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Re: Pro-Palestine actors have more to lose in Hollywood, By Sofia Aguilar, Jan. 24, 2024 Daily Orange,  Jan.25, 2024 Dear Editor, According to polls, the vast majority of Palestinians support Hamas whose rape and mutilation of Israelis is seen as deserved punishment for 75 years of Israel’s existence, and as the only time in their memory as a victory over the hated Yahud. People who justify rape, beheading, mutilation and kidnapping are justifiably shunned. It would be creepy to associate with these morally shattered people. Accusing Hollywood of being pro-Israel is another in the long series of the Jews control Hollywood shtick expressed by people too ignorant to appreciate the history of America where Jews were not allowed in many professions but were free to invent the motion picture industry. Jews should be proud of this accomplishment. It is the quintessential American success story.  It is moral and just for Hollywood executives Jewish and non-Jewish alike to support Israel against the barbarians at its gate.  As for Hollywood depicting Arabs in a bad light, when was the last time movies showed the bad guys as Arabs. Never, or maybe hardly ever would be the right answer. I’m still waiting for pro-Palestinians to thank Jewish movie executives for not showing Arabs as villains.Larry Shapiro


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