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Larry's Letters

Seif Da’na

Professor of Sociology


University of Wisconsin,

Dear Professor Seif,

Thanks for sharing your opinion that the COVID19 virus did not originate in China, that it was developed by the U.S. who released the virus in order to destroy the world economy. Included in your statement was the claim that this is what happened to Hitler’s Germany and that Hitler did nothing unusual, nothing that Europeans had not done before.

I wish to take issue with that. Hitler certainly did what no other European leader ever did. I have the evidence that Hitler never paid for over 100 parking tickets that he incurred while driving his Mercedes Benz 770 that he and Eva Braun used to drive to isolated places where they smoked dope and indulged in illicit sex.

I also have it on authority that Hitler did not file his income taxes from 1928 till 1945. No other European leader refused to pay his taxes. Even Josef Stalin payed his taxes.

I hope you will correct the record.

Respectfully yours,

Thor Lamkin


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