Photo Credit: Ofir Gendelman, PMO / via Twitter
Players from the National Rugby Teams of Israel and United Arab Emirates after a friendly match played in Dubai, Friday 20 March 2021

May 5, 2023Executive CommitteeWorld Rugby8-10 Pembroke StreetLower, Dublin, IrelandDear Misters Bill Beaumont, Mark Alexander, Bart Campbell, Lord Mervyn Davies, John Jeffrey, Bob Latham, Brett Robinson, Jonathan Webb, Alan Gilpin and Miss Angela Ruggiero,For a sport that presents itself as played by bold, rugged, fine-tuned athletes, your response to South Africa’s banning of the Israeli team was craven.You are all pussies for refusing to be being informed enough to know that South Africa is prosecuting a cognitive war against the Jewish state. South Africa has downgraded its relationship with Israel. It doesn’t want Israelis to come to visit South Africa.It’s dishonest explanation that it could not guarantee the safety of Israeli players is a fabrication and your eagerness to accept this lie has turned you into collaborators in deception.It’s probably not too late for you to do the right thing which is to tell South Africa that World Rugby will not support the games. But that would require character.Sincerely yours,Larry Shapiro


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