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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,


I believe you made a mistake blaming Jews for developing and spreading the COVID-19 virus. According to President Donald J. Trump, the Covid-19 virus was developed in a lab in China and then deliberately spread to the rest of the world. It was not even a Jewish doctor who advised the world how to deal with the virus but an Italian Doctor. Anthony Fauci. Another Italian, Governor Mario Cuomo held a daily press conference to inform the world about what was happening in the most Jewish of all states New York. If the Jews were in charge, don’t you think that they would have dominated the news cycle particularly since they control the media, banks, Hollywood, the music industry, and the NFL.

One other clue about the originator of the Corona Virus is that the virus was named after the very famous Mexican beer Corona. It should be noted that Corona is owned by an Italian conglomerate.

I’m not blaming the Italians, but I would suggest that you wear a mask the next time you eat pasta.

Yours truly,

Lorenzo Shapiriano


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