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Larry’s Letters: Your Support for a Declaration that Accuses Israel of Carrying out a...

Mr. Corbyn, you are not very convincing in the role of opposing Jew hatred in your party. The current lie you support that Jews are mass killers is on a par with the libels put out by the German Nazis prior to the transformation of Europe’s Jews into smoke and ash.

Larry’s Letters: Message Sent to Numerous NBC Executives

This is not the first time MSNBC chose to offer negative opinions on Israel. This leads me to wonder if MSNBC’s editorial policy is to represent the interest of the Palestinian Arabs with little desire to provide Israel’s position
Vandalized monument commemorating a pogrom in Jedwabne, Poland.

Larry’s Letters: Jews and Zionists have Terrorism in their Blood

You were quoted as stating that “Jews and Zionists have terrorism in their blood”, and are trying to destroy Poland.

Larry’s Letters: Jews are Creatures with Ugly Noses

On behalf of the American council of Jewish Plastic Surgeons, I want to thank you for bringing this medical issue to the forefront. It is hoped that Jewish people will take a look at their noses in the mirror, feel insecure about them, and then be motivated to visit one of our offices.

Larry’s Letters: Questions from a Friend

My question is, is there anything other than national suicide that Israel can do to help their adversaries wash out the shame of the establishment of a Jewish state on land claimed by the Arabs as their own?

Larry’s Letters: Your Claim that Jesus was a Palestinian

As a Jewish person who is well aware of the Palestinian effort to delegitimize Israel, and your role in this hoped for erasure, I can tell you that you that it doesn’t make any difference what nonsense you spew.

Larry’s Letters: The Children of Israel Intend to Destroy the Human Race

Further proof of the Jewish plan to destroy the human race can be observed when two Jews meet, they mutter (speak softly) ‘bless the bagel’, which Jews understand is code for destroy the human race.

Larry’s Letters: Re: Your Statement that the U.S. Ought not to Provide Support to...

Mayor Pete, it ought not take courage to have a Mideast policy based on truth, and with respect, simply supporting the Palestinian victimization narrative reflects poorly on those who ignore the truth.

Larry’s Letters: Message to Steven Thrasher about his Hatred of Israel

Your convocation speech included your statement that Israel is an apartheid state. How that relates to your doctorate in American studies and the convocation is puzzling, but it does reveal where you are and where you are reveals a woeful lack of knowledge about Israel and apartheid.

Larry’s Letters: Defending the Speech of Jew-hating Students

If a student paraded around carrying a sign stating, 'N*****s back to slavery,' what would you do?

Larry’s Letters: Fake Jews Sent out by Global Gates to Spread the Word

Here’s my advice to you fine people. Be open about your mission to convert all the world in preparation for the end times in which all non-Christians will die a fiery death and Christians will ascend to the heavens to be with their Lord. In the age of Trump, many people are hoping for a fiery end to their world, so your target market is primed to hear your message.

Larry’s Letters: Palestinian Arabs Created a Safe Haven for Jews After the Holocaust–NOT!

There is no taste for peace among the Palestinian Arabs, They want Israel gone.

Larry’s Letters: NYU Boycotts NYU at Tel Aviv University

Dear NYU, Maybe once your Tel Aviv campus is closed, you will be able to save substantial amounts of money. We are desperately in need of funds to continue providing pensions to the families of our martyrs and heroes who have perfumed our sacred earth with the blood of Israelis.

Larry’s Letters: Open Letter to Pruchnik that Celebrated Easter by Burning and Beating an...

Mayor and City Council Pruchnik, Rzeszow Province Poland Dear Mayor and City Council Members, We were interested in learning that your city beat and burned an effigy of...

Larry’s Letters to the Editor: Resolution to Boycott Israel to be held on Passover

How do anti-Semitic college kids celebrate Passover? Voting on a resolution to boycott Israel

Larry’s Letters: To the People of Ireland

Until Ireland insists that the Palestinian Authority ceases its ‘pay for slay’ program, all your pretenses of fairness for the Palestinians is just another way of calling us Christ killers.

Larry’s Letters: Dear Congresswoman

How difficult would it be for you to acknowledge that Rep Omar was wrong to slander Jews? Why wouldn’t you try to assist Rep. Omar by encouraging her to treat all Americans with respect?

Larry’s Letters: Re: You’re Being Criticized Because You’re a Muslim

Becoming an American requires all its citizens to give up blaming others for their shortcomings and instead, embrace the philosophy of personal responsibility which is the foundation of the American dream. Give up your victimhood!

Larry’s Letters: this Missive’s Message meant for Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib

The dual-loyalty canard tossed by the Congresswoman photographed awith a flag from a non-existent, never-was country-Palestine

Larry’s Letter to the Editor: Loser’s can’t Negotiate

Larry's letter to the editor is a new blog-sometimes satiric, sometimes serious-that the Jewish Press Online is running. We will start with the serious and obvious...Stay tuned


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