Photo Credit: Jewish Museum
Golda Meir

Dec. 23, 2021Pikku Publishing Company7 High St, Barkway, Royston UKDear Pikku Books,I was very disappointed but not surprised that you omitted Israel and the history of its remarkable women form the book “Amazing Women of the Middle East” by Wafa Tarnowska. One Israel woman in particular, Golda Meir was the first woman head of state in the Middle East and the woman who made peace with Egypt. Then there are the following Israel women who deserve consideration if not inclusion.  Bar Refaeli. Gal Gadot. Mary Magdalene and Mary, Mother of Jesus. I’m sure the Mother of God deserves equal billing with UAE figure skater Zahra Lari who while never winning a competition performs beautifully while wearing a hijab.I would like to think that you omission of Israel and the Jews from your book and from the book’s map was an error that I hope you will recognize and correct. But something tells me that the omission was deliberate, that someone in your editorial department or perhaps the estimable Wafa Tarnowska couldn’t bear their work to be associated with Jews.Teaching school kids that Israel doesn’t exist won’t bring peace to the Middle East nor will it bring justice to the Palestinian people. Quite the reverse probably. All it will do is to show your ignorance and intolerance.Sincerely yours and Happy Chanukah,Larry Shapiro,#12-68 Baycrest Place, S.W.Calgary, Alberta Canada T2V 0K6Phone: (403) 238-4551


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