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Jewish-American comedienne, writer, and actress Sarah Silverman

We too are concerned about the dissing of Jesus and have some ideas how dissers like Silverman can be dealt with. In our view, the best solution is stoning. Stoning is a proscribed penalty in the Bible and is still utilized in fundamentalist Islamic countries to put women in their place. In fact stoning can be very lucrative. You could set up a stoning ground in the parking lot of your church and sell tickets. You could raise millions to assist your outreach programs.

Iran has a wonderful way to deal with people who war against God. It just hangs them in public. That activity could also be a lucrative entertainment opportunity for the Stedfast Church. Alternate weeks of stoning and hanging would lure Jacksonville’s citizens to your church where they could be entertained with executions while being exposed to your message of love and peace.


You might also be inspired by Medieval Europe that had some innovative ways to deal with blasphemers. One way was to tie Jesus dissers up and place them in fires of bundled sticks. It was called stake burning which we are sure you know inspired concerned citizens in the South to burn crosses on the yards of Blacks to help them be closer to God.

We would be very interested in consulting with you about the best ways to get rid of blasphemers and assist you to turn these events into profitable entertainment opportunities.

By the way, did you make a spelling mistake naming your church the Stedfast Baptist Church? Shouldn’t it have been spelled Steadfast?

Yours against dissing Jesus,

Troy B. Philipchuck

Grief Director, Death Solutions Inc.

1818 Calle Pescado, Corona, CA. 92281

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