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    Re: Video: Israeli Assassins Disguised as Women and Doctors Kill 3 in Hospital 1/30/24,...

    Nowhere in the Daily Beast coverage is there any confirmation that the three Palestinians were terrorists.

    Larry’s Letters: Re: Pro-Palestine actors have more to lose in Hollywood

    Re: Pro-Palestine actors have more to lose in Hollywood, By Sofia Aguilar, Jan. 24, 2024 Daily Orange,

    Larry’s Letters: Re: Draconian methods’: Israel knocked for jailing, killing journalists, Arno Rosenfeld,...

    If Israel is "the sixth worst offender in the world for detaining journalists", how come no one is talking about the top five?

    Larry’s Letters: Re: Compassion, Inclusivity, and Respect is Impossible Without Divestment from Genocide

    it would be the first genocide in history where the invading army employs multiple ways of warning civilians to exit the battleground.

    Larry’s Letters: Re: Does the West Have a Double Standard for Ukraine and Gaza?

    The figures regarding Gazan casualties are unreliable, an issue one would think the Wall Street Journal would want to get right.

    Larry’s Letters: Re: Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace,...

    Obviously, the death count figures were hugely inflated to turn public opinion against Israel.

    Anonymous Letter, Written by a Canadian University Biblical Studies Professor

    I watch you all on social media, in the streets & the quads, marching in solidarity with a movement that seeks only to wipe me out. To exterminate me, my children, my parents, my entire family & community.

    Larry’s Letters: G7 Foreign Ministers Call for ‘Humanitarian Pauses,’

    One would think that The G7 would support Israel's effort to save the hostages

    Larry’s Letters: President and Trustees at NYU

    There are Jewish parents all over North America agonizing over whether to send their children back to university. This is dangerously similar to what happened to Jewish students in Nazi Germany.

    Larry’s Letters: Dear Greta Thunberg

    No longer the teenager who thrilled us with your passion to save the world from climate change, you seem to have transferred your passion towards assisting the Palestinians to 'free Palestine'.

    Larry’s Letters: Israel “Entirely Responsible” for the Hamas terrorist attacks

    30 Harvard University student organizations consider Israel “entirely responsible” for the Hamas terrorist attacks

    Larry’s Letters: Congresswoman Jayapal

    Did you know Congresswoman Jayapal that Palestinian leaders have stated that not a single Jew will be allowed to live in the country of Palestine but it is Israel that is racist ethnic cleansing state?

    Larry’s Letters”: Thoughts on Proportionality

    my prescription for how Israel can respond more appropriately

    Larry’s Letters: World Rugby Supports South Africa Banning Israeli Ruggers

    For a sport that presents itself as played by bold, rugged, fine-tuned athletes, your response to South Africa's banning of the Israeli team was craven.

    Larry’s Letters: To the Los Angeles Times

    Re: Prominent Palestinian hunger striker dies in Israeli custody. Isabel Debre and Ilan Ben Zion, May 2,

    Larry’s Letters: Elan Ganeles

    Elan Ganeles the most recent victim of Palestinian terrorism was a dual Israeli American citizen,

    Larry’s Letters: Testing the Direction of J Street

    Trying to understand the J-Street position on Israel and the Palestinians

    Larry’s Letters: CNN and Amanpour: Deserving Each Other

    I knew then that Amanpour was not to be trusted. Nothing fortified my opinion more than her recent comparison of Israel and Assad.

    Larry’s Letters: Biden’s Bellow at Bibi

    Appropriate penalties for Biden to consider

    Larry’s Letters: ‘Farha’: PHOEEY

    Review: A Most Brutal Coming-of-Age Story, Beatrice Loayz, Dec. 1 New York Times


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