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Student Government

University of Maryland


Dear Student Government,

I’m sure Jewish students and instructors are discomforted to learn that you have scheduled a vote to boycott Israel this weekend which happens to coincide with Passover, a holy time when Jewish students will be preoccupied with celebrating its people’ escape from slavery in Egypt.

I’m hoping that your timing was inadvertent and you will reschedule the vote, but if it is not, and the date was deliberately set to keep Jewish students from participating, then if you really mean business, you should adopt even more unpleasant measures to make the lives of Jewish students and professors even more untenable.

Your BDS organization should hold a Jews killed Jesus Day when cardboard crosses can be nailed to the doors of the Jews.

If the vote is to boycott Israel, the results should be announced on Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 20. Jewish students and professors can then experience what their 1930 German counterparts experienced at German universities that expelled all Jews as an expression of free speech, a value that I am sure the President of the U of Maryland also values.

I’m sorry that I can’t wish you good luck boycotting Jews.

Lawrence C. Shapiro,

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