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Open Society Foundations chairman and founder George Soros.

WOW! Wow! Wow.

Hackers hacked George Soros‘ Open Society and published internal documentation detailing where he gives his money and for what…


Examples of grants:

Mada al-Carmel “Contribute to better understanding of the impact of Israeli discriminatory laws and practices on Palestinian Citizens of Israel…”

Mossawa Center for Advocacy “Build an international network of support for the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel to challenge human rights violations they face.”

Molad: “Garner Israeli public and political support against settlements.”

You’ll note that the first two grants above are not for helping Palestinian Authority Arabs “under occupation”, but for Israeli Arabs – the same Israeli Arabs that sit as Supreme Court judges and Members of Knesset, and as citizens who receive equal treatment under the law (other than that they don’t have to get drafted into the army).

Another document from the “Outcomes of Presidential Portfolio Reviews, 2014” showed that their strategies are to:

“focus on raising the cost of the occupation and ending it on the one hand, and on human rights advocacy and protection on the other.”

You don’t need to be a genius to understand what “raising the cost of the occupation” means in plain English.

I think we all just experienced that.


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  1. No different than what he did to fellow Jews during the Holocaust in Hungary. He joined the Judennat and willingly sent other Jews to the death camps to save his own life. He later stated he had no regrets for his collaboration with the Nazis and for sending fellow Jews to their deaths.

  2. Tell me in actual fact who is the underdog. The so called Palestinians or the Israelis who are trying to live a normal life but are being attacked on a daily basis and condemned by the rest of the world when they defend themselves?

  3. So, is Soros funding this to create war/hate/divide, or is he really anti Zionist and anti Israel?
    We know he’s a puppet for Rothschild’s. And both have been labeled as Zionist (rumors of NWO where Zionists rule the world, wipe out everyone else).
    He is psychotic/evil regardless, but what is the real agenda? What is the end goal?

  4. .. reply to reply no longer here – all by himself, Soros owns 30+ MSMedias, not including globalist funded Democracy Alliance, 100+ strategically place reporters & multiple other outlets.

    none support American/ Israeli, even Brit sovereignty. Are you trying to tell me this is some type of spectacular fuhqing coincidence ?

  5. A one world Government (which is really already here) but the difference will be only one tribe remain! And jessica we aren’t in it…… All because they read in a book they wrote, that they would inherit the earth! All the talk about global climate, fisheries etc is all a brain wash for their own good people…………It will justify the means, and we will have paid for all of it…………mainly through our own greed and stupidity……… removal of the gold standard allowed them to print whatever when ever……………sad

  6. George Soros stop being an enemy of Israel. The Jewish people are defending Israel which is their right and duty! Trying to sabotage Israel’s right to exist is a traitorist action by you! The truth will prevail!Remember what Stalin did to the Jewish People after the Bolsheviks had the Communist Revolution! He tortured and murdered the Jews of Russia and many other people. Communism was a horrible tragedy. The Nazi’s murdered 6,000,000 Jewish souls . Throughout history The Children of Israel have been persecuted and much worse. We were promised The Land of Israel by Hashem.

  7. Maybe, however if for a moment you forget about the history you have been taught, and follow the money trail from the Jewish people back to America prior to the war, in a time when the Transfer Agreement was in place, a time when Jews could leave Germany with all their belongings, but not money! And how they squirreled their money out of Germany…… you might actually have a reason to see why they had to wipe whole families of Jews out so no one could claim these funds! IBM came up with a punch card system to make this process easier (this machine is in NY at the holocaust Museum) open your eyes, until you do the real criminals of the holocaust go free!!!!

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