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Classy – The New England Patriots have announced that they would be having a moment of silence on Monday night for murdered Massachusetts native Ezra Schwartz HY”D.

The Patriots are owned by Robert Kraft, a proud Jewish supporter of Israel.


Ezra was a NE fan and his friends draped his NE Jersey on his casket when his body was flown back to America.



  1. It is unclear if ESPN will show the moment of silence for Ezra Schwartz
    PLEASE CALL ESPN at 888-549-3776888-549-3776 FREE x4, and politely say that before the Monday Night Football game, the Patriots will be having a moment of silence for the 18 year old boy killed in an attack last week. It will happen between 820-830, and it would be meaningful to many viewers if ESPN could show it live. If enough people call maybe we can make this happen.
    : Ask for the TV operator

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