitic memes on Twitter suggest that you are unaware of the heroic actions of Jews putting their lives on the line for their black brothers.

Larry’s Letters: Israel Cracks Down on Palestinian Banks over ‘Pay to Slay’

The Palestinian Authority suggests that the New York Times and Boston Globe’s editorial boards are incapable of applying the same standard of justice to Israel that they apply towards their own country.

Immodest Women Cause Coronavirus

Scientific studies have revealed that the Coronavirus was caused by people not flossing their teeth

Re: Arab Medics Battling Coronavirus in Israel’s ‘Segregated’ Society

Many in the BDS world assert that they would rather die than accept help from Israel.

Your Statement that Hitler Did Nothing Unusual

Thanks for sharing your opinion that the COVID19 virus did not originate in China, that it was developed by the U.S. who released the virus in order to destroy the world economy.

Larry’s Letters: Ben Gerstein Censured for anti-Palestinian Comments

We didn’t realize that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been suspended at Ann Arbor and wonder if other Amendments like the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery will be negated by Michigan U’s student censors.

Question for Peace Now

Assuming that the name of your organization reflects a sincere desire to see the two parties negotiate a happy ending to 1400 years of Islamic animosity towards Jews, maybe Peace Now might want to look into the historical refusal by the PA to negotiate with Israeli Prime Ministers and U.S. Presidents.

Larry’s Letters: Your Refusal to Attend the AIPAC Conference

You went to the American Islamic conference where many attendees think of Jews as people who worship ‘Benjamins’. That kind of racism you can support, but American Jews who support Israeli settlements violate your principles? Please.

Larry’s Letters: Aalst, Belgium to Carry on its anti-Jewish Parade

We are so happy that your city is intent on holding its annual parade celebrating the people of Aalst’s hatred of Jews. Handing out rubber large noses to parade goers was a brilliant move that will unite Aalstians in disgust for the faces of Jews.

Larry’s Letters: Day of Rage

We would be very pleased to assist you to set up this event at no charge. Here's hoping you enjoy your 'Day of Rage'

Larry’s Letters: The “Beautiful” Palestinian Culture

If the Palestinian Authority reflects the Palestinian culture, then how would you judge the PA providing handsome pensions to families who have members living or dead who attempted to kill or actually killed Israelis?

Larry’s Letters: Israel “is built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everyone...

So if you have to compare Judaism and Islam to see which ideology is truly supremacist, Islam would win hands down.

Larry’s Letters: Canada Condemns Israel’s Presence in Jerusalem and Characterizes it as Occupied Palestinian...

Do you really think that a UN resolution will get Israel to give up the city that is mentioned over a thousand times in Jewish holy books but not once in the Koran?

Larry’s Letters: U of T Graduate Student’s Union Rejects Kosher Food because it is...

If you really cared about human rights, why have you not voted against Chinese food to protest China’s decimation of the culture and religious infrastructure of its Muslim minority. Why are you not as interested in China’s Muslims as you are in Israel’s Muslims? I think I have the answer and it’s not complimentary to your group.

UN Human Rights Council Praises Iran for its Human Rights Record

Iran’s greatest human right achievement has been its adoption of hostage taking as an effective diplomatic policy. Holding innocent people in prison to extract concessions is much preferable to blowing up barracks housing U.S. Marines and Jewish community Centers.


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