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Democrats' depiction of an average Republican candidate

Ethan Hildreth Principal East Hamilton Middle School3550 Bentwood Cove Drive,Apison, TN 37302Fax 423-498-6803Dear Mr. Hildreth,It’s all over the Internet that one of your teachers told her Bible class that the best way to torture a Jew is to force him or her to say God’s name out loud. Apparently your  teacher is aware that Jews are forbidden from saying God’s name perhaps in relation to the Biblical story that God told Moses that if he delivered the ten Commandments to God’s people, he would tell Moses his name.Moses did deliver the Ten Commandments as instructed and went back up the mountain to ask God for his name. God’s response was to refuse to provide a name simply saying “I am that I am”. As far as I know, there are no commentaries on God’s duplicity, but not being a biblical scholar, perhaps the subject has come up and been discussed.A bigger mystery is what possesses a teacher whose job is to be loving and empathetic to all her students to want to torture Jews. Has he or she become satanically possessed? Does your school district have an exorcism protocol?If not, I would love to offer my company’s services. We are an all-inclusive multi-religious exorcism provider providing exorcisms for all faiths for over 50 years. Our protocols have been approved by religious authorities around the world.Please advise if we can assist your school to exorcise the demons from your poor teacher.Yours for a Satan-free Tennessee.Roger HimlerPresident and FounderExorcisms R Us


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