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Larry’s Letters: To the People of Ireland

Until Ireland insists that the Palestinian Authority ceases its ‘pay for slay’ program, all your pretenses of fairness for the Palestinians is just another way of calling us Christ killers.

Larry’s Letters: Dear Congresswoman

How difficult would it be for you to acknowledge that Rep Omar was wrong to slander Jews? Why wouldn’t you try to assist Rep. Omar by encouraging her to treat all Americans with respect?

Larry’s Letters: Re: You’re Being Criticized Because You’re a Muslim

Becoming an American requires all its citizens to give up blaming others for their shortcomings and instead, embrace the philosophy of personal responsibility which is the foundation of the American dream. Give up your victimhood!

Larry’s Letters: this Missive’s Message meant for Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib

The dual-loyalty canard tossed by the Congresswoman photographed awith a flag from a non-existent, never-was country-Palestine

Larry’s Letter to the Editor: Loser’s can’t Negotiate

Larry's letter to the editor is a new blog-sometimes satiric, sometimes serious-that the Jewish Press Online is running. We will start with the serious and obvious...Stay tuned


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