Larry’s Letters: The Occupation

So how has the caring community been duped into accepting the occupation scam? How can people agree that the entire country of Israel no matter in which configuration belongs to the Arabs?

Larry’s Letters: Catalonia Calls Israel Apartheid State

How much of your decision to placate the Palestinians comes from your fear of radical Islam's goal to recapture Al-Andalus

Larry’s Letters: A NEW Aussie Attitude Towards Israel?

You called Israel an oppressor carrying out collective punishment against the Palestinian Arabs. If I were to provide you with information that questioned the veracity of these accusations, would you be open to listening?

The BEST Way to Torture a Jew

What possesses a teacher, whose job is to be loving and empathetic to all her students, to want to torture Jews. Has he or she become satanically possessed? Does your school district have an exorcism protocol?

Larry’s Letters: “Amazing Women of the Middle East” Omits Amazing Women of Israel

I would like to think that you omission of Israel and the Jews from your book and from the book's map was an error, but to be honest...

A Jewish Perspective

The Short Version of a VERY long history

Larry’s Letters: ‘Give Israel a BIG Bomb’

War is needed to stop this insanity is a regime change in Tehran.

Larry’s Letters: Question about Ben & Jerry’s Israel Decision

Applying one standard to Israel and another to the rest of the world makes Ben & Jerry's hypocrites of the first order. Please tell me that you stopped selling ice cream to other countries for moral reasons so I can resume eating your wonderful flavors

Larry’s Letters: In a Tough Neighborhood

Israel's newest “war crime” is “killing” Palestinian prisoners with the ‎Coronavirus," "Snow fell in Jerusalem “to clean it” of Israeli “filth”. And that's just this month.

Larry’s Letters: Israel Criminalizes Nonviolent Palestinian Resistance—Then Calls Us Terrorists

For a non-violent society, the Palestinians have gone to great lengths to name stuff after terrorists.

Larry’s Letters: Open Letter to Black Lives Matter

Be smart and reject Farrakhan and his racist poison, only then can you proceed with a clear conscience to free blacks from systematic racism.

Comparing Jesus with Palestinian Martyrs

We are aghast to hear you compare this man of peace who never killed another with Palestinians who deliberately seek martyrdom while killing Jews.

Larry’s Letters

From the ever sardonic scribe, Larry Shapiro

Larry’s Satiric Letters: WHO are you and WHY are you Thinking so Much About...

It would appear that WHO has changed its focus from public health issues such as the current pandemic to the affect the existence of Israel has on the health of Arab countries. 17 out of 23 WHO agenda items are devoted to this study. Identifying Israel as a gigantic health threat was bold and long overdue.

Larry’s Letters: Ethnic Cleansing

I am very happy that you oppose ethnic cleansing and would ask that you issue a statement criticizing the proposed ethnic cleansing of Jews living in the West Bank who according to statements from Palestinian officials will not be allowed to live there after the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Larry’s Letters: Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)

From the ever sardonic Larry Shapiro: There a number of other Israeli crimes I could tell you about but for the sake of brevity have only chosen to share these few.

Larry’s Letters: Your Invitation to Palestinian Hijacker to Speak to Students

Where better than SFU to enlist recruits for the eradication of the Jewish state.

Larry’s Letters:

If the Jews were in charge, don't you think that they would have dominated the news cycle particularly since they control the media, banks, Hollywood, the music industry, and the NFL.

Comments from the Daily Deluge

The bottom line is that the Palestinian Arabs have done nothing to assist the African American struggle. What they have done is to appropriate the struggle to bring attention to their own situation. The Palestinians are skilled victims and know a good opportunity when they see it. Blaming Jews for their ills has been in the Islamic playbook for 1000 years.

Open Letter to Ice Cube

Goodman and Schwerner are not the only Jews to have given their all to free the blacks. The history of Jewish labor leaders helping black workers is vast and well worth looking into. Your anti-Semitic memes on Twitter suggest that you are unaware of the heroic actions of Jews putting their lives on the line for their black brothers.


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